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The evolution of humans in one funny animation

a shared story    12 minutes ago
ADHD made an animation that exposes the hilarious cycle of evolution. Monkeys eating fruit turn into monkeys eating raw meat turn into people using fire to cook food to inventing the wheel to making art to landing on the moon to putting dumb videos on...(more) 

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Alibaba raises price range of massive IPO due to demand

a shared story    1 hour 12 minutes ago
With its IPO already expected to be record-breaking in the US, the Chinese company will price its stock even higher. That could translate to $25 billion.> 

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Matt Damon will reportedly return as Jason Bourne in 2016

a shared story    2 hours 12 minutes ago
Matt Damon is apparently set to return to the big screen as genetically engineered super agent Jason Bourne. Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is in talks with both Damon and director Paul Greengrass to produce a fifth movie based around the character created by author Robert...(more) 

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Alibaba to raise up to $25 bn with revised IPO price

a shared story    3 hours 12 minutes ago
Chinese online giant Alibaba on Monday boosted the price range for what was already expected to be the biggest stock offering on record, to as much as $25.03 billion. Documents filed with US regulators upped the price range for the stock offering to $66-$68 per share,...(more) 

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Fraud trial of NY man who claimed Facebook stake delayed to May

a shared story    4 hours 12 minutes ago
By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - The trial of an upstate New York man accused of attempting to defraud Facebook Inc and billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg of half of the company was delayed by six months on Monday after the defendant hired a new lawyer....(more) 

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Try Kegel Exercises for Urinary Incontinence, New Guidelines Say

a shared story    5 hours 12 minutes ago
Kegel exercises, bladder training and, in some cases, weight loss are effective ways to treat urinary incontinence in women, and should be tried before the use of drug treatments, according to new recommendations. Urinary incontinence, or the involuntary release of urine, is a common problem that...(more) 

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Watch 'The Daily Show' review a camera phone in 2004

a shared story    6 hours 12 minutes ago
In the segment, called "Digital Watch," Ed Helms balks at the idea of the now ubiquitous combination. "The camera cell phone," says Helms, "a revolutionary advance in our drive to put multiple things into one thing, is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of digital technology. It...(more) 

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Mice given human brain gene learned tasks faster : study

a shared story    7 hours 12 minutes ago
By Sharon Begley NEW YORK (Reuters) - Although it's far from the sort of brain transplant beloved by science fiction enthusiasts, scientists have taken one step in that direction: they have spliced a key human brain gene into mice. In the first study designed to assess...(more) 

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An award-winning war photographer futilely attempts video game photojournalism

a shared story    8 hours 12 minutes ago
If anyone could capture the terror, desperation, and occasional joy of surviving the apocalypse, you'd think it might be award-winning war photographer Ashley Gilbertson — a man who spent years covering the Iraq invasion for The New York Times. This week, for Time magazine, Gilbertson "embedded"...(more) 

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Flawed Fracking Wells Taint Pennsylvania's Drinking Water

a shared story    9 hours 12 minutes ago
Fetid, flammable, polluted drinking water in Pennsylvania homes near natural gas drilling sites was contaminated by methane escaping from flawed fracking wells, a new study shows. Based on geochemical forensics work, the research makes a direct link between tainted drinking water and leaky gas wells in...(more) 

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Thousands of Kids Hospitalized Every Year After Ingesting Parents' Meds

a shared story    10 hours 12 minutes ago
Twelve medications account for nearly half of these hospitalizations, the researchers found. Opioids and benzodiazepines (commonly used for reducing anxiety) are the medication types that most commonly send children to the hospital, according to the study. They looked at the yearly rates of emergency room visits...(more) 

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Rasmussen: IS demands military action, but NATO won't lead it

a shared story    11 hours 12 minutes ago
By Adrian Croft BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Military intervention against Islamic State militants could be justified on the grounds of self-defense or preventing a campaign "pretty close to genocide", NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday. Rasmussen said the threat posed by Islamic State "requires a...(more) 

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