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Google Deploys Person Finder Tool to Aid Victims of Nepal Earthquake

a shared story    34 minutes ago
As reports of the devastation from this morning’s earthquake in Nepal continue to roll in, Google has launched Person Finder, a crowdsourced, missing persons database to help victims of the quake track down their loved ones.Read more... 

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Robert Downey Jr. says Apple Watch is meh

a shared story    1 hour 34 minutes ago
Technically Incorrect: In another exciting interview to promote the new Avengers movie, Iron Man says Apple's new watch is small and not terribly interesting. He prefers his Omega. 

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Google opens its Person Finder tool to aid earthquake relief efforts in Nepal

a shared story    2 hours 34 minutes ago
In an attempt to aid rescue efforts, Google has once again opened up its Person Finder tool — a simple crowd-sourced missing persons database. Google first launched the application in 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and has since deployed the tool several times after...(more) 

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10 dead as quake and avalanche sweep Mount Everest region

a shared story    3 hours 34 minutes ago
KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — An avalanche triggered by a massive earthquake swept across Nepal's Mount Everest region on Saturday, killing at least 10 climbers and guides, slamming into a section of the mountaineering base camp, and leaving an unknown number of people injured and missing, officials...(more) 

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Day of protests planned in Baltimore after black man's death

a shared story    4 hours 34 minutes ago
By Lacey Johnson BALTIMORE (Reuters) - Waves of demonstrators were expected to descend on Baltimore on Saturday to protest the unexplained death of a black man after he was taken into custody, a day after the city's police chief said officers had failed to give him...(more) 

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Apple MacBook (2015) teardown: Revamped design makes DIY repairs very difficult

a shared story    5 hours 34 minutes ago
Apple packed a ton of new tech into the 2015 MacBook, but thanks to a completely redesigned interior, DIY repairs on this laptop can be a real nightmare. 

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The Weekender: Rube Goldberg, Age of Ultron, and MDMA

a shared story    6 hours 34 minutes ago
This week, we met college kids channeling wacky inventor Rube Goldberg, we finally saw Age of Ultron, and we learned it's harder than we thought to set up a weed dispensary in Vegas. Rube Goldberg became famous for his comically complicated machines well over 50 years...(more) 

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Photos from the ground: Devastating earthquake hits Nepal

a shared story    7 hours 34 minutes ago
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal Saturday, causing an avalanche on Mount Everest and crumbling buildings in Katmandu, the capital. Nepal’s Home Ministry announced an initial death toll of 686, a number that is continuing to rise. We are collecting stories and from the ground and...(more) 

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Hubble at 25: Space Telescope's Views Have Changed How We See Earth

a shared story    8 hours 34 minutes ago
The Hubble Space Telescope, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in space, has become known for capturing stunning and unprecedented views of the cosmos. Because the telescope can gaze across the solar system and beyond, to alien planets far more distant, Hubble has helped scientists understand...(more) 

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SpaceX's Elon Musk Says Valve Glitch Caused Rocket Landing Crash

a shared story    9 hours 34 minutes ago
SpaceX's daring reusable-rocket test last week came up just short because of an issue with a "throttle valve," company founder and CEO Elon Musk said. The private spaceflight company tried to bring the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket down for a soft landing on...(more) 

Mystery abounds when it comes to 'neuroscouting' in baseball

a shared story    10 hours 34 minutes ago
CHICAGO (AP) -- Baseball's most compelling video game is not offered in any store. Exactly how many people are playing is unclear. When it comes to the sticker price, no one wants to talk about it.... 

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Orange boss sees end to French telecom price war

a shared story    11 hours 34 minutes ago
PARIS (Reuters) - The chief executive of France's telecom leader Orange said on Saturday he believed the price war in the national telecoms sector was coming to a close.  

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