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Breast Cancer Numbers Dip Most in Wealthy, Urban Areas

a shared story    278 weeks 5 days 1 hour 24 minutes ago
Cases of invasive breast cancer in the United States have declined overall, but the decrease is significantly less marked in poor women who live in rural areas, possibly due to differences in the use of hormone therapy (HT), a new study suggests. 

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Judge rejection of quarantine over Ebola good compromise: nurse

a shared story    54 minutes ago
(Reuters) - The American nurse who had defied the state of Maine's quarantine order after her return from Sierra Leone treating Ebola patients said a judge's rejection of the order on Friday was a good compromise. Maine Governor Paul LePage wanted the nurse, Kaci Hickox, to...(more) 

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Judge's rejection of nurse quarantine 'unfortunate': Maine governor

a shared story    1 hour 54 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Maine Governor Paul LePage said on Friday it was unfortunate that a judge rejected the state's attempts to impose a strict quarantine on an American nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa, but said he will abide by the ruling. The ruling appeared...(more) 

Judge imposes conditions on Maine nurse, rejects stricter measures: lawyer

a shared story    2 hours 54 minutes ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Maine judge imposed certain conditions on an American nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone but rejected a bid from state officials for more restrictive measures, her lawyer told Reuters. Charles LaVerdiere, chief judge of Maine District Court, on Thursday...(more) 

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Conflicts at home affect teens at school and vice versa

a shared story    3 hours 54 minutes ago
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - - Conflicts in a teen's life can spill over at school and at home for days afterward, a new study suggests.  

Judge issues order enforcing Ebola isolation of defiant Maine nurse

a shared story    4 hours 54 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The confrontation between the state of Maine and a nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone heated up on Friday when a judge issued a temporary order enforcing a quarantine after she defied state officials and took a bike ride. The order...(more) 

Study: Weightlifting helps breast cancer survivors

a shared story    271 weeks 5 days 13 hours 5 minutes ago
Breast cancer survivors have been getting bum advice. For decades, many doctors warned that lifting weights or even heavy groceries could cause painful arm swelling. New research shows that weight training actually helps prevent this problem.... 

Sierra Leone soccer boss backs Nations Cup postponement over Ebola

a shared story    5 hours 54 minutes ago
CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - The president of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), who has seen the sport come to a "grinding halt" in her country because of the Ebola outbreak, has backed host Morocco's request to have the African Cup of Nations finals postponed. Isha...(more) 

Health insurance options limited after job loss

a shared story    305 weeks 5 days 2 hours 5 minutes ago
John Mathson had been paying about $550 a month to continue his health insurance coverage after the 63-year-old Eureka man got laid off in October after 39 years at the Evergreen Pulp mill. 

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WHO says 2 suspected Ebola cases in Mali, 57 contacts sought

a shared story    6 hours 54 minutes ago
GENEVA (Reuters) - Two people are suspected of having Ebola after coming into contact with a two-year-old girl who died of the disease in Mali last week, according to data from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. An epidemiological presentation by...(more) 

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a shared story    379 weeks 5 days 12 hours 57 minutes ago
Although the lure of Big Sur is timeless, hopping in the saddle is a novel way to enjoy the spectacular scenery. At Molera Horseback Tours - one of the few companies that offer the service in Big Sur - riders of any experience level can go...(more) 

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AbbVie sales blow past forecasts, fueled by Humira

a shared story    7 hours 54 minutes ago
(Reuters) - AbbVie, which earlier this month walked away from its $55 billion deal to buy Dublin drugmaker Shire, reported quarterly revenue well above Wall Street expectations, fueled by soaring sales of its Humira arthritis drug. The Chicago drugmaker, which significantly boosted its full-year earnings forecast,...(more) 

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