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Quail Assembling - Nikon Small World photomicrography competition

a shared story    9 minutes ago
Captured by Dr. Gabriel G. Martins of The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, this winning video shows a sequence of “virtual” slices through the whole embryo, revealing startling clarity and detail of such a large specimen. 

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The Truth About Marijuana: Health Risks Trivialized (Op-Ed)

a shared story    1 hour 9 minutes ago
Marijuana may not be the "safe" drug many think it is. 

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Solar Eclipse Will Transform Sun into 'Ring of Fire' Next Week

a shared story    2 hours 9 minutes ago
The sun will look like a ring of fire above some remote parts of the world next Tuesday (April 29) during a solar eclipse, but most people around the world won't get a chance to see it. 

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Facebook gets go ahead for $2bn deal to buy VR firm Oculus

a shared story    3 hours 9 minutes ago
Facebook's plan to buy VR firm Oculus in a $2bn deal has been approved, regulators said today. 

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Facebook boasts a billion mobile users

a shared story    6 hours 9 minutes ago
Facebook now has over a billion regular mobile users, the firm has revealed as record breaking results were announced. 

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Is is the end of the road for the iPad? Apple announces record profits and iPhone sales - but tablets sales fall 16%

a shared story    7 hours 9 minutes ago
iPad sales have fallen 16% from last year to 16.4 million, Apple's results revealed - but iPhone ales have soared. 

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Virgin Galactic and Land Rover Team Up for Space Travel (Video)

a shared story    9 hours 9 minutes ago
Automaker Land Rover is teaming up with private spaceflight company Virgin Galactic to help transport future commercial astronauts on Earth before flights to space. 

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Spacewalking astronauts finish urgent repair job on ISS computer

a shared story    10 hours 9 minutes ago
Spacewalking astronauts have replaced a dead computer outside the International Space Station to bring their orbiting home back up to full strength. 

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Spacewalk Photos: NASA Astronauts Replace Dead Space Station Computer (April 23, 2014)

a shared story    14 hours 9 minutes ago
See photos of NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson as they spacewalk outside the International Space Station on April 23, 2014 to replace a dead backup computer on the outpost's exterior. 

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Paris smog heading to LONDON and could cover capital by Friday

a shared story    18 hours 9 minutes ago
Emissions from the French capital could be blown over by strong south easterly winds until Friday, according to the Met Office 

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With a Bullet: China's High-Speed Rail Dream Begins to take Flight (Op-Ed)

a shared story    19 hours 9 minutes ago
As a young university student, I first visited Guangzhou during the mid-1990s and found it a gloomy and unsettling place. When I went back again in 2010, it was transformed. Here was living proof of the media mantra that “China is changing.” 

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Scottish wildlife rescues up 18%

a shared story    20 hours 9 minutes ago
The Scottish SPCA's new national wildlife rescue centre released nearly 2,800 injured animals back into the wild in 2013. 

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