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Pair of Ice Climbers Are First to Ascend Frozen Niagara Falls

a shared story    52 minutes ago
Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken climbed the world's most famous waterfall by following a 30-foot-wide (9-meter) strip of rotten spray ice that formed along the edge of a section known as Horseshoe Falls. 

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Can Simple Water and Shade Save Nicaragua's Sugarcane Workers?

a shared story    1 hour 52 minutes ago
Filmmaker Ed Kashi traveled to Central America to document the toll of a deadly kidney disease for a nonprofit group that's working to fight it. The assignment became a passion project. 

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Chicks 'Count' Up Left To Right - But Why? | Video

a shared story    2 hours 52 minutes ago
Experiments with baby chickens suggest they perceive lower values as lying to the left of higher values, similar to how humans use a number-line. If true, this may date back to a common ancestor of birds and people. 

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Myanmar tallies 1,114 bird species, 20 previously unrecorded

a shared story    9 hours 52 minutes ago
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- An extensive survey of birds in Myanmar has revealed nearly two dozen not known to have existed in the country, including a large black seabird with a ballooning red neck sack and a tiny black and white falconet with a surprised, panda-like...(more) 

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Man Huffs Air Duster, Gets Frostbite and Breathing Problems

a shared story    10 hours 52 minutes ago
A 40-year-old man in Michigan who intentionally inhaled three cans of compressed air to get high was rushed to a hospital, where doctors treated him for frostbite and significant swelling in his airway, according to a new report of his case. 

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New Proposal to Protect Alaskan Wilderness Most Sweeping in Decades

a shared story    11 hours 52 minutes ago
President Obama's proposal to designate 12.3 million acres of oil-rich land as new wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is likely to stir an explosive federal debate over energy and conservation. 

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