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Flying cars get go-ahead from the FAA: Terrafugia gets green light for transforming vehicle that could take to the skies by 2018

a shared story    28 minutes ago
Terrafugia had asked the FAA for a waiver of weight and stall-speed limits so it can self-certify its Transition flying car as a light sport aircraft (LSA). 

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Robot Cars Tear Up Track to Test Hazard Response

a shared story    1 hour 28 minutes ago
Two robotic rally cars are tearing up a dirt track in Atlanta, in an effort by researchers to learn how self-driving vehicles can stay in control when they slide, spin or jump. 

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Pretty as a Princess: Disney Movies May Be Making Girls 'Girlier'

a shared story    6 hours 28 minutes ago
What is "Frozen" doing to kids' psyches? New research finds that preschoolers who watch Disney's princess movies are not only more likely to don the sparkling ultrafeminine fashion but also to internalize stereotypical gender roles. 

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Military Satellite Launched Into Orbit by United Launch Alliance

a shared story    7 hours 28 minutes ago
At 10:30 a.m. EDT (1430 GMT) today (June 24). A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket successfully launched the fifth and finally satellite in the military's MUOS satellite communications array. 

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I tried out being a space trucker in a Dream Chaser mini-shuttle

a shared story    8 hours 28 minutes ago
The Sierra Nevada Corporation is building a space plane to haul cargo and trash from the ISS, so Lisa Grossman took its simulator for a spin 

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YouTube goes live: Google's video site to take on Facebook with live streaming from its mobile app

a shared story    9 hours 28 minutes ago
YouTube has taken aim at Facebook and Twitter with live Streaming. The Google-owned firm announced it is building the feature right into the app for easy access. 

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NASA approves five more years for Hubble Space Telescope

a shared story    10 hours 28 minutes ago
Extra funds for the world’s most famous observatory mean it will be able to work in tandem with its upcoming successor, the James Webb Space Telescope 

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Plastic toys 'can harbour nasty viruses for hours, raising risk of infection'

a shared story    12 hours 28 minutes ago
Certain viruses, such as influenza, can survive on children's toys for up to 24 hours - long enough to result in infection, scientists at Georgia State University have warned. 

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Is WhatsApp introducing music sharing?

a shared story    13 hours 28 minutes ago
Rumours that a developers version of WhatsApp for iOS includes a feature to allow users to share music from their device has raised hopes the feature will be introduced to iPhone. 

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Who needs water? Dry volcanic vents more alive than wet soil

a shared story    14 hours 28 minutes ago
High up a Chilean volcano, there's more microbial diversity in bone-dry vents than icy patches - which could alter our search for life out in the solar system 

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Save the driver or pedestrian? Such robot car dilemmas are folly

a shared story    15 hours 28 minutes ago
Should autonomous cars sacrifice those inside to save more lives outside in a crash? That is a misleadingly simple dilemma, warns Hal Hodson 

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Women really DO love bad boys as narcissists and psychopaths win more dates

a shared story    17 hours 28 minutes ago
Researchers at the University of Graz, Austria, studied people aged 18 to 32, taking part in speed dating. They found psychopaths tend to do better in short-term relationships. 

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