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Crazy Video: This LEGO first person shooter video game is incredible

a shared story    1 hour 2 minutes ago
While LEGO themed video games already exist, they’re not really teeming with violence and action. But don’t fret, AndrewmFilms recently put together an incredible video depicting what a LEGO first person shooter would look like. The entire video is incredibly well done and should satisfy the...(more) 

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Apple SVP says car is 'ultimate mobile device'

a shared story    2 hours 2 minutes ago
A senior Apple executive said developing a car would be the "ultimate mobile device" when asked about new products at a technology conference on Wednesday. In April, analysts at investment-research firm Sanford C. Bernstein issued a report that outlined several reasons why Apple may build a...(more) 

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Expect huge Apple Watch app improvements starting this fall

a shared story    3 hours 2 minutes ago
One of the early criticisms of the Apple Watch has been the performance of third-party apps on the device. However, Apple operations chief Jeff Williams told Re/code on Wednesday revealed that we should start to see some significant improvements on this front later this year because...(more) 

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Google will soon link directly to iOS apps in mobile search

a shared story    4 hours 2 minutes ago
Google's iOS apps already do a good job at seamlessly moving you back and forth between them to get things done — tapping a Google Now card that shows you directions to work will drop you right into Google Maps, for example. As of today, Google...(more) 

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Use this trick to get free Netflix from Bank of America each month

a shared story    5 hours 2 minutes ago
How would you like for Bank of America to pay for your Netflix bill every month? It seems that The Penny Hoarder has found a way to make it happen. If you’re a Bank of America customer, you can sign up for one of its Better...(more) 

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The big drone companies are investing millions to create new drone startups

a shared story    6 hours 2 minutes ago
Three weeks ago, DJI became the most valuable consumer drone company on earth when the venture capital firm Accel invested $75 million in the company. Today the partnership between the two parties deepens, with the announcement of the Skyfund, a joint initiative to invest in drone...(more) 

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Smartwatch market still very much in its infancy

a shared story    7 hours 2 minutes ago
Fitness and activity trackers have however, already carved out a niche, clocking up 13.6 million sales over the past 12 months -- 44% of the entire wearables market. GfK forecasts that total sales will hit 72 million by the end of 2015 and will have almost...(more) 

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Photos: Prehistoric Cemetery Discovered in China

a shared story    7 hours 2 minutes ago
A 4,000-year-old cemetery holding hundreds of tombs has been discovered in northwestern China. Some of the tombs held sacrificed humans, while others contained the bones of likely family members, along with weapons and other artifacts. 

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New flood warning for Houston after deadly storms kill 17

a shared story    8 hours 2 minutes ago
The National Weather Service issued a new flash flood warning on Wednesday for Houston as the fourth most-populous U.S. city searched for bodies from deadly storms that turned neighborhoods into lakes. Near Dallas, police evacuated residents living near a dam that was poised to burst on...(more) 

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Child sex abuse loophole to be shut

a shared story    9 hours 2 minutes ago
The UK proposes to punish people who live-stream videos of child abuse over the internet in the same way it does those who offer pre-recorded clips. 

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Confused by the FIFA corruption news? John Oliver explained it last year

a shared story    10 hours 2 minutes ago
If you only pay attention to soccer once every four years for the World Cup, then this morning's news that a number of FIFA officials have been arrested on corruption charges might not strike you as interesting. To get an idea of how long these arrests...(more) 

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Xiaomi tests online European market with small accessories

a shared story    11 hours 2 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Xiaomi [XTC.UL], China's largest smartphone maker, is testing the European market with its online store offering fitness bands, headphones and power banks in France, Germany and the UK. Xiaomi, whose products on Mi.com start at $10, said it does not plan to sell major...(more) 

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