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U.S. congressman from Mississippi has inoperable brain tumor: spokesman

a shared story    52 minutes ago
(Reuters) - U.S. Representative Alan Nunnelee of Mississippi, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, has been told by doctors he has a new tumor and it is inoperable, a spokesman for the Republican congressman said on Friday. Nunnelee, who was elected to his third...(more) 

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Heat Up Your Intimacy by Cooking Together

a shared story    1 hour 52 minutes ago
There is no escaping it -- Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and those chalky candy hearts staring at you in the drug store are proof of it. In this world of mass-produced love, it can often be hard to find that feeling of authentic...(more) 

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Heavy kids can have celiac disease, too

a shared story    2 hours 52 minutes ago
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) – Overweight children are just as likely as thin children to have celiac disease, a new study confirms. It's a common misconception - even among many doctors - that celiac disease is limited to people who are underweight. “Being overweight...(more) 

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Chimerix to stop participation in clinical studies of Ebola drug

a shared story    3 hours 52 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Drug developer Chimerix Inc said it would stop participation in clinical studies of its Ebola drug, brincidofovir, citing a significant decrease in the number new cases for the virus in Liberia. The decision was announced after the company's discussions with the U.S. Food and...(more) 

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British health worker being tested for Ebola after needle injury

a shared story    4 hours 52 minutes ago
A British military healthcare worker was flown back to England from Sierra Leone on Saturday following a needle-stick injury sustained while treating a person with Ebola, the Public Health England (PHE) service said on Saturday. The patient, who has not been named, has been taken for...(more) 

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Do You Have Metabol-Envy?

a shared story    5 hours 52 minutes ago
Yesterday, I sat with a friend, and she said if she could have one wish it would be to be able to eat whatever she wanted and not gain weight. I clarified, "You mean instead of your family being healthy or world peace?" She said, "Well...(more) 

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GMO mosquito plan sparks outcry in Florida

a shared story    6 hours 52 minutes ago
A British company's plan to unleash hordes of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida to reduce the threat of dengue fever and other diseases has sparked an outcry from fearful residents. The company, Oxitec, said it wants to try the technique there in order to reduce the...(more) 

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Measles Outbreak has Spread to 14 States, 84 Cases this Month

a shared story    7 hours 52 minutes ago
Arizona health officials??? concerned virus could spread during Super Bowl. 

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Athletes' biological clocks affect their performance

a shared story    8 hours 52 minutes ago
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) – A week before the Super Bowl, a new study suggests that players' performances may depend at least in part on how the game's timing aligns with their body clocks. “The reason why we did this study is that all...(more) 

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Thanks to Community Outreach, Obamacare Is Working for Diverse Groups

a shared story    9 hours 52 minutes ago
We are well into the second open enrollment period, and the numbers are telling: nearly 7.3 million people have enrolled in coverage in the federal health insurance marketplace. Ten million people have gained coverage since the first open enrollment period, including hundreds of thousands of Asian...(more) 

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5 Ways to Be Happier Today

a shared story    10 hours 52 minutes ago
Brrr, its cold outside! These cold, grey winter days can send even the most positive people into a downward funk. Now that winter is truly upon us, what can you do to keep your spirits up? Here are five ways to be happier TODAY:1. Start a...(more) 

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FDA approves Shire's Vyvanse for binge-eating disorder

a shared story    11 hours 52 minutes ago
By Toni Clarke WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved Shire Plc's stimulant Vyvanse to treat binge-eating disorder, the first product to be approved for the condition. Vyvanse, which is currently approved to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, generated sales of...(more) 

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