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Rosetta to swoop down on comet 67P: Daring manoeuvre will take probe just 4 miles above its surface - and provide even higher-res images

a shared story    1 hour 28 minutes ago
Rosetta will attempt to make the move in February, according to flight engineers in Darmstadt, Germany (artist's impression pictured). 

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Argentine zoo may be forced to release Sandra the orangutan

a shared story    2 hours 28 minutes ago
The ape was born in captivity and has lived for 20 years in Buenos Aires Zoo, but animal rights campaigners argued it had a human's right to freedom and it could soon move to a sanctuary. 

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Wolves and Bears Stage Comeback in Crowded, Urban Europe

a shared story    5 hours 28 minutes ago
Large predators are filling the forests and abandoned farmlands of Europe, a return to the wild not always comfortable for people. 

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Summer Triangle: Asterism of 3 Stars From 3 Constellations

a shared story    6 hours 28 minutes ago
The Summer Triangle is a Northern Hemisphere asterism (star pattern) that is actually an amalgamation of stars from three separate constellations. 

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First zero-gravity 3-D printer manufactures wrench in outer space in less than a week

a shared story    9 hours 28 minutes ago
A zero-gravity 3-D printer manufactured a socket wrench in the International Space Station. T he printer is the first of its kind and produced the wrench in less than a week. 

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Britain's nuclear plants could come under attack by DRONES which drop explosives

a shared story    10 hours 28 minutes ago
A London-based nuclear expert probed the issue after a spate of mysterious and illegal flights by small unmanned vehicles over more than a dozen power stations in France. 

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The scientist planning to upload his brain to a COMPUTER

a shared story    11 hours 28 minutes ago
A San Francisco inventor has revealed plans for a system to upload his brain to a computer. Randal Koene hopes to be able to replicate the human brain as a mechanical system. 

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Super typhoon Haiyan so powerful it hurled a 198-ton boulder up Phillippines beach

a shared story    12 hours 28 minutes ago
Geologists from the University of Cologne thought they had misheard fishermen when they told them that storm surges had dragged the 198 ton boulder 150 feet up a beach. 

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Starting Families 'Late' was Common a Century Ago

a shared story    14 hours 28 minutes ago
The shift towards late motherhood – commonly defined as motherhood after 35 – is often presented as a story of progress and technological liberation from the biological clock. 

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Adorable Animal Holiday Stories That Will Make You Jolly

a shared story    17 hours 28 minutes ago
'Tis the season to be jolly, and what could be more jolly than amusing animal stories? Here are some of our favorite holiday critters. 

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Peculiar Extinct Fish With Spines Named for National Geographic

a shared story    18 hours 28 minutes ago
Natgeosocus sorini, which swam in subtropical seas about 36 million years ago, helps illuminate a rare, extinct family of fish. 

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72 Years Later, Snubbed Captain Credited With Downing German U-Boat

a shared story    19 hours 28 minutes ago
The U.S. Navy honors a late World War II captain of a ship that sank a German U-boat off Louisiana, based on new exploration. 

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