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When should you get pregnant? Computer knows age to start trying

a shared story    19 minutes ago
A computer model can give couples an idea of when to start trying for their first child, based on their desired family size and whether they'd consider IVF 

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The incredible teamworking skills of ANTS: Leaders and lifters coordinate to navigate and move massive meals

a shared story    1 hour 19 minutes ago
Researchers in Israel have revealed how ants use team work to carry large chunks of food. A carefully balanced system of leaders and lifters allows ants to coordinate their efforts. 

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Hackers take control of smart car via the internet

a shared story    2 hours 19 minutes ago
Fiat Chrysler issued a recall of 1.4 million vehicles after hackers showed they could take control of them via the internet-connected entertainment system 

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Clusters of living worlds would hint life came from outer space

a shared story    3 hours 19 minutes ago
Using future telescopes to map exoplanets where life may exist could help test the panspermia theory – that life can cross space and take root on new worlds 

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Are YOU prepared for a major solar storm? World will have just 12 hours warning if the sun erupts

a shared story    4 hours 19 minutes ago
The British government has released its Space Weather Preparedness Strategy and warns a major solar storm could trigger power cuts and bring travel disruption as GPS networks go down. 

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Structural secret of T. rex's teeth

a shared story    5 hours 19 minutes ago
New research reveals the key to the serrated tooth structure that made carnivorous theropod dinosaurs such successful predators. 

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Rare rhino death leaves just four

a shared story    7 hours 19 minutes ago
One of the last five Northern White Rhino left in the world has died. 

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Pair due in court over Cecil the lion

a shared story    11 hours 19 minutes ago
A Zimbabwean hunter and farm owner are due to appear in court in Victoria Falls on poaching charges over the killing of famed lion Cecil. 

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Plague may not be solely to blame for Black Death’s mortality

a shared story    14 hours 19 minutes ago
About 60 per cent of the European population succumbed to the Black Death – perhaps because health in general was in poor shape in the 14th century 

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Only 100 tigers left in Bangladesh after last count got it wrong

a shared story    15 hours 19 minutes ago
Previous estimates said there were 440 tigers in Bangladesh's famed Sundarbans forest, but more accurate camera traps survey suggests there are only 106 

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This Week's Night Sky: Take Flight With Cosmic Swan

a shared story    16 hours 19 minutes ago
A glorious nebula, shooting stars, and a blue moon will all be visible this week. 

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How to Bring a Sense of Poetry to the Mission for Clean Energy

a shared story    17 hours 19 minutes ago
Solar Sister co-founder Neha Misra explains what art and beauty have to do with helping poor women make a livelihood from solar power. 

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