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Parental monitoring tied to less risky sexual behaviors in teens

a shared story    11 minutes ago
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) - In a recent study, watchful parents had teens who engaged in fewer risky sexual behaviors. When parents were aware of their adolescents' activities, the kids had longer delays before starting to have sex, and when they did have intercourse,...(more) 

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From curse to catfish: West Africa schools tackle stigma of disability

a shared story    1 hour 11 minutes ago
By Kieran Guilbert DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Working quietly in a classroom at a primary school in Dakar, nine-year-old blind boy Abdoulaye sits next to the star pupils, who watch and help him, and alert the teacher if he struggles. "At first there were worries...(more) 

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Toil and trouble in China over Nobel medicine prize

a shared story    2 hours 11 minutes ago
China's Tu Youyou collects her country's first Nobel Prize for medicine next week for extracting an anti-malarial drug from a herb mentioned in a traditional text, but her award has prompted debate over the role of science in the practice. Tu derived artemisinin from sweet wormwood,...(more) 

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Don't Use Weight as a Weapon

a shared story    3 hours 11 minutes ago
Weight is front and center in America today, but perspectives vary according to context, knowledge, experience and yes, compassion. There are many angles to the issue and I'm pretty sure, that just about everyone who is overweight knows these factors intimately. We know our reality and...(more) 

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How NYC Salt Warning Could Affect Your Dinner

a shared story    4 hours 11 minutes ago
Your favorite New York pizza slice might now come with a warning label thanks to a new regulation in New York City that aims to make consumers aware of salt levels in their food. In the battle to ensure consumers know exactly what they're getting in...(more) 

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December 1: World AIDS Day

a shared story    5 hours 11 minutes ago
World AIDS Day, first recognized in 1988, was the first ever global health day. As of 2012, approximately 35 million people worldwide were living with HIV/AIDS, the majority in sub-Saharan Africa. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has caused nearly 40 million deaths globally since cases were first reported...(more) 

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Safer way to do gene editing

a shared story    6 hours 11 minutes ago
Scientists say they have fine tuned a gene editing method to make it safer and more accurate - vital if it is to be used in humans to cure inherited diseases or inborn errors. 

Gundlach's DoubleLine Capital posts 22nd straight month of inflows

a shared story    7 hours 11 minutes ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - DoubleLine Capital, the investment firm with $80 billion in assets overseen by widely followed co-founder Jeffrey Gundlach, posted net inflow of $1.08 billion in November, the 22nd month it has attracted new money. 

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HIV diagnoses hit record annual low in New York City

a shared story    8 hours 11 minutes ago
The number of new HIV diagnoses in New York has hit a record low after falling nearly 40 percent in the last decade, city authorities said Tuesday. At the height of the New York AIDS crisis there were more than 12,000 AIDS diagnoses in 1993, according...(more) 

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Life insurance companies see good outlook for survival with HIV

a shared story    9 hours 11 minutes ago
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) - Two companies are for the first time jointly offering life insurance to people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in recognition that their life expectancies are close to those of uninfected individuals. Previously, HIV-positive individuals would automatically be denied...(more) 

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Parents may be in a fog when children come home from hospital

a shared story    10 hours 11 minutes ago
“We had ideas about what experiences these families faced as they tried to settle back into their home routine after hospitalization, but we certainly learned a great deal more about the specifics,” said lead author Dr. Lauren G. Solan of the University of Rochester Medical Center....(more) 

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Former boxing champ Taylor pleads guilty to Arkansas charges

a shared story    11 hours 11 minutes ago
By Steve Barnes LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec 1 (Reuters) - Former world middleweight boxing champion Jermain Taylor entered guilty pleas in an Arkansas state court on Tuesday to felony charges stemming from three incidents, and is set to face sentencing in April, court officials said. Taylor,...(more) 

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