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Beauty Mirror PHONE app lets you Photoshop your face in real-time

a shared story    2 hours 51 minutes ago
New York-based Modiface has unveiled an app that changes your looks. Called Beauty Mirror (shown) it enables you to alter your appearance on the go. 

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Identifying Bodies From MH17 is a Challenge For Forensics (Op-Ed)

a shared story    3 hours 51 minutes ago
Disaster victim identification (DVI) is a difficult task, but will be made more challenging in this instance given the delays in body recovery and the interference of the crash site that is said to span over a 10km area including within a combat zone. 

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Is the data on MH17's black box USELESS? Readings on flight recorders won't reveal anything about the attack, experts claim

a shared story    4 hours 51 minutes ago
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman told a press conference, 'there is information [the rebels] did certain things' to the recorders (pictured), but didn't elaborate. 

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More Eyes on the Skies

a shared story    5 hours 51 minutes ago
Construction is starting on several gargantuan observatories, mostly in Chile, the most ambitious spree of telescope-making in the history of astronomy. 

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Feeling forgetful? Just ONE bad night's sleep can have a dramatic effect on out memory, researchers warn

a shared story    6 hours 51 minutes ago
Michigan scientists warn that the problem could have serious implication for witnesses in criminal cases. 

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'Pompeii of the North' discovered in County Durham

a shared story    7 hours 51 minutes ago
The 1,800-year-old discoveries at Binchester Roman Fort include a silver ring - an early piece of evidence for Christianity in Roman Britain, and a bath house (pictured). 

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June joins May as hottest on record as experts warn 'this is what global warming looks like'

a shared story    8 hours 51 minutes ago
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that last month's average global temperature was 61.2 degrees, which is 1.3 degrees higher than the 20th century average. 

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Apple Campus 2 begins to rise from the ground in Cupertino

a shared story    9 hours 51 minutes ago
Apple's futuristic new campus, which Steve Jobs first submitted the application for in 2011, will be a mile in circumference, feature glass walls and solar panels and cover 175 acres. 

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Why we SHOULD talk to strangers (if you're an adult at least...)

a shared story    10 hours 51 minutes ago
Researchers from the University of Chicago asked commuters to socialise (stock image shown). For a small reward they asked them to talk to strangers. 

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Observatory: A Newly Found Mite Is Jenny From the Reef

a shared story    11 hours 51 minutes ago
A research team that liked listening to the music of Jennifer Lopez called an aquatic mite it discovered Litarachna Lopezae. 

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After the Fact: Light Show That Fizzled

a shared story    12 hours 51 minutes ago
Eagerly anticipating a gas cloud’s collision with the Milky Way’s black hole, astronomers instead saw nothing. An intriguing explanation has emerged. 

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Drones on a Different Mission

a shared story    13 hours 51 minutes ago
A fleet of remote-controlled aircraft has been deployed, and operators trained, not to conduct military operations, but to protect natural resources around the world. 

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