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Tuning In to Microsoft Silverlight for Olympic Gold

a shared story    15 minutes ago
Microsoft becomes the online channel of choice for Olympic coverage. The company could have made Silverlight Windows-specific, but it didn't. 

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Ikea hopes its new motorized standing desk will get you out of your chair

a shared story    1 hour 15 minutes ago
Study after study reveals the same thing: it simply isn't healthy to sit for extended periods of time every day. But making the switch and buying a standing desk is a big commitment. That's where Ikea comes in: the company has brought its stylish looks, reasonable...(more) 

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Microsoft Releases Virtualization Beta

a shared story    2 hours 15 minutes ago
The beta of the Hyper-V technology had been expected in the first quarter of 2008. 

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Wash. shooter's family living a 'nightmare'

a shared story    3 hours 15 minutes ago
Relatives of Jaylen Fryberg can't understand why he would target his cousins and friends. 

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Microsoft to Launch New Licensing Option for SMBs

a shared story    4 hours 15 minutes ago
Microsoft's Open Value software license subscription program for SMBs will make its U.S. debut March 3. 

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Report: Retailers Shutting Off Apple Pay to Make Room For Own System

a shared story    5 hours 15 minutes ago
According to MacRumors, CVS and Rite Aid are both nuking unofficial support for Apple Pay, by turning off their NFC payments system altogether. According to an internal memo, the sour grapes is because Rite Aid is working on its own mobile wallet solution, which will...(more) 

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Hawaii officials warn of possible lava evacuation

a shared story    6 hours 15 minutes ago
HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii authorities on Saturday told several dozen residents near an active lava flow to prepare for a possible evacuation in the next three to five days as molten rock oozed across a country road and edged closer to homes. 

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Muse: Showbiz

a shared story    7 hours 15 minutes ago
15 years ago, a tiny British alt rock band, led by concert pianist/conspiracy theorist Matthew Bellamy, released their debut album, Showbiz. Nowadays, Muse plays sell-out stadium shows with ridiculous pyrotechnic displays and gymnasts dangling from blimps, but back then, they were just another semi-goth band...(more) 

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Splashdown! SpaceX's Dragon Cargo Spaceship Returns to Earth

a shared story    8 hours 15 minutes ago
A private SpaceX Dragon capsule dropped into the Pacific Ocean today (Oct. 25), returning almost 2 tons of cargo and science experiments to Earth from the International Space Station. The unmanned Dragon was released from the space station at 9:57 a.m. EDT (1357 GMT). Its parachute-guided...(more) 

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Hackers target Ukraine's election website

a shared story    9 hours 15 minutes ago
Hackers attacked Ukraine's election commission website Saturday on the eve of parliamentary polls, officials said, but they denied Russian reports that the vote counting system itself had been put out of action. "There is a DDoS attack on the commission's site," the government information security service...(more) 

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Italian lawmakers plan free Wi-Fi to bridge digital gap with Europe

a shared story    10 hours 15 minutes ago
MILAN (Reuters) - Italian lawmakers have put forward a proposal for free Wi-Fi in thousands of public places to bridge a gap with other European countries in broadband penetration, e-government and other digital services that is dragging on the economy. Under the plan, large shops, taxis,...(more) 

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Wi-Fi hotspots turn New York subway musicians into a wireless orchestra

a shared story    11 hours 15 minutes ago
Wi-Fi in New York City Subway stations makes it easy to burn through your inbox during your commute, but did you know it can also be used to make some great music? Director Chris Shimojima paired eleven musicians in different subway stations with composer and conductor...(more) 

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