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Researchers find athletes are hit hard by jet lag

a shared story    24 minutes ago
Researchers say they've documented an unseen drag on major league baseball players that can wipe out home field advantage and ruin a team's chances. 

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Researchers reveal 'alien' life using synthetic DNA

a shared story    1 hour 24 minutes ago
The Scripps Institute researchers modified E.coli bacteria and introduced DNA molecules not found in nature to a common bacterium. They are able to grow and reproduce as normal. 

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Astronomers to Search for Alien Life at Nearby 'Habitable' Exoplanet

a shared story    2 hours 24 minutes ago
The Wolf 1061 star system is only 14 light-years away and a team of astronomers are doing the groundwork to begin looking for signs of extraterrestrial biology in one of its planet's atmospheres. 

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Beer Recall: Sierra Nevada Pulls Bottles Due to Chipped Glass Risk

a shared story    3 hours 24 minutes ago
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is recalling some of its bottled beer sold in 36 states due to a potential risk of injury from the bottles. 

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Ruins discovered in Israel could be 12th century synagogue

a shared story    4 hours 24 minutes ago
Archaeologists have unearthed what could be the ancient remains of a synagogue in a village near Israel’s Sea of Galilee. It was built during the 12th and 13th centuries. 

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Caught napping: Baseball hitting, pitching sapped by jet lag

a shared story    5 hours 24 minutes ago
NEW YORK (AP) -- Researchers say they've documented an unseen drag on major league baseball players that can wipe out home field advantage, make pitchers give up more home runs, and take some punch out of a team's bats.... 

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 delayed because of battery problems

a shared story    6 hours 24 minutes ago
Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin confirmed the phone would not get a launch event at the MWC event in Barcelona, which begins on Feb. 27, unlike the previous Galaxy S smartphones. 

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Regulators launch probe into Yahoo over cyber attacks

a shared story    7 hours 24 minutes ago
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether two data breaches at Yahoo should have been reported sooner to investors. 

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Sprint buys 33% of Jay Z's streaming service Ti

a shared story    8 hours 24 minutes ago
Telecom giant Sprint said Monday it would buy one-third of rap mogul Jay Z's Tidal streaming platform, breathing new life into a service whose star power has failed to translate into market dominance. 

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Dubai firefighters use JETPACKS to beat the traffic

a shared story    13 hours 24 minutes ago
Dubai Civil Defence recently launched the Dolphin, a jetski equipped with a jetpack and fire hose which will allow them easy access to fires on boats, bridges and shoreline buildings. 

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Extreme PMS? Your cat may be to blame

a shared story    17 hours 24 minutes ago
Scientists found women with extreme symptoms such as depression and anger are more likely than others to have the parasite in their bloodstream. One in 12 women suffers from a severe form of PMS. 

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Does the mysterious WOLF planet hold life?

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 24 minutes ago
Known as Wolf 1061c, the planet sits right within the habitable zone, and is close enough for scientists to conduct ongoing studies, researchers from San Francisco State University say. 

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