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'Hidden Figures,' 'Arrival' Garner Oscar Nominations

a shared story    52 minutes ago
This year's Oscars may have an otherworldly bent: The sci-fi spectacle "Arrival" and the space history flick "Hidden Figures" were nominated for Best Picture, and space media made the list in other places as well. 

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The fatal blaze that killed three Apollo 1 astronauts

a shared story    1 hour 52 minutes ago
A fire famously broke out in 1967 while the astronauts - Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee - were sitting on the launchpad during a test run in Cape Canaveral. 

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Apple may be delaying the launch of its new iPad models

a shared story    2 hours 52 minutes ago
Rumours from an unnamed source speaking to Chinese website, DigiTimes, suggest that the new products are 'still in planning' and won't be released until the end of the year. 

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'Climate Engineering' Could Be Bad for Skywatching, Astronomy

a shared story    3 hours 52 minutes ago
Tinkering with the sky to fight climate change would make it more difficult for astronomers and skywatchers to observe the heavens, a new study suggests. 

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Watch the magical moment a stick figure comes to life

a shared story    4 hours 52 minutes ago
It looks like a camera trick or optical illusion is being used, but this stick figure magically comes to life without any of this help. The question is how? 

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Many parents let children lie about their age online

a shared story    5 hours 52 minutes ago
A survey by insurance firm Aviva found 60 per cent of parents with children aged 10 to 15 would let them pretend to be older than they actually are to get around age restrictions on social media sites. 

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Did life come to Earth from MARS?

a shared story    6 hours 52 minutes ago
Caleb Scharf, an astronomer at Columbia University in New York suggests that if material from Mars could carry organisms on it, it is possible that we are Martian). 

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Satellite's 1st Views of Earth (and Moon) Are Jaw-Dropping

a shared story    7 hours 52 minutes ago
A new weather-tracking satellite has beamed back its first images of Earth from orbit, and the view is amazing! 

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Earth from Space: The Amazing Photos by the GOES-16 Satellite

a shared story    8 hours 52 minutes ago
The first photos of Earth from space by the NOAA/NASA GOES-16 satellite are simply spectacular. Take a look at the images in our full gallery here. 

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Travel the Solar System with New PBS Programs This Year

a shared story    11 hours 52 minutes ago
PBS plans to air at least three unique space-related programs this year, the network announced on Sunday. The shows spotlight August's solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States, the American astronaut who spent a year in space and our species 

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'Mental Viagra' jabs from chocolate could boost desire

a shared story    12 hours 52 minutes ago
Young men injected with kisspeptin and then given brain scans showed activity in the parts of the brain activated by sexual arousal and romance, researchers from Imperial College London found. 

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Earth from Space: New 'Blue Marble' Photo Is Jaw-Dropping

a shared story    13 hours 52 minutes ago
A new weather satellite is sharing high-definition images from the heavens. 

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