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Spacewalk Photos: NASA Astronauts Replace Dead Space Station Computer (April 23, 2014)

a shared story    2 hours 34 minutes ago
See photos of NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson as they spacewalk outside the International Space Station on April 23, 2014 to replace a dead backup computer on the outpost's exterior. 

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Paris smog heading to LONDON and could cover capital by Friday

a shared story    6 hours 34 minutes ago
Emissions from the French capital could be blown over by strong south easterly winds until Friday, according to the Met Office 

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With a Bullet: China's High-Speed Rail Dream Begins to take Flight (Op-Ed)

a shared story    7 hours 34 minutes ago
As a young university student, I first visited Guangzhou during the mid-1990s and found it a gloomy and unsettling place. When I went back again in 2010, it was transformed. Here was living proof of the media mantra that “China is changing.” 

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Scottish wildlife rescues up 18%

a shared story    8 hours 34 minutes ago
The Scottish SPCA's new national wildlife rescue centre released nearly 2,800 injured animals back into the wild in 2013. 

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Photos: SpaceX's Amazing Falcon 9 Reusable Rocket Prototype in Pictures

a shared story    9 hours 34 minutes ago
See photos of SpaceX's innovative F9R, the Falcon 9 Reusable rocket prototype, as it soars through test flights. The SpaceX F9R rocket is a Falcon 9 booster first stage equipped with landing legs and a vertical landing system. 

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Gallery: Erebus Volcano's Amazing Lava Lake

a shared story    10 hours 34 minutes ago
Amazing photos of Erebus volcano's lava lake, which offers a view into the heart of a volcano. 

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Dutch Student Sells His Data for €350 but at What Price Privacy? (Op-Ed)

a shared story    11 hours 34 minutes ago
A dutch student has taken the bold decision to sell all his data at auction. It’s a decision that should make us think about the future of our own information. 

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3D Print a New House in Just a Few Hours

a shared story    12 hours 34 minutes ago
Gone are the days when building a house required months of hammering wall studs, screwing floor joists and other backbreaking tasks. If a company in China has its way, a new house can be yours in a matter of hours with a 3D printer. 

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Wireless charger system can recharge EVERY phone in your office from 5 metres away

a shared story    13 hours 34 minutes ago
The Korean system has set a new record fo sending power through the air - and is even able to power a TV. 

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How female musical tastes change when she is at her most fertile

a shared story    14 hours 34 minutes ago
The study, carried out at the University of Sussex, suggest that women only preferred better musicians as short-term lovers - not as long-term partners. 

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Do you have a 60 a day habit? Researchers claim launching apps that much makes you a mobile phone ADDICT - and say the problem is worse in women

a shared story    15 hours 34 minutes ago
Mobile firm Flurry analysed how much people were opening apps it tracks - and says more than 60 times makes you an app addict. 

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The end of out of focus pictures: The $1599 camera that allows users to change the focus AFTER a picture has been taken

a shared story    20 hours 34 minutes ago
The Lytro Illum camera allows users to create interactive images that can have their focus altered at the click of a mouse. 

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