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Man charged with scaling White House fence to undergo psychiatric exam

a shared story    56 minutes ago
A Connecticut man charged with scaling the White House fence draped in the U.S. flag was ordered on Friday to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after officials say they found a suicide note and will. The suspect, Joseph Caputo, 23, of Stamford, triggered a lockdown of the...(more) 

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Preschoolers in daycare need more outdoor time

a shared story    1 hour 56 minutes ago
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Many preschoolers in daycare may need more outdoor time to help increase their odds of getting enough physical activity, a small U.S. study suggests. Pediatricians recommend that young children get at least an hour a day of physical activity to...(more) 

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Exclusive: Lazard works with Sanofi on $12.7 billion animal health unit deal - sources

a shared story    2 hours 56 minutes ago
By Pamela Barbaglia, Olivia Oran and Arno Schuetze LONDON/NEW YORK/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Investment bank Lazard is working with Sanofi's management to prepare a sale or listing of its Merial animal health unit, aiming to land the leading advisory job for the deal, which could value the...(more) 

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Screen time, in moderation, not linked to youngsters' depression

a shared story    4 hours 56 minutes ago
There was, however, little difference in depression risk between children who didn’t have any screen time and those who got about two hours a day. Screen time didn't appear connected to depression in older teens. Overall, in smaller doses, screen time appeared to be a good...(more) 

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8 Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist

a shared story    5 hours 56 minutes ago
More than 4 billion prescriptions were filled at retail pharmacies in 2014, according to data from theHenry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Of those prescriptions, roughly half to three-quarters were used incorrectly, says pharmacist Linda Bernstein, a volunteer clinical professor at University of California-San Francisco School of...(more) 

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In Transit: Hotel and Tour News: Deals for Cyber Monday

a shared story    5 hours 56 minutes ago
What you need to know if you’re planning a trip, including a new hotel in Portland, Ore., and a sailing trip in Antarctica. 

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Misleading HPV vaccine websites are easy to find

a shared story    6 hours 56 minutes ago
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Parents who go online to find out about the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer, may have a hard time finding accurate information, a recent U.S. study suggests. In the U.S., the HPV...(more) 

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5 Things Psychologists Wish Their Patients Would Do

a shared story    7 hours 56 minutes ago
Does your therapist have a secret wish list of things you should do to optimize your therapy?If you’re one of the millions of people in the United States who sees a therapist, you may have had this exact thought. To answer that question, we asked five...(more) 

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Study shows that low-sugar diet makes food taste sweeter

a shared story    8 hours 56 minutes ago
A new study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that adults who stuck to a low-sugar diet found that food tasted sweeter. Results showed that for those who had reduced their sugar intake, food tasted much sweeter than for those who stuck to their...(more) 

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Art for the Holidays: A New York Visitors Guide

a shared story    9 hours 56 minutes ago
A user’s guide to art, indoors and outdoors, in New York during the holiday season. 

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ADHD impact on families predicts whether kids get needed services

a shared story    11 hours 56 minutes ago
By Madeline Kennedy (Reuters Health) - Many elementary school children with ADHD don’t get services like medication and behavior therapy that might improve their condition, according to an Australian study. “ADHD is not a trivial problem. It can have major negative effects on children's learning, social...(more) 

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Healthy diets may not be one-size-fits-all

a shared story    12 hours 56 minutes ago
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - When two people follow the same weight-loss diet to the letter, but one fails to lose weight, the problem might be their bodies’ different responses to the same foods, a recent Israeli study suggests. Over time, elevated blood sugar can...(more) 

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