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Deadly U.S. heroin overdoses quadrupled in five years: study

a shared story    2 hours 57 minutes ago
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The number of deadly heroin overdoses in the United States more than quadrupled from 2010 to 2015, a federal agency said on Friday, as the price of the drug dropped and its potency increased.  

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Acupuncture might help prevent migraines

a shared story    4 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - For people with a certain type of migraine headache, regular acupuncture treatments may help reduce the frequency of these debilitating attacks, a recent study from China suggests.  

White House may boost recreational marijuana enforcement: spokesman

a shared story    7 hours 57 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The administration of President Donald Trump may ramp up enforcement of federal laws against recreational marijuana use, a White House spokesman said on Thursday, setting up potential conflicts in states where the drug is legal.  

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Pregnant opioid users need treatment, not jail, pediatricians say

a shared story    9 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - Every 25 minutes, a drug-addicted baby is born in the U.S.  

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Burnout among trainee pediatricians leads to worse patient care

a shared story    11 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - A large number of pediatricians in training may already be experiencing burnout, a recent U.S. study suggests, and those who do are more likely to make errors or take shortcuts during treatment.  

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Merck drug prevents serious infection after marrow transplant: study

a shared story    12 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters) - An experimental Merck & Co drug succeeded in preventing clinically serious cytomegalovirus (CMV) following bone marrow transplant and was associated with a lower death rate compared with placebo in a late state study, the company said.  

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Is homemade baby food healthier for infants?

a shared story    13 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - Babies who get homemade food may learn to like a wider variety of food types and be leaner than infants who eat store-bought products, a recent study suggests.  

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Spain reports outbreak of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus in ducks

a shared story    14 hours 57 minutes ago
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain reported a case of the highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus in a northeastern farm in Catalonia and said it would cull 17,000 ducks, the regional government confirmed on Thursday.  

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Many U.S. cancer patients struggle to afford life-saving medications

a shared story    15 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - As cancer drug costs rise, U.S. cancer patients are more likely than other medical patients to struggle with paying for prescription medications, according to a recent study.  

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Novartis cancer drug Zykadia gets FDA priority review

a shared story    16 hours 57 minutes ago
ZURICH (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted priority review to Novartis drug Zykadia as a first-line treatment for some lung cancer patients, the Swiss drugmaker said on Thursday.  

Philly mayor says $5.7M soda tax haul doubles projections

a shared story    17 hours 57 minutes ago
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says the city's soda tax raised $5.7 million in January, more than double what city officials had projected.... 

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Cyclacel's leukemia drug for elderly patients fails in key study

a shared story    18 hours 57 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc said its experimental drug failed in a late-stage study on patients aged 70 years or more with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia.  

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