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Breast Cancer Numbers Dip Most in Wealthy, Urban Areas

a shared story    274 weeks 3 days 13 hours 10 minutes ago
Cases of invasive breast cancer in the United States have declined overall, but the decrease is significantly less marked in poor women who live in rural areas, possibly due to differences in the use of hormone therapy (HT), a new study suggests. 

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Sudanese women protest worsening oppression, rising food prices

a shared story    40 minutes ago
By Katy Migiro NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women’s anger is mounting in Sudan as a result of surging food prices and worsening repression in the name of Islam, rights activists said on Wednesday at the launch of a report. The cost of living has soared...(more) 

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No-cost, long-acting contraception cuts teen pregnancy by 79 percent

a shared story    1 hour 40 minutes ago
By Gene Emery NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A program that offered long-acting no-cost contraception to U.S. girls and women age 15 to 19 reduced the teenage pregnancy rate by 79 percent over five years and cut the abortion rate by 77 percent, according to the...(more) 

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Judge to make final ruling on Stockton bankruptcy until late October

a shared story    2 hours 40 minutes ago
By Robin Respaut SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - The judge presiding over the Stockton, California, bankruptcy case said on Wednesday that he will wait until late October to make a final ruling over whether the city can exit bankruptcy. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein said he was...(more) 

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Australia criticized for not sending medical staff to fight Ebola

a shared story    3 hours 40 minutes ago
By Colin Packham SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia on Thursday announced additional funds for tackling Ebola but ruled out sending medical staff to Sierra Leone, prompting criticism for medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières that it was failing to meet its commitment. The government said it would give...(more) 

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Judge rules loss could be imposed on Calpers in Stockton bankruptcy

a shared story    4 hours 40 minutes ago
By Robin Respaut SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - The U.S. bankruptcy judge overseeing Stockton, California's municipal bankruptcy trial on Wednesday ruled that the state's public employee retirement system, known as Calpers, could be forced to absorb losses along with other creditors. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein said...(more) 

Study: Weightlifting helps breast cancer survivors

a shared story    267 weeks 4 days 51 minutes ago
Breast cancer survivors have been getting bum advice. For decades, many doctors warned that lifting weights or even heavy groceries could cause painful arm swelling. New research shows that weight training actually helps prevent this problem.... 

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Questions about tuberculosis after infants exposed

a shared story    5 hours 40 minutes ago
EL PASO, Texas (AP) -- Authorities say more than 850 infants have been exposed to tuberculosis in an El Paso hospital by a nursing assistant who was diagnosed with the illness. Although cases of TB are at an all-time low in the U.S., the virus can...(more) 

Health insurance options limited after job loss

a shared story    301 weeks 3 days 13 hours 51 minutes ago
John Mathson had been paying about $550 a month to continue his health insurance coverage after the 63-year-old Eureka man got laid off in October after 39 years at the Evergreen Pulp mill. 

2 white Ohio women sue over sperm from black donor

a shared story    6 hours 40 minutes ago
CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio woman has sued a Chicago-area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man instead of a white man as she'd intended. 

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a shared story    375 weeks 4 days 43 minutes ago
Although the lure of Big Sur is timeless, hopping in the saddle is a novel way to enjoy the spectacular scenery. At Molera Horseback Tours - one of the few companies that offer the service in Big Sur - riders of any experience level can go...(more) 

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Report: Hospital protocol failed in TB outbreak

a shared story    7 hours 40 minutes ago
EL PASO, Texas (AP) — An El Paso hospital worker who exposed more than 850 infants to tuberculosis was allowed to return to work despite showing symptoms of the disease and coughing up blood at a hospital health screening, a federal report shows. 

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