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Amazon’s crazy pre-Black Friday sale is live right now – new deals every 10 minutes

a shared story    22 minutes ago
Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year each year, but only rookies actually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start taking advantage of big Black Friday sales. We have shared everything you need to know about Black Friday 2014 sales from major...(more) 

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Big sum Albert Einstei's autographed letter sold for

a shared story    1 hour 22 minutes ago
A letter penned by Albert Einstein during World War II was recently auctioned off in Los Angeles. The auction house Nate D. Sanders, Inc. sold the historical document for $12,500 — significantly more than the $10,000 requested minimum bid. The letter, which Einstein wrote in 1939,...(more) 

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The world’s most accurate Apple analyst says Apple is about to crush its iPhone sales record

a shared story    2 hours 22 minutes ago
Things have been going pretty well for Apple’s iPhone business this year and this holiday shopping season is shaping up to be its biggest yet. Per 9to5Mac, KGI Securities has released a new research note estimating that Apple will sell 71.5 million iPhones this holiday quarter,...(more) 

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Windows 10 won’t be Windows 6.4

a shared story    3 hours 22 minutes ago
An old quirk in Windows is going away with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming release of Windows 10 will include a change that makes the Windows NT kernel jump to version 10.0. While Windows 8.1 was Windows NT 6.3 and...(more) 

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Terrifying Black Seadevil makes its video debut 3 miles below the surface

a shared story    4 hours 22 minutes ago
Researchers in California have recorded rare images and video of a Black Seadevil — a mysterious and rather hideous female anglerfish that lives in some of the deepest corners of the ocean. The fish was observed on November 17th by scientist Bruce Robison and his team...(more) 

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The U.S. Court Case That Made Movie Theater Concessions So Expensive

a shared story    5 hours 22 minutes ago
In 1948, the Supreme Court ended the stranglehold Hollywood studios and distributors had on the U.S. movie market. Declaring the big eight a monopoly and ordering them to divest of their ownership of movie theaters and cease other non-competitive practices, with U.S. v. Paramount Pictures,...(more) 

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Probe begins in fatal shooting of boy by officer

a shared story    6 hours 22 minutes ago
CLEVELAND (AP) — A 12-year-old boy was fatally shot by police in Cleveland after brandishing what turned out to be a replica gun, triggering an investigation into his death and a legislator's call for such weapons to be brightly colored or bear special markings. 

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This is now the longest train journey in the world

a shared story    7 hours 22 minutes ago
21 days. That's the time it will take to complete the largest train journey in the world. 6,200 miles (9977 kilometers) from Yiwu, China, to Madrid, Spain. It's part of the New Silk Road, a Chinese project to gain control over transcontinental cargo transportation between...(more) 

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GOP could struggle to roll back immigration changes

a shared story    8 hours 22 minutes ago
Republicans have no clear plan yet on how to respond to Obama's executive action. 

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Russian Soyuz Delivers Crew of 3 to International Space Station

a shared story    9 hours 22 minutes ago
NASA astronaut Terry Virts, European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov blasted off atop a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:01 p.m. EST (2101 GMT, 3:01 a.m. local time in Baikonur). The trio reached the space station about...(more) 

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Pinc is a whimsical VR iPhone case that tracks your hands

a shared story    10 hours 22 minutes ago
There are as many kinds of VR headsets as there are proposed uses for the nascent technology. There's the famous Oculus Rift, made of somber black plastic with thick foam padding. There's Samsung's white, bulbous Gear VR and Sony's glowing, Tron-like Project Morpheus. There's Google Cardboard...(more) 

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Push Button, Receive Bacon comes to life

a shared story    11 hours 22 minutes ago
The famous Push Button, Receive Bacon meme has been brought to life by a team of hackers who repurposed an old laser printer.> 

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