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Chevrolet adds an air conditioner to its cars to boost mobile phone battery life

a shared story    30 minutes ago
The feature is called 'Active Phone Cooling' and it directs air from the car's air conditioning unit to a wireless charging vent. It will feature on Detroit-based car manufacturer's 2016 Impala and Malibu. 

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Smartphone App Tells You When to Stop Drinking

a shared story    5 hours 30 minutes ago
A new app can help you keep track of your not-so-healthy habits. 

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2015 Arctic Sea Ice: How Low Will It Go?

a shared story    6 hours 30 minutes ago
Scientists say the Arctic Sea ice extent in 2015 is likely to be among the lowest on record. 

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When Did Women Start to Outlive Men?

a shared story    7 hours 30 minutes ago
It's well known that women live longer than men, but this wasn't always the case: A new study finds that differences between men and women's life expectancies began to emerge in the late 1800s. 

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Nasa reveals new image of Pluto's four 'alien black spots'

a shared story    8 hours 30 minutes ago
The images, the last to be sent before Nasa lost contact wiht the probe, show 'four mysterious dark spots on Pluto that have captured the imagination of the world. The agency has since regained contact. 

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Scorpion's 'Heart', Bright Planets and A Meteor Shower | July 2015 Skywatching Video

a shared story    9 hours 30 minutes ago
The constellation Scorpius has a 'reddish star at at its 'heart' and guards a treasure-trove of nigh sky targets. Venus and Jupiter hang low in the western sky and the annual Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks at the end of the month. 

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Why women really are the stronger sex: Men have shorter lives because they are more prone to heart disease, claims study

a shared story    10 hours 30 minutes ago
A review of global data by the University of Southern California has found heart disease to be behind most of the excess deaths documented in adult men. 

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Only Climate Action Can Save Polar Bears

a shared story    11 hours 30 minutes ago
An occasional dolphin kill won't be enough to sustain polar bears as global climate continues to warm. 

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GoPro reveals new $400 mini camera it claims can record HD video anywhere - and even capture audio underwater

a shared story    12 hours 30 minutes ago
The new $400 GoPro session has just one button and is half the size of its predecessor - yet captures the same quality of video. 

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The future of the school run? Four seater family car powered by the sun

a shared story    13 hours 30 minutes ago
The Dutch car can travel 621 miles on a full charge, and even comes with an app to automatically work out the most efficient routes, taking into account the weather and traffic. 

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US appeals court upholds EPA plan to clean up Chesapeake Bay

a shared story    19 hours 30 minutes ago
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A U.S. appeals court has upheld a federal plan limiting pollution in the Chesapeake Bay despite objections from farmers who accuse the Environmental Protection Agency of abusing its power.... 

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Pluto Grows In New Horizon's 'Color' Lens | Time-Lapse Video

a shared story    20 hours 30 minutes ago
Black and white imagery from the NASA probe's LORRI instrument is combined with color data from the Ralph instrument to create the first color time-lapse of the Pluto-Charon orbital "dance". Also, the New Horizon's team released an artist impression 

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