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Best Space Gifts in the Universe: Mother's and Father's Day

a shared story    42 minutes ago
Looking for a great gift for Mother's or Father's Day, or just something special for the space nerd in your life? These space-themed standbys will delight your favorite space lovers, sci-fi fans and collector friends. 

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Jupiter, Virgo Cluster and More In May 2016 Skywatching | Video

a shared story    4 hours 42 minutes ago
In May, the southern skies are home to the Gas Giant and its moons, Mars and Saturn. The Virgo Cluster of galaxies can be viewed with binoculars. Also, the Eta Aquarid meteor showers rain in early May. 

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Spectacular NASA Videos Reveal a Sun Storm in Jaw-Dropping 4K HD

a shared story    7 hours 42 minutes ago
A spectacular new video of the sun captured by a NASA spacecraft puts you up close and personal with a fiery storm on our closest star — all in mind-boggling 4K resolution. 

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Muscular dystrophy is tragic, but patients aren’t always right

a shared story    8 hours 42 minutes ago
A US panel has rejected a new drug for muscular dystrophy. It was the right call, says Clare Wilson – it’s a myth that ground-breaking drugs are being kept from us 

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Sharing information on Facebook and Twitter can harm your learning and memory

a shared story    9 hours 42 minutes ago
Scientists at Cornell University in New York have found that students who reposted information on a social media site remembered less about it and also performed worse in tests. 

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Are selfies making you look UGLY? Photos we take of ourselves are judged as less attractive than snaps taken by others

a shared story    10 hours 42 minutes ago
Researchers from the University of Toronto analysed perceptions of self-taken photos - both by the selfie-takers themselves, and by others. A Kim Kardashian selfie is pictured. 

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Now THAT'S a big bang! Supernova that exploded with the force of 100 million suns would have annihilated all nearby planets

a shared story    11 hours 42 minutes ago
The international team, led by researchers at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, have analysed the aftermath of the star’s end, which exploded in the distant M74 galaxy (stock image). 

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University of Cambridge release images of black hole eating stars 'faster than ever'

a shared story    12 hours 42 minutes ago
The discovery, published in the journal Nature, was made by experts at the University of Cambridge who used data from the European Space Agency's (Esa) XMM-Newton space observatory. 

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Best Space Books for Kids: 2016 Summer Reading List

a shared story    13 hours 42 minutes ago
Here are a few of Space.com's favorite space books for children and young adults, just in time for a family vacation or lazy summer day. 

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Farewell Hitomi! Japan's space agency abandons the search for its missing multi-million dollar X-ray satellite

a shared story    14 hours 42 minutes ago
Contact was lost with the satellite on 26 March, more than a month after its launch from southern Japan on 17 February. 

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Snapchat users watch more than 10 BILLION videos every day

a shared story    16 hours 42 minutes ago
California-based social media platform is growing in popularity as number of daily video watches climbs steadily. The boom in content is driven by Snapchat's 'Story' feature (stock image). 

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Carl Icahn warns the markets will have a day of 'reckoning' as he pulls out of Apple

a shared story    18 hours 42 minutes ago
Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said Thursday he had sold his entire stake in Apple Inc, citing the risk of China's influence on the stock. 

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