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Do 'Brain Training' Games Really Work? (Op-Ed)

a shared story    1 hour 31 minutes ago
If you want to boost your brain, you may want to table the training games and instead go for a jog. 

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Take the test that can work out your personality based on your Facebook 'likes'

a shared story    3 hours 31 minutes ago
Scientists at Cambridge University, who created the app, say the test can predict your personality more accurately than your friends, colleagues and your parents. 

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Japan town near damaged nuclear plant lifts evacuation order

a shared story    8 hours 31 minutes ago
NARAHA, Japan (AP) -- The Japanese town of Naraha near the disaster-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant is marking a fresh start since the 2011 tsunami by lifting an evacuation order and inviting its 7,400 residents to return.... 

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'Snail's pace' row at climate talks

a shared story    9 hours 31 minutes ago
UN climate officials have reacted sharply to criticism that the talks to land a new global deal are going at a "snail's pace". 

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Nasa reveals bizarre 'hedgehog' robot that can roll and fall around alien planets

a shared story    11 hours 31 minutes ago
Nasa has revealed a concept for a rover called the 'hedgehog' that can hop, fall and flip around alien worlds by spinning and braking internal flywheels. 

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This Wouldn't Be The First Time a Child's Photo Changed History

a shared story    16 hours 31 minutes ago
The picture of a dead Syrian toddler reminds us of our young selves or our own children, making crises in faraway places more real. 

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Contours of UN climate pact starting to take shape

a shared story    18 hours 31 minutes ago
BONN, Germany (AP) -- U.N. climate talks are plodding ahead toward a worldwide deal to fight global warming, with negotiators agreeing to start work on a draft agreement.... 

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