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Video shows how David Fincher keeps his audience omniscient

a shared story    47 minutes ago
Earlier today, we were treated to another thorough analysis of a director's process when video blog "Every Frame a Painting" — which has taken a look at, among other things, Martin Scorsese's use of silence and the history of texting in film — took on the...(more) 

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Intel buckles to anti-feminist campaign by pulling ads from gaming site

a shared story    1 hour 47 minutes ago
Intel has pulled an advertising campaign from video gaming website Gamasutra after it reportedly received a number of complaints from self-identified gamers upset that the site was championing fair gender representation in video games. The decision by the world's largest chipmaker to remove its advertising from...(more) 

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Celebrities hit by ‘Nudegate’ iCloud hack may file $100M lawsuit against… Google?

a shared story    2 hours 47 minutes ago
There’s little question at this point that the recent round of nude celebrity photo leaks are Apple’s fault. Hackers supposedly used simple brute force attacks, which consist of quickly and repeatedly guessing different passwords for an account until one works, to infiltrate iCloud accounts belonging to...(more) 

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Facebook changes real-name policy, allows aliases

a shared story    3 hours 47 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc said it would change its policy requiring users to go by their real names on the social network, following outrage over the locking of hundreds of accounts, including a number belonging to drag queens using their stage names. Facebook's product chief, Christopher...(more) 

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Rocket Internet shares slide on stock market debut

a shared story    4 hours 47 minutes ago
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Shares in Rocket Internet plunged 14 percent within minutes of their stock market debut in Frankfurt on Thursday as investors gave Europe's largest internet listing since 2000 a cold welcome. Global e-commerce investor Rocket had sold shares at the top of its price...(more) 

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Dubai detectives to get Google Glass to fight crime

a shared story    5 hours 47 minutes ago
DUBAI (Reuters) - Dubai police plan to issue detectives with Google Glass hands-free eyewear to help them fight crime using facial recognition technology, a police spokesman in the wealthy Gulf Arab emirate said. The wearable device consists of a tiny computer screen mounted in the corner...(more) 

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Why did ER send Ebola patient home?

a shared story    6 hours 47 minutes ago
A Texas hospital initially released him even though he said he had been in West Africa. 

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Angry Birds maker Rovio plans job cuts

a shared story    7 hours 47 minutes ago
HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finnish mobile games maker Rovio, owner of the globally successful Angry Birds brand, said on Thursday it was planning to cut up to 130 jobs in Finland, or 16 percent of its total workforce. "We have been building our team on assumptions of...(more) 

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Netflix Is Making Four Exclusive Movies with Adam Sandler

a shared story    8 hours 47 minutes ago
As well as debuting the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel , Netflix has some other big news: it's just signed a deal with Adam Sandler to fund and produce four of his movies that will run exclusively on the streaming service.Read more... 

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For Jony Ive, the Apple Watch is all about the tiny ‘fantastic’ details

a shared story    9 hours 47 minutes ago
Apple isn’t ready to sell you a brand new Apple Watch just yet, but the company is certainly interested in making you want to buy one. In addition to showing the device in Paris in celebration of Fashion Week, Apple also allowed fashion magazine Vogue to...(more) 

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The importance of physical contact captured in a beautiful video

a shared story    10 hours 47 minutes ago
Spanish filmmaker Francisco Montoro shows in this beautiful video that communication goes beyond words. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, we can connect with each other in many ways, but we are certainly missing the most important one. The one that creates the strongest bonds: Physical...(more) 

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Police-boosted parental control app is a privacy mess, says report

a shared story    11 hours 47 minutes ago
So-called Internet safety software ComputerCop, often given to families for free by their local police departments, puts children and personal data at risk, a new report alleges.> 

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