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Girls may learn math anxiety from female teachers

a shared story    369 weeks 3 days 1 hour 52 minutes ago
Little girls may learn to fear math from the women who are their earliest teachers. Despite gains in recent years, women still trail men in some areas of math achievement, and the question of why has provoked controversy. Now, a study of first- and second-graders suggests...(more) 

Your dog's bladder infection: Don't guess when you can know

a shared story    494 weeks 1 day 17 hours 52 minutes ago
I was at the dog park the other day, chatting with a dog-obsessed friend who knows me really well, when another dog owner came over and mentioned that her dog had recently been diagnosed with a bladder infection. I smiled at her and opened my mouth to...(more) 

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California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

a shared story    458 weeks 14 hours 48 minutes ago
The California Supreme Court has overturned a ban on gay marriage, paving the way for California to become the second state where gay and lesbian residents can marry. The justices released the 4-3 decision Thursday, saying that domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage...(more) 

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Strong academic pressure seeps down to preschools

a shared story    486 weeks 4 days 3 hours 46 minutes ago
Aidan loved the building blocks, and coloring was just swell. But the Danville 3-year-old didn't know what to make of the regimented Etch-a-Sketch lessons, and when he got antsy during "circle time," which typically lasted 30 to 40 minutes, he was placed on "academic probation." Being a...(more) 

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Belarus teen staying with Petaluma family is focus of diplomatic tussle

a shared story    441 weeks 3 days 16 hours 9 minutes ago
Debra Zapata says she never intended to spark an international uproar. She just wanted the best for the young woman she invited into her home for nine summers in a project to help victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. So last month, when 24 other youths in...(more) 

Best Dog Parks on the Peninsula

a list    502 weeks 3 days 23 hours 8 minutes ago
Here is a list of the best dog parks on the Peninsula. Many of them are off-leash and most are shaded. 

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Top 10 things your dog shouldn't eat

a list    430 weeks 5 days 5 hours 4 minutes ago
Dogs love to eat everything they can get into their mouths. A friend told me that when he left his dog alone one day, he came home to find that his dog chewed the sofa into small pieces. Besides chocolate and poison -- we all know...(more) 

Foster care ends, survival begins

a shared story    513 weeks 4 days 33 minutes ago
Jose Cuervo unzips his tattered backpack and pulls out a crushed box of toasted honey crunch. Months of staying in a shelter for homeless youths have taught him to provide for himself, carry what he might need. So alongside his toothbrush, razor and cigarettes, he totes his...(more) 

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Genetic condition makes toddler super strong

a shared story    507 weeks 6 days 56 minutes ago
Liam Hoekstra was hanging upside down by his feet when he performed an inverted sit-up, his shirt falling away to expose rippled abdominal muscles. It was a display of raw power one might expect to see from an Olympic gymnast. Liam is 19 months old. 

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Food Stamps Buy Less, and Families Are Hit Hard

a shared story    452 weeks 5 days 2 hours 20 minutes ago
Making ends meet on food stamps has never been easy for Cassandra Johnson, but since food prices began their steep climb earlier this year, she has had to develop new survival strategies. 

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Graduate rate is lowest in 10 years / High school exit exam at center of debate over failure of a third of state's seniors to earn diploma

a shared story    510 weeks 5 days 13 hours 11 minutes ago
California's high school graduation rate dropped to a 10-year low last year as a third of the Class of 2006 left without a diploma, according to state Department of Education numbers posted Friday. Statewide, the graduation rate was 67 percent of the 423,289 seniors in 2006. That...(more) 

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State's schools lack cohesive plan for autism

a shared story    449 weeks 4 days 3 hours 8 minutes ago
Left to himself, 11-year-old Jonah Kasoff slips easily into what his family calls Jonahworld, an inner sanctum where he can flutter his fingers and utter "whoa! whoa! eh, eh" for as long as he likes. His family would rather that he study math. "Make no mistake - Jonah...(more) 

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