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Arctic Sea Ice 'Thinning Dramatically,' Study Finds

a shared story    1 hour ago
Arctic sea ice — the ice that freezes and floats on Arctic waters — is thinning at a steadier and faster rate than researchers previously thought, a new study finds. 

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Step It Up! The States Where People Walk Most

a shared story    2 hours ago
People in New York state log the most steps, according to new data from an activity-tracker company. 

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UK scientists work out weight of Sophie the Stegosaurus

a shared story    3 hours ago
LONDON (AP) -- Scientists at a British museum have worked out the weight of Sophie, one of the world's most complete Stegosaurus skeletons.... 

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Taliban Assassins Target Pakistan's Polio Vaccinators

a shared story    4 hours ago
Pakistani health workers-many of them women—continue to face Taliban bullets and bombs in their quest to inoculate children. 

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Arctic Ship Breaks Free of Ice for Historic Expedition

a shared story    5 hours ago
A Norwegian research vessel will spend six months on the sea ice to study the changing Arctic. 

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Pictures: 8 Amazing Animals at Risk From Wildlife Crimes

a shared story    6 hours ago
In observance of the World Wildlife Day's mission of highlighting wildlife crimes, here are some of the animals that fall prey to people's thirst for trophies and exotic cures. 

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VIDEO: Dramatic volcanic eruption in Chile

a shared story    7 hours ago
The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile has erupted, spewing ash and lava up to 1,000m (3,300ft) into the air. 

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New threats to wild bees identified

a shared story    8 hours ago
Wild bumblebees are infected with many of the diseases found in honeybees looked after by bee keepers, according to a national survey. 

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National Briefing | Plains: Oklahoma: House Approves Executions by Gas

a shared story    9 hours ago
Oklahoma would become the first state to allow the execution of inmates using nitrogen gas under a bill approved 85 to 10 on Tuesday by the State House. 

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NASA investigating short circuit on Mars rover Curiosity

a shared story    11 hours ago
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) -- The Curiosity rover has temporarily stopped work on Mars while NASA engineers investigate a short circuit.... 

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Weasel Rides Woodpecker in Viral Photo—But Is It Real?

a shared story    12 hours ago
A once-in-a-lifetime photo shows what happens when a weasel attacks a woodpecker—and gets more than it bargained for. 

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Penguins Rapidly Conquered New Zealand After Humans Ate Rivals

a shared story    13 hours ago
Fossils left behind by a penguin that was hunted to extinction reveal a remarkably fast turnover in species occurred after Polynesians settlers wiped out New Zealand's weird island wildlife. 

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