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Google Wants TV 'White Space' for Wi-Fi

a shared story    461 weeks 19 hours 20 minutes ago
Less than a week after losing in the latest U.S. spectrum auction, Google Inc. has started pitching its plan to use TV "white space" — unlicensed and unused airwaves — to provide wireless Internet. In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission released by Google on Monday,...(more) 

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Amid the Gloom, an E-Commerce War between Ebay and Amazon

a shared story    432 weeks 2 days 36 minutes ago
WHEN the e-commerce giant eBay emerged from the last recession seven years ago with an aura of invincibility, its chief executive, Meg Whitman, boasted that “eBay is to some extent recession-proof.” As the online auctioneer’s revenues and stock price kept climbing, one of its primary rivals, Amazon.com,...(more) 

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Yahoo to reject Microsoft bid

a shared story    467 weeks 2 days 16 hours 37 minutes ago
Yahoo board of directors decided at a meeting Friday to reject Microsoft's $44.6 billion offer for the company, a person familiar with the situation confirmed to the Mercury News. The decision, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, was reached because the board believes the $31 per...(more) 

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Group sues Yahoo for helping China

a shared story    509 weeks 5 days 19 hours 6 minutes ago
AP - A human rights group sued Yahoo Inc. Wednesday on grounds the U.S. search company assisted China's communist government with torture by revealing information that led to the arrest of dissidents. 

Updated: Links to use CityTools in different languages

an original story    493 weeks 5 days 18 hours 42 minutes ago
Folks, we're still assembling documentation on how the multiple languages work -- and yes, we're aware that some translations need work and we are working on it. In any event, here is a quick version of how to use CityTools in multiple languages. If you're not a...(more) 

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Zimbabwe's 'worthless' $100bn notes sell for huge profit on eBay

a shared story    442 weeks 5 days 8 minutes ago
he Zimbabwean government this week responded to the hyperinflation crippling the country’s economy by knocking 10 zeros of the value of currency. From Friday notes with a face value of Z$100 billion will be worth Z$10, the equivalent of 50p. But the inflated notes, which will be legal...(more) 

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Craigslist sued over erotic-services ads

a shared story    411 weeks 4 days 10 hours 22 minutes ago
The online forum and classified site Craigslist is once again under fire from law enforcement for running advertisements for erotic services. 

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Computer worm spreads holiday infection

a shared story    473 weeks 2 days 18 hours 12 minutes ago
Security researchers are tracking holiday attacks by the Storm Worm, a particularly insidious piece of computer malware that has been circulating around the world for about a year. Earlier this week, the worm - actually a batch of malicious software code - started generating Christmas-related e-mail spam....(more) 

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CNN Cyberattack Called off

a shared story    457 weeks 2 days 10 hours 45 minutes ago
PC World - A planned cyberattack against CNN's Web site fizzled out Saturday as the group backing the event called it off. 

Merchants angry over getting yanked by Yelp

a shared story    446 weeks 2 days 20 hours 11 minutes ago
Four years ago, Geri Rebstock started using Yelp, a popular site for consumers to review local businesses and services. She critiqued her favorite veterinarian, a neighborhood print shop and an acupuncturist who took care of her bad wrist. But Rebstock's reviews and personal account vanished from the...(more) 

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Microsoft unveils hostile bid for Yahoo at $44.6 bln

a shared story    468 weeks 4 days 49 minutes ago
AFP - Microsoft Friday unveiled a hostile bid of 44.6 billion dollars for Yahoo in an effort to merge the world's biggest software company with a major Internet player to take on the Google juggernaut. 

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Pakistan blocks YouTube over 'blasphemous' videos -- takes out YouTube globally

a shared story    465 weeks 10 hours 57 minutes ago
Pakistan has ordered all Internet service providers to block the YouTube website for containing "blasphemous" content and material considered offensive to Islam, officials said Sunday. 

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