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Must Cockpits Remain Deadlocked Between Safety and Security? (Op-Ed)

a shared story    11 hours 42 minutes ago
It has become apparent that these two aspects – safety and security – are not always achievable at the same time. In the event of an incident like this, they even work against each other. 

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Best Space Photos of the Week — March 29, 2015

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From the first (contraband) corned beef sandwich in space to astronomy's oldest known 'Nova,' don't miss these amazing space images of the week for March 29, 2015. 

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Move over Baywatch: Lifeguard drone could save swimmers in distress

a shared story    14 hours 42 minutes ago
Ryptide converts drones into a flying life-guard that can drop up to four inflatable rings to swimmers in trouble. It is being developed by students in Stamford, Connecticut. 

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Eiffel Tower goes dark in symbolic move for Earth Hour

a shared story    15 hours 42 minutes ago
PARIS (AP) -- The Eiffel Tower has gone dark briefly, with lights going out to mark Earth Hour, the campaign to raise awareness about climate change.... 

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VIDEO: A year in space: Soyuz docks at ISS

a shared story    19 hours 42 minutes ago
A Russian Soyuz spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station carrying three astronauts, two of whom are due to spend a record 12 months there. 

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