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DoNotPay system created by a student has won 160,000 disputes in London and New York

a shared story    1 hour 38 minutes ago
The DoNotPay bot was first released in London last fall, where it has since successfully disputed 160,000 tickets. Since its New York release in March, the bot has been used over 9,000 times. 

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Apple patent reveals next iPhone could change displays depending which hand you're holding it with

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California-based tech giant Apple might be taking concerns from left-handed users on board. The patent shows how ow extra sensors could be used to detect how the phone is held. 

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Up Close and Personal with Jupiter: A History of 9 Space Probes

a shared story    9 hours 38 minutes ago
NASA's Juno space probe is set to arrive at Jupiter on July 4, becoming the ninth probe to study the gas giant up close. Here is a brief history of the space probes that have explored this Jovian giant. 

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Anki's Cozmo robot develops bond with its owner and its eyes light up when it sees them

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It looks like it could be the child of Pixar favourites Wall-E and Eve, but the tiny robot from Anki is real enough to hold in your palm. Cozmo costs $180 and has a powerful brain and 'emotion engine.' 

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