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Orion: Spacecraft to Take Astronauts Beyond Earth Orbit

a shared story    2 hours 42 minutes ago
The Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle is NASA's planned spacecraft to take astronauts into space beyond Earth orbit. The agency plans to run the first test flight of the spacecraft in December 2014, with crewed missions possibly following in the early 2020s 

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Blue Cluster | Space Wallpaper

a shared story    4 hours 42 minutes ago
This dazzling space wallpaper from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile shows the bright star cluster Messier 7. 

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Scientists seek more tombs at ancient Greek site

a shared story    6 hours 42 minutes ago
AMPHIPOLIS, Greece (AP) -- Officials say the vast ancient burial mound at Amphipolis in Greece could contain more than one dead.... 

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'Bio-Bus' powered by human waste makes maiden voyage from Bath to Bristol

a shared story    12 hours 42 minutes ago
A bus powered by human waste has taken its maiden journey from Bath to Bristol. The Bio-Bus is fuelled by biomethane gas from sewage and food waste. A single tank can run for 190 miles (305km). 

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90% of children over SIX years old will have mobiles by 2020

a shared story    16 hours 42 minutes ago
The predictions come from Sweden-based Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report. By 2020, it predicts 90% of over six years old will own a mobile and the number of people with mobiles will exceed 6.1 billion. 

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Women's desire for sex is more complex than previously thought, study says

a shared story    18 hours 42 minutes ago
Hormones play less of a role than previously thought, Michigan researchers found. 

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Airport Security Measures Aren't Good Enough — Here's A Fix

a shared story    20 hours 42 minutes ago
International airports are a busy place to be. Nearly 200,000 passengers pass through London Heathrow Airport every day. The internal security of the country depends on effective airport checks. 

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Des Moines struggling with nitrates in water

a shared story    22 hours 42 minutes ago
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Two rivers that supply water to 500,000 people in the Des Moines area show nitrate levels spiking to levels that make it unsafe for some to drink, a concentration experts haven't before seen in the fall that likely stems from especially...(more) 

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Lifesaving Beats: Songs Can Help with CPR Training

a shared story    23 hours 42 minutes ago
The 1977 disco hit "Stayin' Alive" is officially the song to accompany CPR's chest compression. But Japanese scientists are now teaching the lifesaving maneuver using other songs that have the right beat for CPR and are more popular in their country. 

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