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Twitter in talks to buy Bieber-backed selfie app Shots: CNBC

a shared story    14 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Twitter Inc is in talks to buy Shots, a selfie photo-sharing app, CNBC reported, citing a source close to the Justin Bieber-backed company. The microblogging website is particularly interested in the app's more than 3 million users, nearly two-thirds of whom are women under...(more) 

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Survey shows many of you have no idea how much you’re paying for your smartphone

a shared story    1 hour 14 minutes ago
One of the interesting things about smartphone subsidies is that they’ve essentially convinced many people that they’re getting a steal when they buy a smartphone for $200 with a two-year service agreement, even though they’re making up the difference by being obligated to pay the carrier’s...(more) 

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Here are two ways your iPhone might be killing you softly

a shared story    2 hours 14 minutes ago
For many people nowadays, smartphones such as the iPhone (and any other similar device running Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile operating systems) are ubiquitous, must-have, devices that offer instant access to information and entertainment. And while they’re certainly important gadgets that come in handy...(more) 

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FCC orders T-Mobile to stop covering up how slow your connection is

a shared story    3 hours 14 minutes ago
T-Mobile’s move to hide throttled customers’ actual data speeds has just been shot down. Per Ars Technica, the Federal Communications Commission this week said that T-Mobile can no longer exempt speed test results from its wireless data caps. RELATED: T-Mobile stirs up net neutrality debate again,...(more) 

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Taylor Swift leaving Spotify was great news for YouTube

a shared story    4 hours 14 minutes ago
Taylor Swift is the music industry's biggest and best-selling star. Unfortunately for Spotify, she also happens to hate the idea of fans streaming her songs for free. But Swift has no problem letting those same people watch her music on YouTube and Vevo. And in the...(more) 

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Sony Pictures hacked, data held for ransom

a shared story    5 hours 14 minutes ago
Hacker group called #GOP accesses the studio's internal data and threatens to make it public, according to multiple reports.> 

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Extremely rare for grand jury not to return indictment, statistics show

a shared story    6 hours 14 minutes ago
The grand jury's decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown was historic for many reasons, including the fiery protests that erupted in its wake. It was also historic in how rare it is for a grand...(more) 

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Apple’s market cap hits $700 billion – but is this the end?

a shared story    7 hours 14 minutes ago
Apple’s market capitalization hit $700 billion during Tuesday morning’s trading session, which is a lot of moolah. It’s more than the value of the entire Russian stock market combined. It’s more than the annual gross domestic product of Sweden, home to such powerhouse companies as Ikea,...(more) 

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Michael Brown’s friend upset and angry that cop walks free, vows the ‘fight doesn’t stop here’

a shared story    8 hours 14 minutes ago
Michael Brown’s friend says that he does not condone the violence or looting that broke out after a grand jury failed to indict officer Darren Wilson in the young man’s death, but that he understands where it comes from. 

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Facebook video draws Thanksgiving ads from Macy's, others

a shared story    9 hours 14 minutes ago
By Jennifer Saba NEW YORK (Reuters) - Macy's Inc, which traditionally kicks off the U.S. holiday shopping season with a nationally televised parade in Manhattan, also will join a handful of other companies this year parading their ads on Facebook's fledgling video feeds. As the social...(more) 

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The most advanced malware yet has been spying on you for years

a shared story    10 hours 14 minutes ago
Security researchers have discovered a highly advanced malware program, called Regin, that have been used for spying purposes for at least six years. First discovered by Symantec and confirmed by Kaspersky, the security threat is believed to be the work of a government, considering the massive...(more) 

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Police say 61 arrested in rioting around Ferguson, Missouri

a shared story    11 hours 14 minutes ago
FERGUSON, Mo. (Reuters) - Some 61 people were arrested during a night of unrest in the St. Louis suburbs following a grand jury's decision not to charge a white police officer for the fatal August shooting of an unarmed black teen, the St. Louis County Police...(more) 

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