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Geckos in Space! Lizards Are No Strangers to the Cosmos

a shared story    2 hours 32 minutes ago
Geckos were research stars in space long before the outpouring of media attention that focused on their mission last week. Before space agencies can begin complicated experiments, scientists need to determine how these tiny lizards adapt to life in space. 

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The app that ENCRYPTS your phone calls: Signal is the first free app that hides communication between iOS devices

a shared story    3 hours 32 minutes ago
During a call, Signal (pictured), developed in San Francisco, displays two words on the screen of both users that are used to confirm who the callers are, and stops people joining the calls. 

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Candy FLUSH: Half of us play mobile games sitting on the toilet - and 10% of men prefer it to spending time with their partner

a shared story    5 hours 32 minutes ago
Two thirds of women play mobiles games before bed, compared to 52 per cent of men, according to a study into UK gaming habits by London-based group Mind Candy. 

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Pick Up the Mop, Guys: Egalitarian Couples Do Have Good Sex

a shared story    6 hours 32 minutes ago
Contrary to previous research, sharing the household chores won't kill your sex life. In modern-day marriages, egalitarian couples have just as much sex as those in which the wife shoulders the domestic load. 

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Exhibition showcases the wonder of fungus, dirt and parasites

a shared story    7 hours 32 minutes ago
The images are part of the 'Art of Science' exhibition being held by Princeton University in New Jersey. The winner was this image of the patterns created by water moving back and forth on the Atlantic coast. 

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Vintage NASA Spacecraft to Tackle Interplanetary Science

a shared story    8 hours 32 minutes ago
A private team is priming a 36-year-old NASA spacecraft to perform new science as it travels through interplanetary space after attempts to move the probe into a position closer to Earth failed. 

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Driverless cars on British roads within a year

a shared story    9 hours 32 minutes ago
The Government will allow the first trials of computer-controlled cars to start in January, as part of a move to update the law to allow driverless cars on UK roads. 

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One giant LEAF for mankind? Artist creates living man-made foliage that could help humans colonise space

a shared story    10 hours 32 minutes ago
A graduate for the Royal College of Art, London, created the leaves from chloroplasts found in plant cells, that are suspended in a web of silk protein. 

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Microsoft set to unveil 5 megapixel front facing cameraphone

a shared story    13 hours 32 minutes ago
Microsoft's hardware chief Stephen Elop gave employees a sneak peek at a 'selfie' phone featuring a 5 megapixel forward-facing camera at an internal meeting this week. 

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New Drug Could Treat Low Testosterone with Fewer Side Effects

a shared story    18 hours 32 minutes ago
Men with low testosterone could one day be treated with a drug called enclomiphene citrate, which is similar to the drug clomid that is used in women undergoing IVF . 

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How Europe's ATV Space Cargo Ship Works (Infographic)

a shared story    19 hours 32 minutes ago
The European Space Agency's ATV cargo vehicle delivers 8.3 tons of solid and liquid cargo to the International Space Station. See how the unmanned spacecraft work in this Space.com infographic. 

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Instagram unveils new Snapchat-like messaging app, but only in select geographies

a shared story    21 hours 32 minutes ago
Instagram has launched a new ephemeral messaging app called Bolt. The app, which functions similar to Snapchat, allows users to quickly share self destructing photos or videos with a friend. 

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