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Majority of gamers are now WOMEN

a shared story    1 hour 50 minutes ago
The trend has been driven by 25-44 year old women downloading free puzzle and trivia game apps on smartphones, according to a recent report by the London-based Internet Advertising Bureau UK. 

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Better mobility key for clean cities

a shared story    9 hours 50 minutes ago
Effective urban transit systems can encourage people out of their cars and provide a cost-effective way to tackle climate change, a report suggests. 

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US Waistlines Gained an Inch This Decade

a shared story    14 hours 50 minutes ago
The average waist circumference of U.S. adults continuously expanded in the past decade, even though average body mass index went essentially unchanged during the same time, according to a new study. 

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NASA to Make Major Private Space Taxi Announcement Today: Watch Live

a shared story    19 hours 50 minutes ago
NASA is expected to make a huge human spaceflight announcement today during a news briefing, and you can watch it live online. 

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How Apple made its iPhone 6 ion-strengthened screen: Expert reveals the chemical process used to create the display

a shared story    20 hours 50 minutes ago
A video from the American Chemical Society explains how the ion-strengthened glass on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (pictured) is stronger than regular glass, because it's placed into a hot potassium bath. 

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Is your Facebook habit putting you at risk of fraud?

a shared story    21 hours 50 minutes ago
Students at the University of Buffalo were sent a fake friend request, followed by a phishing message. The majority of users added the fake friend, but only habitual users were duped by the scam. 

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Do you SMELL like a right-wing voter? People are attracted to the body odour of those with similar political views, study claims

a shared story    22 hours 50 minutes ago
The study from Brown University asked 21 highly political target participants to wear a gauze under their arms for 24 hours. Volunteers then rated each smell for attractiveness. 

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Rosetta's daring landing site announced

a shared story    23 hours 50 minutes ago
Scientists at mission control in Darmstadt, Germany hope the spider-like probe will send back data that could answer questions on the origin of Earth's water and perhaps even life. 

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Scientists' colossal squid exam a kraken good show

a shared story    1 day 50 minutes ago
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- It was a calm morning in Antarctica's remote Ross Sea, during the season when the sun never sets, when Capt. John Bennett and his crew hauled up a creature with tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates from a...(more) 

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Life-Hunting Mars Mission Idea Makes Progress, But Needs Cash

a shared story    1 day 1 hour 50 minutes ago
A concept mission that would fire scientific missiles at Mars to search for signs of subsurface life is making technical strides, team members say, but it still needs quite a bit of financial help to get off the ground. 

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Was early Earth more like Eden than Hell? Planet was cooler and more hospitable than first thought 4 billion years ago

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 50 minutes ago
Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee say that the young Earth (imaged in 2007) might not have been hostile to life as crystals in Iceland do not match those elsewhere on the planet. 

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Steve Jobs' office is exactly how he left it, reveals Tim Cook: Emotional Apple CEO says 'I literally think about him every day'

a shared story    1 day 3 hours 50 minutes ago
Steve Job's office on the fourth floor of Apple headquarters in Cupertino still has his name on the door, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Charlie Rose during a recent interview for PBS. 

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