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SpaceX Claims Milestone With Bold Reusable Rocket Test

a shared story    3 hours 38 minutes ago
SpaceX's audacious plan to land part of a rocket in the ocean after launching it to space may not have gone perfectly, but the private spaceflight company's founder still considers it a success, one that could help lead to reusable rockets in the future. 

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SpaceX Launches Cargo Mission to Space Station, Reusable Rocket Test | Video

a shared story    6 hours 38 minutes ago
The Falcon 9 rocket carrying Dragon lifted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on April 18th, 2014. Its first stage has retractable legs attached and an re-entry burn and water landing will be attempted. 

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Bright Idea or Shady Scheme? Cosmetic Company Wants to Lighten Moon

a shared story    7 hours 38 minutes ago
A think-tank associated with a cosmetics company has a plan to brighten the surface of the moon in an effort to lighten up the night sky and reducing the need for electricity to run street lights. Scientists are skeptical. 

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Second UK earthquake in 24 hours hits Rutland in East Midlands

a shared story    8 hours 38 minutes ago
A magnitude 3.5 earthquake has struck Rutland in the East Midlands. The tremors were felt at 7:50am today, just 24 hours after the last one. 

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RIP Ladee: Nasa's robotic explorer crashes into the moon after its 128 day mission

a shared story    9 hours 38 minutes ago
The orbiting spacecraft made a planned crash into the moon while travelling at speeds of 3,600 mph (5,800 kph). 

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Google's DIY smartphone set for January 2015 launch - and it will cost just £30

a shared story    10 hours 38 minutes ago
The Project Ara 'Grey Phone' will consist of a simple frame, screen, Wi-Fi connection and processor with users able to customise it with various plug-in modules. 

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Alien Planet Kepler-186f: Complete Coverage of 'Earth Cousin' Discovery

a shared story    12 hours 38 minutes ago
On Thursday (April 17), NASA announced the historic discovery of Kepler-186f, an Earth-size alien planet 490 light-years from our own world that is located inside the habitable zone of its star. See Space.com's complete coverage of the Kepler-186f find. 

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Emojis are taking over the world! Cartoon faces top 2014 list of the web's most popular words

a shared story    13 hours 38 minutes ago
Texas-based company Global Language Monitor analysed and catalogued the latest trends in word usage online, in blogs and the top 300,000 global media titles to make its list. 

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Get out of my nest! Osprey pair return from Africa to Wales to find another couple SQUATTING home

a shared story    14 hours 38 minutes ago
Two rare ospreys known as Monty and Glesni spent the winter in Africa. But the BBC Springwatch regulars were aghast to return home and find squatters in their nest. 

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Next Up for NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Telescope: Finding Earth's True Twin?

a shared story    15 hours 38 minutes ago
The discovery of Kepler-186f still falls short of the ultimate prize in exoplanet science: a true "alien Earth." But the first such world may lurk in the data already gathered by NASA's Kepler space telescope, just waiting to be pulled out. 

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5 Things to Know About Alien Planet Kepler-186f, 'Earth's Cousin'

a shared story    17 hours 38 minutes ago
A newly discovered planet that has been called 'Earth's cousin' has just been found 490 light-years from Earth. 

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Convicted Drug Dealer Indicted for Selling Rhino Horns

a shared story    18 hours 38 minutes ago
U.S. undercover investigation nets an alleged rhino horn trafficker with ties to former Medellín drug cartel. 

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