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Greenpeace wants Shell's lawsuit over protest dismissed

a shared story    1 hour 52 minutes ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Attorneys for Greenpeace Inc. have again asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by Royal Dutch Shell PLC seeking expanded, court-ordered safety zones to keep protesters away from Shell's Arctic drill fleet.... 

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Forests 'pivotal' for food security

a shared story    4 hours 52 minutes ago
Forests can play a vital role in supplementing global food and nutrition security, as well as providing sources of income, suggest leading scientists. 

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Tim Peake passes final Soyuz exam

a shared story    5 hours 52 minutes ago
British astronaut Tim Peake passes his final Soyuz exam, as he prepares for November's mission to the space station. 

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Amount of carbon dioxide in air keeps rising, hits milestone

a shared story    7 hours 52 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal scientists said global levels of the most prevalent heat-trapping gas have passed a daunting milestone.... 

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SpaceX to test launch abort system

a shared story    10 hours 52 minutes ago
SpaceX is set to conduct an unmanned test of the launch escape system it will use on its Dragon astronaut capsule. 

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Dave Goldberg Death: Treadmills Linked with 3 Fatalities Yearly

a shared story    21 hours 52 minutes ago
Serious and even fatal accidents can happen while using exercise equipment, as seen with the death of SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg. But there are safety precautions people can take to prevent injury. 

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Rocket Sparks Lightning Bolt And Video Shows It

a shared story    22 hours 52 minutes ago
Researchers looking to capture the acoustic signature of thunder had to make their own lighting. 

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Intense Wildfire Season Expected in West

a shared story    23 hours 52 minutes ago
Forest Service anticipates spending up to $1.6 billion fighting a fire season that could be worse than normal. 

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