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Japan, U.S. ministers hail good start on trade talks

a shared story    55 minutes ago
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese and U.S. ministers said that bilateral trade negotiations got off to a good start on Sunday and the two nations would continue to discuss remaining issues, such as farm and auto trade, on Monday.  

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On brink of financial collapse, state lawmakers struggle with budget passage

a shared story    321 weeks 6 days 13 hours 1 minute ago
Lawmakers continued struggling to pass a budget this afternoon after working nearly around the clock to end a three-month impasse that has brought California to the brink of fiscal collapse. An all-night legislative session failed to yield enough Republican votes for the spending plan, as GOP legislators...(more) 

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Oil slide slashes first-quarter profit, not investment plans at Saudi's SABIC

a shared story    1 hour 55 minutes ago
RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Basic Industries Corp faces heavy pressure on its profits due to cheap oil but will keep investing globally to boost capacity in key areas, its acting chief executive said on Sunday after the company reported a 39 plunge in first-quarter profit.  

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Euro working group to meet Wednesday, deal still sought: Greek official

a shared story    1 hour 55 minutes ago
ATHENS (Reuters) - Euro zone deputy finance ministers will meet midweek ahead of a Eurogroup finance ministers' gathering two days later, a Greek government official told Reuters, as Athens and its creditors continue to seek a deal on reforms to unlock aid.  

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Britain's bank tax jump threatens to push HSBC, StanChart to new home

a shared story    2 hours 55 minutes ago
LONDON (Reuters) - HSBC and Standard Chartered are looking at the viability of quitting London for a new home in Asia because a big jump in a tax on UK banks makes staying in Britain increasingly painful.  

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China cuts bank reserve requirements

a shared story    3 hours 55 minutes ago
China's Central Bank is to cut its bank reserve requirement ratio by one percentage point, as it aims to stimulate a cooling economy. 

Bikes help commuters get around gas prices

a shared story    353 weeks 5 days 12 minutes ago
High gasoline prices are fueling bicycle sales, and on some days Michael Hall's blood pressure. At least three times a week, Hall pedals to his job in Hollywood from his home in northern Glendale, a 25-mile round-trip commute that is faster on two wheels than four. "It's definitely...(more) 

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China cuts bank reserves again to fight slowdown

a shared story    4 hours 55 minutes ago
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's central bank on Sunday cut the amount of cash that banks must hold as reserves, the second industry-wide cut in two months, adding more liquidity to the world's second-biggest economy to help spur bank lending and combat slowing growth.  

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China's Central Bank to cut bank reserve requirement

a shared story    4 hours 55 minutes ago
BEIJING (AP) -- China's Central Bank says it will cut its bank reserve requirement by 1 percentage point to stimulate more lending into a slowing economy.... 

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Another crunch week in Greek bailout saga

a shared story    5 hours 55 minutes ago
LONDON (Reuters) - The threat posed by Greece beyond its borders may have diminished but efforts to agree an economic reform program to free up bailout funds and avert default will capture world attention this week.  

Wholesale prices soar in June; sales are sluggish

a shared story    352 weeks 5 days 1 hour 36 minutes ago
The economy showed the depth of its twin problems on Tuesday, slow growth and rising inflation, as the nation wrestled with a teetering financial system, a slumping dollar and rising prices for food and fuel. The Labor Department reported that soaring costs for gasoline and food pushed...(more) 

In Silicon Valley, more homeowners are spending more than half their income on housing

a shared story    340 weeks 6 days 21 hours 45 minutes ago
Laura Meneses made the same fateful choice that thousands of local home buyers have made since 2004: She decided to spend most of her family's income on housing. Over the last four years, the number of Santa Clara County homeowners who spend over half their income on...(more) 

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