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Green energy surges to record levels

a shared story    49 minutes ago
The world added far more renewable energy sources than fossil fuels in 2015, with developing countries overtaking richer nations on green spending. 

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An android for the paranoid (and rich): $16,000 ultra secure handset goes on sale

a shared story    2 hours 49 minutes ago
The Solarin phone features specially developed ultra secure software and a special 'ultrasafe'mode with a button on the back to ensure secure communication. 

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US Marines to trial 'battery pants' that charge as they march

a shared story    5 hours 49 minutes ago
Bionic Power will begin testing a new exoskeleton with the Marines in 2017. Called PowerWalk, the leg-mounted device generates power as the user walks and can charge 4 smartphones in 1 hour. 

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Next Gen Jane hopes to allow women to test menstrual blood at home

a shared story    6 hours 49 minutes ago
The Next Gen Jane smart tampon will collect blood during menstruation which could then be tested at home, allowing women to give themselves a monthly 'checkup'. 

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Lawmakers Propose Coin to Honor Christa McAuliffe, Fallen Teacher in Space

a shared story    7 hours 49 minutes ago
A new one dollar U.S. coin would honor the memory of space shuttle Challenger teacher in space Christa McAuliffe, who perished along with six other crew members in the space shuttle Challenger tragedy in 1986. 

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Oxford professor says computers could develop consciousness

a shared story    8 hours 49 minutes ago
Professor Marcus du Sautoy, a mathematician at Oxford University, has suggested that as AI leads to our devices developing their own consciousness, they may need their own laws to protect them. 

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Do YOU love your job? Americans and Brits are among the world's happiest workers

a shared story    9 hours 49 minutes ago
Well-being at work barometer, carried out by Paris-based firms Edenred and Ipsos, questioned 14,400 employees in 15 countries and found on average 71 per cent of employees feel positively. 

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65 million passwords were hacked on Tumblr

a shared story    10 hours 49 minutes ago
This makes it the third biggest global security breach, after a hack of 164 million Linkedin accounts, and 152 million Adobe accounts. Tumblr has advised users to change their passwords. 

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Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft sign EU pledge to combat online hate

a shared story    11 hours 49 minutes ago
The Brussels-based European Commission has reached an agreement with some of the world's biggest social media firms on ways to combat online hate speech. 

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'Finest' Double Stars, Bright Cluster and Planets In June 2016 Skywatching | Video

a shared story    12 hours 49 minutes ago
The constellation of Boötes (the Herdsman) is home to double star Epsilon Boötis - also known as Izar. Through binoculars the color contrast of the stars can be amazing. 

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‘Agitated’ gorilla had to be shot as it was acting unpredictably

a shared story    13 hours 49 minutes ago
As Cincinnati Zoo defends its decision to kill a gorilla after a child fell into its enclosure, gorilla expert says the silverback was clearly agitated 

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Signs of alien life on Mars could have been wiped out by space radiation

a shared story    14 hours 49 minutes ago
Nasa researchers in California have found amino acids, one of the possible signs life once existed on Mars, might be destroyed in 20 million years rather than 1 billion. 

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