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Breast Cancer Numbers Dip Most in Wealthy, Urban Areas

a shared story    313 weeks 2 days 20 hours ago
Cases of invasive breast cancer in the United States have declined overall, but the decrease is significantly less marked in poor women who live in rural areas, possibly due to differences in the use of hormone therapy (HT), a new study suggests. 

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Investigating marijuana’s effect on weight gain

a shared story    29 minutes ago
Marijuana is well known to bring upon the "munchies" or, a temporary increase in appetite, yet its effect on weight gain is more complex than it seems, according to a new study. "As to whether it actually causes weight gain in the long term, the available...(more) 

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U.N. warns of risks as Europe enjoys scorcher

a shared story    1 hour 29 minutes ago
By Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations warned on Wednesday of the dangers posed by hot weather, especially to children and the elderly, as much of Europe sweltered in a heatwave whose intensity it blamed on climate change. Authorities should give people as much...(more) 

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Short of cash, U.N. cuts Syria refugees' rations again

a shared story    2 hours 29 minutes ago
The World Food Programme, running short of cash, will halve the value of food vouchers given to Syrian refugees in Lebanon this month and may cut all help for 440,000 Syrians in Jordan next month, the U.N. agency said on Wednesday. "Just when we thought things...(more) 

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Chinese people getting 'taller and fatter'

a shared story    3 hours 29 minutes ago
Chinese people are growing taller as the country becomes richer but they are getting fatter even faster, the government and state media said. The proportion of Chinese over-18s who were overweight stood at 30.1 percent in 2012, up 7.3 percentage points over a decade, Wang Guoqiang,...(more) 

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Liberia registers second confirmed Ebola case: health official

a shared story    4 hours 29 minutes ago
MONROVIA (Reuters) - Liberia confirmed a second case of Ebola on Tuesday just a day after authorities announced they had detected the deadly virus seven weeks after the West African country was declared Ebola-free, a senior health official said.  

Study: Weightlifting helps breast cancer survivors

a shared story    306 weeks 3 days 7 hours 41 minutes ago
Breast cancer survivors have been getting bum advice. For decades, many doctors warned that lifting weights or even heavy groceries could cause painful arm swelling. New research shows that weight training actually helps prevent this problem.... 

Obama aims to change conversation around health care law

a shared story    5 hours 29 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is aiming to change the conversation around his health care law from talk about undoing it to talk of how to make it better.... 

Health insurance options limited after job loss

a shared story    340 weeks 2 days 20 hours 40 minutes ago
John Mathson had been paying about $550 a month to continue his health insurance coverage after the 63-year-old Eureka man got laid off in October after 39 years at the Evergreen Pulp mill. 

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Recreational-use marijuana to become legal in Oregon

a shared story    6 hours 29 minutes ago
Marijuana smoking, seed sharing and cannabis-themed rallies are among the ways Oregon residents plan to celebrate as recreational-use pot becomes legal in the fourth western U.S. state on Wednesday. Marijuana use purely for the sake of getting high is to become legal in the state from...(more) 

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a shared story    414 weeks 3 days 7 hours 32 minutes ago
Although the lure of Big Sur is timeless, hopping in the saddle is a novel way to enjoy the spectacular scenery. At Molera Horseback Tours - one of the few companies that offer the service in Big Sur - riders of any experience level can go...(more) 

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South Korea waives visa fees to attract tourists amid MERS

a shared story    7 hours 29 minutes ago
South Korea on Wednesday said it would waive visa fees for visitors from China and Southeast Asia as it struggles to recover from the MERS outbreak which has seen tourist numbers plummet. The justice ministry said visas which had been already issued would be extended for...(more) 

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