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Analysis: Possible Mideast Push by Bush

a shared story    444 weeks 4 hours 33 minutes ago
President Bush once talked bullishly about Middle East peacemaking. He would "ride herd" on recalcitrant leaders, picking up the telephone whenever necessary and helping produce a long-elusive agreement.... 

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Russia steps up attacks and blockade as Georgians offer ceasefire

a shared story    407 weeks 10 hours 11 minutes ago
Russia escalated its conflict with Georgia today, launching further airstrikes and a naval blockade, despite the offer of a ceasefire by Tiblisi and the withdrawal of its forces from South Ossetia. As the international community called on Moscow to halt its offensive, a damaging new front opened...(more) 

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Pakistani Intelligence Agency Aided Attack on Indian Embassey in Kabul, U.S. Officials Say

a shared story    408 weeks 2 days 23 hours 29 minutes ago
American intelligence agencies have concluded that members of Pakistan’s powerful spy service helped plan the deadly July 7 bombing of India’s embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to United States government officials. The conclusion was based on intercepted communications between Pakistani intelligence officers and militants who carried out...(more) 

Condoleezza Rice meets Stanford Students and is Asked About Torture

a shared story    369 weeks 1 day 8 hours 45 minutes ago
Watch Condoleezza Rice bluster as she responds to questions posed by Stanford student, Jeremy Cohn, regarding the Bush Administration's use of torture. 

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U.S. Forces Stage Major Attack on Sadr City

a shared story    459 weeks 4 days 7 hours 21 minutes ago
U.S. forces staged a major two-pronged attack on a neighborhood controlled by Shiite militia groups Wednesday morning, killing at least 17 people, according to the military and Iraqi police. The raid on Sadr City, an area dominated by loyalists to Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, was one of...(more) 

Officials: Army suicides at three-decade high

a shared story    382 weeks 3 days 14 hours 16 minutes ago
Defense officials say suicide among U.S. soldiers increased again last year and is at a nearly three-decade high.  

Britain's Prince Harry fights at the front in Afghanistan

a shared story    430 weeks 3 days 8 hours 40 minutes ago
Prince Harry has been serving on the front line in Afghanistan with the British Army, calling in airstrikes on Taliban positions and going out on foot patrols, the Ministry of Defense announced Thursday. Officials said the prince, a lieutenant in the Blues and Royals regiment, was still...(more) 

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Iraq: Violence is down – but not because of America's 'surge'

a shared story    402 weeks 13 minutes ago
As he leaves Iraq this week, the outgoing US commander, General David Petraeus, is sounding far less optimistic than the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, about the American situation in Iraq. General Petraeus says that it remains "fragile", recent security gains are "not irreversible" and "this...(more) 

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Iraq's Sadr expected to extend ceasefire

a shared story    431 weeks 2 days 21 hours 33 minutes ago
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Powerful Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is widely expected to extend a ceasefire by his Mehdi Army militia on Friday, a decision Washington says is important to maintain security gains.  

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Brutal backlash: US Raids drive Pakistanis to Taliban

a shared story    400 weeks 5 days 12 hours 11 minutes ago
Anti-Americanism reaches new levels in Pakistan in the wake of US violations of Pakistani borders 

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'Surge' Ends With More Troops In Iraq Than Before Buildup Began

a shared story    410 weeks 4 days 13 hours 42 minutes ago
The military surge into Iraq that began more than 18 months ago has ended. But 150,000 U.S. troops remain, as many as 15,000 more than before the buildup began. In recent days, the 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade, the last of the five additional combat brigades sent...(more) 

Georgia conflict: Moscow has blown away soft power

a shared story    406 weeks 11 hours 27 minutes ago
South Ossetia may be tiny, but it has become the scene of an event of colossal proportions: the return of great-power politics. Tanks once again decide what happens. “Soft power”, on which so many hopes had been pinned, has just been exposed as irrelevant. The Russians clearly...(more) 

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