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All signs point to a mid-November release for GTA V on PS4, Xbox One and PC

a shared story    1 hour ago
Now that we know for sure that Grand Theft Auto V is still on track to be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall, all that’s left for Rockstar Games to announce is the release date. There have been a few hints about...(more) 

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Apple says celebs hacked in 'targeted attack'

a shared story    2 hours ago
Apple said Tuesday a "targeted attack" led to the release of nude photos of celebrities including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence but insisted there was no breach of its cloud storage system. "After more than 40 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were...(more) 

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Apple says celebrity photo breach targeted, not due to its systems

a shared story    3 hours ago
By Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Tuesday the online posting of intimate photos of Hollywood celebrities were targeted attacks on their iCloud accounts and that none of the cases it investigated had resulted from a direct breach of its systems. Apple's...(more) 

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Apple provides key new details on the massive iCloud hack of nude celebrity pics

a shared story    4 hours ago
Apple is needless to say not very happy that some hackers figured out how to swipe a trove of nude celebrity pictures that were uploaded onto iCloud but the company is insisting that the problem has nothing to do with iCloud’s overall security. FROM EARLIER: Claimed...(more) 

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US court hears debate in NSA phone records case

a shared story    5 hours ago
A federal appeals court has expressed concern about the government's bulk collection of millions of Americans' telephone records. The judges are questioning whether it could be extended to bank and credit ... 

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Celebrity lawyer: Avoid using iCloud, smartphones

a shared story    6 hours ago
A leading celebrity lawyer has advised his clients not to use smartphones and the iCloud after intimate photos of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and female entertainers and models were posted online following an apparent mass hacking. Martin Garbus, a New York trial lawyer who over the...(more) 

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Last call at Atlantic City's Revel: a few bettors, $5 bottles, state cops

a shared story    7 hours ago
By Daniel Kelley ATLANTIC CITY N.J. (Reuters) - Shortly before sunrise on Tuesday, Morgan Capezzera reclined on the roulette table at the Revel Casino in her bikini and snapped a selfie before the Atlantic City gambling hall shut its doors for good. "I love Revel," said...(more) 

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$48 worth of awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now (8 apps total)

a shared story    8 hours ago
BGR celebrated Labor Day this year by bringing you $55 worth of great paid iPhone and iPad apps that were free for a limited time. In fact, a few of the apps we shared on Monday are still free if you hurry. With each new day...(more) 

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Everything we know about the 3 huge flagship phones you’ll see unveiled over the next week

a shared story    9 hours ago
This past summer was not an exciting time for new smartphones by any stretch of the imagination but September is already promising to make up for it in a big way. Over the next week alone, we’re going to get our first official looks at Apple’s...(more) 

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Putin orders building hastened at new Russian spaceport

a shared story    10 hours ago
By Vladimir Soldatkin VOSTOCHNY Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday ordered construction sped up on a multi-billion-dollar spaceport in Russia's Far East that he said would break reliance on the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and launch future missions to the Moon and Mars. Putin...(more) 

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Both Apple and FBI confirm investigation of nude celebrities photos fiasco

a shared story    11 hours ago
Personal data from various celebrities – nude photos and videos allegedly belonging to many well-known personalities from various entertainment businesses – have been stolen by a hacker or group of hackers and posted online a few days ago, an event known online as “the Fappening.” While...(more) 

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How does a police department lose a Humvee?

a shared story    12 hours ago
Among the issues that Obama is likely to find is that the program lacks oversight and accountability. Once Pentagon weapons reach the 8,000 police departments that participate in the program, many of them in tiny towns, the federal government has little control over them. The departments...(more) 

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