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Penn wins best-actor Oscar

a shared story    417 weeks 4 days 2 hours 35 minutes ago
His name is Sean Penn, and he is here to recruit you. Penn won his second Academy Award for best actor Sunday night for his moving portrayal of slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk in "Milk." The win follows his first best-actor award for 2003's "Mystic River." He...(more) 

Some of Sydney Pollack's films

a shared story    456 weeks 3 days 5 hours 21 minutes ago
Some of the films and roles of Sydney Pollack, who died Monday. 

Can you play a terrorist? More work, one role for Arab actors

a shared story    490 weeks 12 hours 39 minutes ago
Arabs and Arab Americans in Hollywood live in an interesting time. The appetite for Middle Eastern stories and themes boomed after 9/11 and grew again with the ongoing grind of the war in Iraq. But the roles suddenly being created for Arab-heritage actors often are limited...(more) 

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Vampires and fun top the box office this weekend

a shared story    487 weeks 4 days 10 hours 26 minutes ago
The horror tale "30 Days of Night" had three days of box-office bite. Andrew B. Stehlin plays a vampire in "30 Days of Night," this weekend's highest-grossing movie. The Sony fright flick, with Josh Hartnett leading Alaskans against ravenous vampires that turn up for the prolonged winter darkness,...(more) 

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Top 10 Vampire Movies

a list    431 weeks 2 hours ago
True Blood is the show that everyone is talking about these days. Twilight is the long anticipated movie for girls - teens and pre-teens. Everyone has a favorite vampire movie or two. Here is a list of mine. 

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Chris Weitz will direct 'Twilight' sequel

a shared story    427 weeks 5 days 7 hours 38 minutes ago
It's official: Chris Weitz is taking over the director's chair for the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon." "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer confirmed the news on her official website Saturday morning in a post designed to calm the rising anguish among fans who loved the first film adaptation. After...(more) 

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Stone's 'W': His portrait of the president

a shared story    442 weeks 4 days 5 hours 12 minutes ago
As President Bush prepares to depart the White House, along comes a movie claiming to explain how the onetime boozing rabble-rouser got there in the first place. The movie, "W.," already is creating controversy just from its trailer, showing an inebriated young Bush driving his car...(more) 

‘Benjamin Button’ Tops Oscar Nominations

a shared story    422 weeks 17 hours 9 minutes ago
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” dominated the nominations for the 81st annual Academy Awards on Thursday morning, picking up 13 nominations including one for best picture. 

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Marin twins play to win - in film

a shared story    461 weeks 1 hour 34 minutes ago
People in the movie business told Logan and Noah Miller they were nuts: No way two novice filmmakers with no money could get a big star like Ed Harris to play their homeless father in their autobiographical film. But the working-class twins from West Marin wouldn't...(more) 

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'The Adventures of Tintin' review: memorable burp

a shared story    270 weeks 2 days ago
"The Adventures of Tintin" is here, kicking up dust and a gust of fun. You must know Tintin. He's that odd little fellow in pedal pushers with the roundest head this side of Peanuts. If you don't know Tintin, you should understand a thing or two about...(more) 

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Amazing short film director signed by Sam Raimi to do big budget movie

a shared story    377 weeks 3 days 15 hours 56 minutes ago
Fede Alvarez, a young filmmaker from Uruguay, shot this low budget, 5-minute long sci-fi flick. I LOVE the visual style and design sense of the movie and its special effects are terrific. Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures just signed the guy to make a big budget movie....(more) 

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Concord's Solano Drive-In draws 'em in

a shared story    511 weeks 5 days 8 hours 34 minutes ago
It was the arches that tipped off Crystle Rivera. "He was trying to give me hints," the 22-year-old said of her boyfriend, Robert Gray. "And then I just went, 'Ooh, we're going to the drive-in!'" The Pleasant Hill couple could barely contain their excitement for the reopening of...(more) 

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