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25 Years Before Doctor Who, the BBC Aired the First Ever Science Fiction TV Show

a shared story    55 minutes ago
The BBC has long been known as a science fiction pioneer, thanks to shows like Quatermass and Doctor Who. But long before either of those things existed, the BBC was already breaking ground: On Feb. 11, 1938, the Beeb showed a television production of R.U.R.,...(more) 

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Gravitational Waves: What Their Discovery Means for Science and Humanity

a shared story    56 minutes ago
The first-ever direct detection of gravitational waves will open up an entirely new window on the universe, researchers say. 

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Fox has ordered a Lethal Weapon pilot starring Damon Wayans

a shared story    1 hour 55 minutes ago
After Fox essentially guaranteed to air a pilot episode of the new show after a bidding war in October, the network has now settled on a star: Damon Wayans. The 55-year-old actor, of In Living Color fame, will take on the role of Roger Murtaugh, who...(more) 

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Secret Sahara reveals fairytale formations and ancient lakes

a shared story    1 hour 56 minutes ago
Unique geology and remnants of the desert's wet past are captured in photos during a rare field trip to the Ennedi plateau in Chad 

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Gone are the days of wine and web-surfing

a shared story    2 hours 56 minutes ago
It’s from a distinctly pre-Google era, before Facebook, Twitter, and even RSS reshaped the internet into a series of easily digestible feeds. You wouldn’t find what you were looking for, generally, but you would always find something. 

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, comic book heroes

a shared story    3 hours 55 minutes ago
As Sanders and Clinton battle it out in the presidential debates, they're also competing for comic book fans, as stars of their own titles. Spoiler alert: Neither of them has mutant superpowers. 

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US airlines will offer regularly scheduled service to Cuba this year

a shared story    4 hours 56 minutes ago
US airlines will resume regularly-scheduled flights to Cuba by the end of the year. The flights — which will most certainly include routes like New York, Atlanta, and Miami to Havana — will represent the first normal commercial service between the two countries in over 50...(more) 

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How scientists will keep searching for gravitational waves

a shared story    5 hours 56 minutes ago
Now that the first gravitational wave signals have been detected, scientists are eager to find more. The scientific collaboration LIGO, which made yesterday's discovery, plans to upgrade their observatories to make their instruments more sensitive to wave detection. Another technique is to observe mysterious stars known...(more) 

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If drone racing is the sport of the future, how will we watch it?

a shared story    6 hours 56 minutes ago
There has been a growing excitement around the prospect of a new sporting league where competitors race that very futuristic sounding vehicle, a drone. By drone they mean small remote controlled quadcopters, incredibly agile little aircraft that can move at speeds of over 100 miles and...(more) 

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This film editor kept Deadpool from flying off the rails

a shared story    7 hours 55 minutes ago
Deadpool is a pretty singular character in comics. Amazingly, the new Deadpool movie does work. Julian Clarke had to do the heavy lifting in Adobe Premiere to strike a balance between the character’s love of gore and gleeful absurdity, making a movie that’s accessible to both...(more) 

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30 Cases of Zika Now Confirmed in Puerto Rico

a shared story    7 hours 56 minutes ago
Puerto Rico reported its first locally transmitted case of Zika in late December, and health care workers now have diagnosed a total of 30 people with the virus, according to a new report. 

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10 memorable scenes from popular movies that were actually improvised

a shared story    8 hours 56 minutes ago
Many of the best moments in cinema history were written and rewritten and rewritten again until the writers were convinced they were perfect. But despite the fact that writers spend weeks or even months fine-tuning their scripts, an actor can inject a scene with life through...(more) 

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