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Flying Machines? 5 Da Vinci Designs That Were Ahead of Their Time

a shared story    16 hours 37 minutes ago
From humanoid robots to machine guns, here are five da Vinci inventions that were truly before their time. 

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Best Space Photos of the Week - Dec. 20, 2014

a shared story    17 hours 37 minutes ago
From holiday lights seen from space to incredible pictures of streaking meteorss, don't miss these amazing space images of the week for Dec. 20, 2014. 

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6 Times Holiday Decorations Turned into Disasters

a shared story    19 hours 37 minutes ago
Every winter, people decorate their homes and offices with holiday lights, ornaments, trees and tinsel. But none of these holiday pastimes is risk-free, as people — and cats, dogs and owls — have learned over the years. 

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Move Over, Rudolph: National Geographic's Favorite Reindeer Pictures

a shared story    20 hours 37 minutes ago
With Christmas just around the corner, National Geographic editors choose the most compelling pictures of reindeer and the indigenous people who depend on them. 

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When Counseling After a Tragedy is a Mistake (Op-Ed)

a shared story    22 hours 37 minutes ago
As the country reels from the Sydney siege and its unhappy end, many will be wondering what can be done for the hostages stuck for hours with the gunman in the Lindt café. 

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VIDEO: Can endangered white rhino be saved?

a shared story    23 hours 37 minutes ago
Zoo keepers from around the world are due to meet next month to discuss ways to save the endangered northern white rhino. 

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E.P.A. Issues Rules on Disposal of Coal Ash to Protect Water Supply

a shared story    1 day 37 minutes ago
The new regulations, which leave power plants to ensure that safety standards are met, were not as strong as environmental groups wanted. 

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EPA Decides That Coal Ash, Which Pervades Our Homes, Is Non-Hazardous

a shared story    1 day 1 hour 37 minutes ago
The EPA's decision not to regulate coal ash as hazardous waste could affect how often it's recycled. 

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EPA coal ash standards a setback for environmental groups

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 37 minutes ago
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Six years ago, there was a massive spill of coal ash sludge in Tennessee. Three years later, tons of coal ash swept into Lake Michigan. Last February, there was another spill and gray sludge spewed into the Dan River in North Carolina.......(more) 

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Holiday Lights From Space: Images From the Suomi NPP Satellite

a shared story    1 day 3 hours 37 minutes ago
These images show that many cities around the world shine more brightly during the holiday season — December in the United States, and the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in the Middle East — than they do during the rest of the year. 

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Arctic offshore drill company enters guilty pleas

a shared story    1 day 14 hours 37 minutes ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A drilling company has pleaded guilty to committing environmental and maritime crimes in Alaska's Arctic.... 

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VIDEO: Greenpeace to aid Nazca Lines inquiry

a shared story    1 day 15 hours 37 minutes ago
Greenpeace will co-operate with an investigation by a Peruvian court to determine responsibility for damage caused by activists at the Nazca Lines, the group's chief executive says. 

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