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Chronic Pain Isn't All in the Brain

a shared story    51 minutes ago
Chronic pain won’t kill us; it just makes our lives miserable. 

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Dot Earth Blog: A Optimistic Realist Tours Earth’s Age of Humans

a shared story    1 hour 51 minutes ago
A lyrical nature writer explains her optimistic view of the deepening human imprint on the Earth. 

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Risk from extreme weather rises

a shared story    2 hours 51 minutes ago
Royal Society says combination of population growth and climate change will increase danger to cities. 

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Ferguson: Why Do People Riot?

a shared story    5 hours 51 minutes ago
Mob psychology feeds a need to belong — and police efforts can backfire. 

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'Eye of Sauron' Opens Galactic Vistas to Astronomers

a shared story    6 hours 51 minutes ago
Gigantic black holes provide a new cosmic yardstick for charting far-off stars. 

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China’s Growth Fuels Boom in World Shipping Traffic

a shared story    12 hours 51 minutes ago
A new satellite study shows traffic on the world's oceans quadrupled over two decades, outpacing the growth in trade. 

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Killer seals could attack swimmers in British waters, warn experts

a shared story    20 hours 51 minutes ago
Britain's largest carnivorous mammal has been blamed for a spate of mysterious mutilations of harbour porpoises in the North Sea. WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT 

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AP sources: Gov't to set stricter smog standard

a shared story    21 hours 51 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The stricter smog standard proposed by the Obama administration joins a string of historic - and controversial - moves by the administration to improve air quality.... 

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Beyond the 'Poo Bus': The Many Uses of Human Waste

a shared story    22 hours 51 minutes ago
A British “poo bus” went into service last week, powered by biomethane energy derived from human waste at a sewage plant. 

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VIDEO: How to hack a molecular microscope

a shared story    23 hours 51 minutes ago
A PhD student from Brunel University London has saved himself £100,000 by 'hacking' his own kit. 

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