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Inside Bay Area - Art exhibit gives look, feel of Richmond

a shared story    501 weeks 5 hours ago
After more than a year of sounding Richmond's diverse communities, a group of artists is presenting an art show that attempts to express the city's heart and soul. The show's interactive exhibits, called Touchable Stories, start today and run through May 13. The artwork captures the city's...(more) 

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Lawyer: Fake Bomb Charge an Overreaction

a shared story    480 weeks 8 hours 47 minutes ago
The MIT student who walked into Logan International Airport wearing a computer circuit board and wiring on her sweat shirt claimed it was harmless artwork. But to troopers who arrested her at gunpoint, it was a fake bomb. Nineteen-year-old Star Simpson was charged Friday with possessing a...(more) 

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Vandalism getting worse on public art in S.F.

a shared story    313 weeks 6 days 12 hours 55 minutes ago
Each new work of art in the city's public art collection exists to inspire appreciation, but over the last year, many pieces have been drawing the wrong type of attention. Increasingly, sculptures, monuments and a...  

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Bay Area visual artists feeling the economic crunch

a shared story    415 weeks 1 day 6 hours 49 minutes ago
At the Jingletown annual Holiday Art Walk in Oakland earlier this month, most artists were ready to make a deal A recently laid off jeweler, for example, marked her $50 cut-leather necklaces down 10 percent for faster sales. Jon Zax, a digital artist, says he and other...(more) 

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Pop artist Robert Rauschenberg dies in Fla. at 82

a shared story    446 weeks 5 days 11 hours 7 minutes ago
Artist Robert Rauschenberg, whose use of odd and everyday articles earned him regard as a pioneer in pop art but whose talents spanned the worlds of painting, sculpture and dance, has died, a his gallery representative said Tuesday. He was 82. Rauschenberg died Monday, said Jennifer Joy,...(more) 

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German art historian to head Getty's research institute in LA

a shared story    485 weeks 5 days 8 hours 59 minutes ago
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Thomas W. Gaehtgens, an internationally respected art historian, has been appointed director of the Getty Research Institute, it was announced Tuesday.... 

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Recession means hard times for struggling artists

a shared story    401 weeks 3 days 11 hours 37 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Artists, too, are singing the blues in these economic hard times, telling Congress that layoffs and art organization closures are hurting communities across the country.... 

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Inheritance fight imperils de Young tribal art

a shared story    428 weeks 1 day 7 hours 53 minutes ago
An entire wing of the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum that was built to hold a peerless collection of art from Papua New Guinea could be emptied by an inheritance battle between heirs of the Annenberg publishing fortune. 

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100-year-old San Franciscan recalls her days as a nude model

a shared story    408 weeks 5 days 1 hour 49 minutes ago
For a former nude model whose beauty was immortalized by some of the best-known artists in the United States, Ola Carlson is much less revealing about herself. ¬†¬†Video: Nude model memories  

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On sale for the first time: Van Gogh's final masterpiece

a shared story    480 weeks 8 hours 50 minutes ago
A Van Gogh masterpiece believed to be the artist's final piece of work is to be put on the public market for the first time, where it is expected to become one of the most highly-valued paintings ever auctioned. The Fields (Wheat Fields) was completed on 10...(more) 

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With recycled bike parts, a heavy metal artist with a fresh spin

a shared story    438 weeks 6 days 6 hours 17 minutes ago
The Space 242 gallery in the South End was crowded with friends and freeloaders last Friday, but there was no problem spotting the artist known as Skunk. He dressed like a cross between Keith Richards and the Mad Hatter, in oversize black galoshes, black overalls with...(more) 

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A home for art away from chaos of Mexico City / Diego Rivera's last lover collected works from pre-Hispanic items to modern icons

a shared story    500 weeks 2 days 21 hours 9 minutes ago
Mexico City is awash in murals and museums and crowds that can suffocate. But a Metro ride from its teeming streets and skyscrapers is a little-known museum with a trove of discoveries for art lovers in a setting so peaceful it startles. This is the legacy of...(more) 

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