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UC Berkeley research finds dinosaurs had sex early and died young

a shared story    471 weeks 8 hours 9 minutes ago
UC Berkeley researchers analyzing fossil bones of the big beasts have found that they matured early, grew fast and were ready for sex before their teen years. But the dinosaurs also had a heavy price to pay: After an early grow spurt, they died young, the scientists...(more) 

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The GOP: divorced from reality

a shared story    404 weeks 2 days 22 hours 2 minutes ago
If conservatives don't want to be seen as bitter people who cling to their guns and religion and anti-immigrant sentiments, they should stop being bitter and clinging to their guns, religion and anti-immigrant sentiments. It's been a week now, and I still don't know what those "tea...(more) 

SF Mayor's security bill under lock and key

a shared story    395 weeks 4 days 30 minutes ago
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi is on a mission to find out whether the mayor is using city police officers to provide him security even when he's on the campaign trail or on vacation, and how much that security costs. Mirkarimi says he's been trying to get...  

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Penn wins best-actor Oscar

a shared story    413 weeks 1 day 11 hours 19 minutes ago
His name is Sean Penn, and he is here to recruit you. Penn won his second Academy Award for best actor Sunday night for his moving portrayal of slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk in "Milk." The win follows his first best-actor award for 2003's "Mystic River." He...(more) 

Torture by any other name...Bush to CIA: 'Leave No Marks'

a shared story    491 weeks 3 days 21 hours 29 minutes ago
A few weeks ago, with some hub-bub, the administration that tortures people agreed not to torture people any more. Kind of... In this great piece, Nat Hentoff reveals that nothing's really changed. More newspeak from Big Brother Bush... From the article: "On July 20, George W. Bush...(more) 

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GM: Reliance on Oil "Not Going to Work"

a shared story    479 weeks 15 hours 55 minutes ago
General Motors plans to introduce a new hybrid model every three months for the next four years and says the auto industry is entering an era where it will "shift significantly to a different model of propulsion" because reliance on petroleum "is not going to work" That's...(more) 

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Santa Monica cops cracking down on Critical Mass

a shared story    476 weeks 2 days 18 hours 51 minutes ago
The story is from the LA Times and is, as usual, not in touch with the issues: "This week may be the last time bicyclists stage a monthly mass ride through Santa Monica following police crackdowns on their free-wheeling event that residents complain has snarled traffic...(more) 

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BP agrees to 20-billion-dollar oil spill fund

a shared story    344 weeks 5 days 23 hours 56 minutes ago
AFP - BP on Wednesday agreed to pay 20 billion dollars into an independently run fund to meet the spiralling costs of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, bowing to tough demands from President Barack Obama. 

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Oakland teen slain at Metreon / Shooting followed quarrel; suspect held

a shared story    480 weeks 1 day 10 hours 14 minutes ago
An 18-year-old Oakland man was shot to death at San Francisco's busy Metreon shopping center Sunday night, after an argument with at least one other young man just inside the building's entrance. A suspect, who police believe may be the shooter, was arrested a block away on...(more) 

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Mythic Birthplace of Zeus Said Found

a shared story    415 weeks 1 day 52 minutes ago
The Greek god of thunder and lightning had Earthly beginnings, and scientists think they know where. 

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China blames pollution for surge in birth defect

a shared story    416 weeks 11 hours 18 minutes ago
Chinese officials told the state media that birth defects are increasing at an alarming rate and that a major reason was degradation of the environment. "The number of newborns with birth defects is constantly increasing in both urban and rural areas," Jiang Fan, vice minister of the...(more) 

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Governor calls up Guard, asks Bush for military support

a shared story    483 weeks 16 hours 23 minutes ago
SACRAMENTO (AP) -- Gov. Schwarzenegger is calling up 1,500 National Guard troops to deploy to the Southern California wildfires.... 

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