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FBI Accosts Security Researcher Over Fear That He Hacked His Flight

a shared story    4 minutes ago
When airport security researcher Chris Roberts tweeted about his ability to hack the in-cabin control systems aboard his Boeing 747 flight, he probably wasn’t anticipating the quip would get him detained by the Feds. Only some jokes, the FBI doesn’t find very funny. Read more......(more) 

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Oklahoma approves execution by nitrogen gas as a backup to lethal injections

a shared story    1 hour 4 minutes ago
Yesterday, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed into law a bill that approves the use of nitrogen gas for executions in the state. The method, which would effectively asphyxiate death row inmates by forcing them to breathe pure nitrogen through a gas mask, is meant to be...(more) 

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William Shatner apparently thinks a Kickstarter-funded water pipeline will save California

a shared story    2 hours 4 minutes ago
Is William Shatner crazy, or did he just make a bad joke? You might start asking yourself that question after hearing the 84-year-old's latest idea: a Kickstarter-funded, $30 billion water pipeline to save California from its devastating drought. In an interview with Yahoo Tech's David Pogue,...(more) 

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How Everyone With a Smartphone Can Feed a Hungry Child

a shared story    3 hours 4 minutes ago
At this very moment, there are civilians fleeing war in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Ukraine and Central African Republic. There are more refugees now than any time since World War II. War means food shortages. Children suffer the most in these conflicts. They feel the...(more) 

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5 film techniques J.J. Abrams will use to showcase his Star Wars universe

a shared story    4 hours 4 minutes ago
One of the great pleasures of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is seeing a new director inject his own flourishes into an already visually distinctive series. The Star Wars visual catalog has a few staples that have stayed consistent throughout the series: think...(more) 

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The longest-running predator study in the world is running out of wolves

a shared story    5 hours 4 minutes ago
A 57-year predator study will likely be forced to shift directions as early as next year because the wolf population it studies is nearly extinct. Since 1958, scientists have tracked the ebbing wolf population on Michigan's Isle Royale, an island in Lake Superior. When the study...(more) 

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The Universe's Largest Galaxies Rotted From the Inside Out

a shared story    6 hours 4 minutes ago
Littered across the cosmos are massive, dead galaxies, containing roughly half the stars in the known Universe. Much about these cosmic graveyards remains a mystery, but a study published yesterday in Science study offers additional insight into their death: They rotted from the inside out.Read...(more) 

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Top Android news of the week: Cyanogen, Verizon on security, install apps in search

a shared story    7 hours 4 minutes ago
In Android this week we had news of Cyanogen teaming up with Microsoft, Google will let searchers install Android apps from within search results, and Verizon says Android security is not very good. 

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President Ghani: IS claims responsibility for deadly Afghan bombing

a shared story    8 hours 4 minutes ago
The Islamic State (IS) group claimed to have carried out a deadly suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan Saturday that killed at least 33 people and injured more than 100, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said, in what, if verified, would be the first major attack claimed by...(more) 

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Factory new DeLoreans and the 'Game of Thrones' life cycle: Our favorite videos from the week

a shared story    10 hours 4 minutes ago
A roundup of our favorite CNET videos from news, reviews and more. 

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China fines Alibaba $129,000 for pricing violations

a shared story    11 hours 4 minutes ago
China's e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group, has been fined 800,000 yuan ($129,000) by the price bureau in eastern Zhejiang province for violations by third-party sellers during promotions on its e-commerce platforms. Since Alibaba turned "Singles' Day", a November 11 Chinese response to Valentine's Day, into an online...(more) 

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Facebook gets entangled in India's net neutrality debate

a shared story    12 hours 4 minutes ago
Facebook's Internet.org initiative has come under fire in India, as some Indian businesses are pulling out of the project because of potential abuse of net neutrality. 

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