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Could New York's Fracking Ban Have Domino Effect?

a shared story    45 minutes ago
New York has banned fracking. Will other states follow suit? 

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Shrink ship bubbles ‘for climate fix’

a shared story    1 hour 45 minutes ago
Shrinking the bubbles generated by ships could counteract the impact of climate change, a study suggests. 

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Birds fled 'day before' US tornadoes

a shared story    2 hours 45 minutes ago
Tracking data reveals that golden-winged warblers fled one day before the April 2014 US tornado outbreak, probably because they "heard it coming". 

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Chimp 'Personhood' Advocates Seek New Appeal in NY

a shared story    3 hours 45 minutes ago
Animal-rights advocates seeking "personhood" for chimpanzees want to take their case to the highest court in New York State. 

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NASA Satellite's 1st CO2 Maps of Earth Revealed

a shared story    4 hours 45 minutes ago
NASA scientists unveiled the first data sets from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, or OCO-2. 

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Carbon mission returns global maps

a shared story    5 hours 45 minutes ago
Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory produces its first global maps of carbon dioxide in Earth atmosphere. 

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New Leonardo da Vinci Film Reveals the Man Behind the Genius

a shared story    6 hours 45 minutes ago
Get ready to see Leonardo da Vinci as you've never seen him before. A new film about the Renaissance genius's life opens in select theaters on Friday (Dec. 19). 

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Watch a Tortoise Rescue Another in Distress—Was It Trying to Help?

a shared story    7 hours 45 minutes ago
A viral YouTube video showing a tortoise pushing another back on its feet may be a case of aggressive courtship, expert says. 

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Report: Radiation leak at nuclear dump was small

a shared story    12 hours 45 minutes ago
CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) -- A final report by independent researchers shows the radiation leak from the federal government's underground nuclear waste repository in southern New Mexico was small and localized.... 

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8,000-Year-Old Olive Oil Found in Ancient Clay Pots

a shared story    14 hours 45 minutes ago
Ancient people pressed olive oil as far back as 8,000 years ago in Israel, a new study finds. Researchers found residues of the Mediterranean-diet staple on ancient clay pots dating back to the 6th century B.C. 

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Top 10 Cities That Will See More Storm Outages Revealed

a shared story    15 hours 45 minutes ago
New York City and its power grid is among the cities most sensitive to increasing hurricane intensity. 

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Why Video Games Deserve a Place in History

a shared story    17 hours 45 minutes ago
The UK’s video games industry body Tiga has called for the products to be treated like other creative industries such as television or film, rather than mere “software.” 

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