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Revealed, Craig Wright IS the creator of Bitcoin: Entrepreneur publicly outs himself as the brains behind the cryptocurrency

a shared story    1 hour 58 minutes ago
Dr Wright, from Sydney, was named as the founder in a report released at the end of last year and the 45-year-old has now outed himself publicly for the first time. Coin used as an illustration. 

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What it's REALLY like to be a tourist in Antarctica

a shared story    2 hours 58 minutes ago
It hasn’t been a tourist destination for long, it’s not cheap, and it’s not for the faint-hearted, but a cruise to Antarctica is worthy of a place at the very top of your bucket list reports MailOnline Travel. 

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Microsoft release VR version of Minecraft for Samsung’s Gear headset

a shared story    7 hours 58 minutes ago
Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is a mobile virtual reality game that costs $6.99 through the Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear headset, and will allow gamers to step inside the worlds they’ve built. 

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Let people most affected by gene editing write CRISPR rules

a shared story    18 hours 58 minutes ago
At a human gene editing summit in Paris today, scientists, ethicists and lawyers made the case for those affected by gene editing to call the shots 

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2D Spacecraft, Reprogrammable Microbes & More: NASA Eyes Wild Space Tech Ideas

a shared story    19 hours 58 minutes ago
Get ready for two-dimensional spacecraft and microorganisms that can recycle Mars dirt into working electronics. While both may sound like science fiction, they could soon be a reality, thanks to the latest round of space technology funding from NASA. 

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Jellyfish from Outer Space? Amazing Glowing Creature Spotted

a shared story    1 day 1 hour 58 minutes ago
Near the deepest spot in the world's oceans, scientists have discovered a jellyfish that looks more alien spaceship than deep-sea cnidarian. 

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The secret of SLEEP: Salts in the brain act as a 'switch' to wake us up, finds study

a shared story    1 day 13 hours 58 minutes ago
The study, by the University of Copenhagen and University of Rochester, reveals that by influencing the level of salts, it is possible to control a mouse's sleep-wake cycle. 

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Portable Device Can Test If Your Food Is Gluten-Free

a shared story    1 day 15 hours 58 minutes ago
For people with gluten allergies or celiac disease, the idea of eating out in restaurants can be terrifying. It typically involves scrutinizing menus and food labels, interrogating waiters, or having to bring their own meals wherever they go. 

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Apple files patent for system that makes it clearer to users what words have been changed

a shared story    1 day 17 hours 58 minutes ago
Apple's system will highlight an autocorrected word for both the sender and receiver. Ut covers all possible ways to draw attention to the word, including, a change in font, font, colour and style. 

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Watch homemade machine master Piano Tiles game

a shared story    1 day 18 hours 58 minutes ago
In a recent video posted to YouTube , a homemade robot proves is not only capable of playing the game, but hits a record-breaking 21.079 tiles per second before missing a step. 

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Eerie apparition is caught on camera at farmhouse on outskirts of Amlwch on Anglesey

a shared story    1 day 23 hours 58 minutes ago
The owner of an old farmhouse, on the outskirts of Amlwch on Anglesey, had the fright of his life when he came across a photograph in an old album that showed his building from the outside. 

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Forget Glass, Google patents vision correcting gadget that is implanted into your EYEBALL

a shared story    2 days 2 hours 58 minutes ago
A new patent reveals Google is developing a way to inject smart devices directly into the eyeball. It reveals a smart vision correction system, complete with sensors and wireless communication. 

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