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Program your own video games with these mobile apps

a shared story    47 minutes ago
Gone are the days when playing video games were viewed as a juvenile distraction. There are tangible learning benefits to games. Further, those with the skills to build games can are highly coveted and can earn significant income with minimal experience. These five apps can tutor...(more) 

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New report may reveal on-contract pricing for Google’s Nexus 6

a shared story    1 hour 47 minutes ago
The recently unveiled Nexus 6 happens to be Google’s biggest and most expensive Nexus smartphone yet, but Google told CNET that it believes more people will buy the device regardless of its comparatively hefty price tag, and support from carriers will help. Unlike before, five U.S....(more) 

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Hawaii's Big Island watches lava slowly reshape community

a shared story    2 hours 47 minutes ago
PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, moves gradually and persistently as she deposits lava across the Big Island of Hawaii. People in the small town lying in its path say the lava will reshape the community yard by yard as it slides toward...(more) 

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Instagram launches video ads today

a shared story    3 hours 47 minutes ago
Your Instagram feed is going to start having a new type of ad in it: videos. Starting today, Instagram is allowing advertisers to start running 15-second video ads that'll appear in your feed the same way that sponsored image posts have for almost a year now,...(more) 

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Time Warner Cable loses more video customers in latest quarter

a shared story    4 hours 47 minutes ago
Time Warner Cable lost a net 184,000 household video customers in the three months ended Sept. 30, far more than the 136,000 that market research firm StreetAccount had estimated. The company, which is being acquired by market leader Comcast Corp for $45.3 billion, lost a net...(more) 

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Samsung’s Q3 profit nosedives, stock soars

a shared story    5 hours 47 minutes ago
Investors sent Samsung shares soaring more than 4.5% on Thursday as the company reported dismal third-quarter earnings… that were thankfully less dismal than analysts were expecting. In a world where the high end of the smartphone market is being squeezed by more capable mid-range and low-end...(more) 

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Time Warner Cable reports fall in video subscribers

a shared story    6 hours 47 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Time Warner Cable Inc , the second-largest U.S. cable TV operator, lost more residential video customers in the third quarter than in the preceding quarter.  

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China's Xiaomi becomes world's third biggest smartphone maker without leaving Asia

a shared story    7 hours 47 minutes ago
Over the past three months, more than 327 million new smartphones were shipped out from factories around the world, and young Chinese company Xiaomi has been responsible for more than 5 percent of them. That, according to IDC's latest figures, is enough to place it in...(more) 

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Sony changes head of troubled mobile division

a shared story    8 hours 47 minutes ago
TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp said on Thursday it would appoint senior vice president Hiroki Totoki as the new president of Sony Mobile Communications on Nov. 16, replacing Kunimasa Suzuki at the top of its troubled smartphone business. Totoki is currently serving as corporate planning director...(more) 

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Stephen Colbert takes on Gamergate with Anita Sarkeesian

a shared story    9 hours 47 minutes ago
Anita Sarkeesian, the creator of feminist video game critique Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, appeared tonight on The Colbert Report to discuss the Gamergate movement. Ostensibly a "consumer revolt" focused on ethics in video game journalism, Gamergate has been criticized for focusing much of its...(more) 

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China's Baidu says mobile investment a priority as third quarter revenue falls short

a shared story    10 hours 47 minutes ago
By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - China's dominant search engine Baidu Inc said it would continue to invest significantly to adapt its business to the mobile era, a transition that has tripped up other Internet peers born in the desktop PC era like Google Inc ....(more) 

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Ridesharing company Uber gains ground in Las Vegas courtroom

a shared story    11 hours 47 minutes ago
LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - The ridesharing company Uber gained ground in Las Vegas Wednesday when a District Court judge ruled against a restraining order that would have temporarily prohibited it from operating in Clark County, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.  

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