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The 'message in a bottle' gets a 21st century makeover: App sends photos and videos to 50 random people around the globe

a shared story    7 minutes ago
The free app (pictured) was created by London-based Uniion. When a user ‘flings’ a message they have no idea where it will end up. If the recipient likes the fling, they can reply. 

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Ground control to Major TOMCAT! Pet memorial service lets owners launch their dead animals into SPACE

a shared story    1 hour 7 minutes ago
Houston-based firm Celestis is offering four different options starting at $995 (£590) that will see pets ashes launched into orbit and even deep space this autumn. 

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How dinosaurs shrank over 50 million years: Family tree maps the transformation of giant beasts into agile birds

a shared story    4 hours 7 minutes ago
The family tree, created by Southampton University, showed that the branch of theropods - which gave rise to modern birds - were the only dinosaurs that kept getting smaller. 

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'Massacre' of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru Revealed in New Reports

a shared story    8 hours 7 minutes ago
Advocates for indigenous tribes are increasingly worried about a group of people near the Brazil-Peru border who may be facing violent attacks from illegal loggers and drug traffickers exploiting the densely forested region. 

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Death toll hits 51 from mudslide in Indian village

a shared story    9 hours 7 minutes ago
MALIN, India (AP) -- Heavy rains hampered efforts Friday by hundreds of rescue workers digging through heavy mud and debris, as the death toll from a landslide that engulfed an entire village in western India rose to 51.... 

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Facebook app launched in zambia

a shared story    10 hours 7 minutes ago
Facebook has unveiled a service to give phone owners in Zambia free access to the internet. 

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Hubble spots gigantic 'magnifying glass' galaxy that lets astronomers see back 9.6 billion years

a shared story    11 hours 7 minutes ago
Astronomers using Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope have unexpectedly discovered a monster elliptical galaxy so large it has created a lens allowing researcher to see back 9.6 billion years. 

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Week's Best Space Pictures: A Cosmic Cluster, a Heavenly Halo, and a Supernova's Ashes

a shared story    12 hours 7 minutes ago
A halo of stars highlights a galaxy and a supernova image is spiffed up in this week's best space pictures. 

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Record-Breaking Cosmic 'Magnifying Glass' Found by Hubble Telescope

a shared story    13 hours 7 minutes ago
In a surprising find, astronomers discovered a faraway galaxy that doubles as a cosmic "magnifying glass." At 9.6 billion light-years away, it could be the most distant such object known to science, NASA announced. 

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Planets Converge While Perseids Reign In August 2014 Skywatching | Video

a shared story    16 hours 7 minutes ago
Mars and Saturn get together with the crescent moon for a planetary 3-way on August 31st and Venus and Jupiter get together on August 18th. The Perseids Meteor Shower peaks on Aug 11-13. 

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White Dwarf + Red Giant = Thermonuclear Explosion | Animation

a shared story    18 hours 7 minutes ago
The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope detected a flash-blast emanating from white dwarf star V407 Cyg as the stellar wind of its red giant companion impinges, like spraying lighter fluid at a raging fire. 

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Aquanautics: Why Astronauts Train Underwater | Video

a shared story    19 hours 7 minutes ago
NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei explains how he trains for assignments in space during a long stay in the Aquarius underwater laboratory in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 

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