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Ten Years of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in One Graphic

a shared story    1 hour ago
Hurricanes have largely avoided the U.S. coast since 2005, but there have been many serious storms and near-misses. 

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VIDEO: Slow-melting ice cream developed

a shared story    2 hours ago
Scientists develop a way to make ice cream smoother and less likely to melt so quickly on a hot summer day. 

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Living Small: The Psychology of Tiny Houses

a shared story    3 hours ago
For a very small, but growing number of people, diminutive dwellings are making dreams come true. 

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65 per cent of Europe’s electronic waste is stolen or mismanaged

a shared story    4 hours ago
A two-year investigation into Europe's electronic waste found that 6.2 million tonnes was not disposed of safely, a danger to health and environment 

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Animal Sex: How Hyenas Do It

a shared story    5 hours ago
The complicated world of hyena sex involves social hierarchies, weird and potentially dangerous courtship rituals and female pseudopenises that make forced sex impossible. 

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What Hurricane Katrina Can Teach Us About Leadership

a shared story    6 hours ago
Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour says politicians shouldn’t withhold bad news. People need to know so they can deal with it. 

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Mako Shark Phones Home, Revealing Epic Journey

a shared story    7 hours ago
One of the toothy stars of "Shark Week" has just phoned home after five months at sea, revealing that this longfin mako shark was a prolific and deep-diving swimmer. 

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Parents: Talk About Alcohol When Kids Are 9

a shared story    8 hours ago
A new report advises parents to start talking to their children early about alcohol, in order to prevent dangerous consequences. 

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NASA scientists begin 1 year stay in simulator on Hawaiian volcano

a shared story    9 hours ago
The fourth mission by the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Simulation (HI-SEAS) began on Friday. The scientists will spend a year inside the dome as part of a NASA-funded study. 

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Apple iCloud hack STILL not solved a year after celebrity nude photos leaked

a shared story    10 hours ago
On August 31 last year, hundreds of explicit images of some of Hollywood's most famous stars were posted to forum websites anonymously after hackers broke into the iCloud accounts. 

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Obese people's brains wired to eat in same way drug addicts crave fix

a shared story    11 hours ago
Obese people’s brains could be hard-wired to want food in the same way that drug users are addicted to their habit, new research suggests. 

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Scientists create ice cream that doesn't melt by using protein found in Japanese food

a shared story    12 hours ago
The special protein naturally occurs in a Japanese breakfast food called 'natto' made from fermented soy beans and binds together the air, fat and water in ice cream, helping scoops stay intact for longer. 

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