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Could marrying help young adults bypass binge drinking?

a shared story    43 minutes ago
Problem drinking tends to decrease with age for many individuals, but a new study says marriage could allow young people with a tendency to abuse alcohol to bypass an unhealthy phase. While social scientists and psychologists would have once said that binge-drinking young adults are not...(more) 

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Many older heart attack patients don't complete rehab

a shared story    1 hour 43 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - Most older adults who are hospitalized for a heart attack do not attend even one of the recommended cardiac rehabilitation sessions, according to a new study.  

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Medicare rule may needlessly extend some hospital stays

a shared story    2 hours 43 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - A decades old Medicare rule requiring a three-day hospital stay before patients can transfer to skilled nursing facilities may needlessly prolong hospitalizations, a study suggests.  

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3 Strategies for Breaking Your Stressful Commuting Habits

a shared story    3 hours 43 minutes ago
By Megan Jones, Psy. D and Chief Science Officer of LanternYou probably dread your frustrating nightmare of a commute. Whether you're inching your car along in heavy traffic or packed into a train, it doesn't take long for stress levels to rise. Research shows just how...(more) 

FDA lays out extra steps to clean scopes linked to outbreaks

a shared story    4 hours 43 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health officials are laying out extra safety measures that hospitals can take to clean specialized medical scopes that have been linked to sometimes deadly bacterial outbreaks across the U.S. 

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Simple coordination to slash 'superbug' infections

a shared story    5 hours 43 minutes ago
Simple coordination between hospitals, nursing homes and health authorities could slash the number of drug-resistant "superbug" infections and save thousands of US lives, experts said. Hospitals and nursing homes strive to control infections but rarely report to one another when a patient being transferred is carrying...(more) 

Legionnaires' deaths prompt New York mayor to vow cooling tower regulations

a shared story    6 hours 43 minutes ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday a historic outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that killed seven New Yorkers has triggered an effort to mandate city-wide inspections and cleanings of air conditioning cooling towers.  

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37,000 U.S. infection-related deaths preventable over five years: CDC

a shared story    7 hours 43 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Closer coordination between healthcare facilities and public health departments could save 37,000 U.S. lives over five years by preventing infections from antibiotic-resistant germs and from a nasty intestinal bug called C. difficile, according to a government report released on Tuesday.  

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Add spice for a longer life?

a shared story    8 hours 43 minutes ago
Eating spicy food, especially fresh chilli, has been linked to a lower risk of death in a Chinese study, researchers said Tuesday. "Compared with participants who ate spicy foods less than once a week, those who consumed spicy foods one or two days a week were...(more) 

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Regeneron raises Eylea sales forecast, shares at record

a shared story    9 hours 43 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Regeneron Inc's blockbuster eye drug, Eylea, showed no signs of a slowdown as the drugmaker raised the full-year sales forecast for its flagship product above at least four analysts' expectation.  

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U.S. health regulator issues new cleaning guide for superbug-prone device

a shared story    10 hours 43 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Hospitals that can afford it should take steps beyond those recommended by the manufacturer to clean and disinfect a type of device at the center of a recent superbug outbreak in the United States, health regulators said on Tuesday.  

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U.S. farm, consumer groups aim to block Monsanto bid for Syngenta

a shared story    11 hours 43 minutes ago
Coalitions of opponents are being formed and market analyses being done, moves that underscore the hurdles U.S.-based Monsanto will face in any deal to take over Swiss-based Syngenta. "We will aggressively oppose it," said Roger Johnson, president of the National Farmers Union. 

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