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AP IMPACT: Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect

a shared story    1 hour 46 minutes ago
BUTTE, Montana (AP) -- At least 786 children died of abuse or neglect in the U.S. in a six-year span in plain view of child protection authorities - many of them beaten, starved or left alone to drown while agencies had good reason to know they...(more) 

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Smart bras: wearable tech’s wild card

a shared story    5 hours 46 minutes ago
A 'Bionic Bra' that constricts and releases according to the force exerted on the breasts was recently announced by an Australian research team, promising to spare the wearer of the long-term damage that can result from wearing an ill-fitting sports bra. 

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U.N.'s Ebola mission should be closed once battle won: Ban

a shared story    7 hours 46 minutes ago
By Matthew Mpoke Bigg BAMAKO (Reuters) - The United Nations mission to fight Ebola should be wound down quickly once the battle is won, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Saturday during his first tour of countries stricken with the virus. The U.N. emergency Ebola...(more) 

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Child tests negative for Ebola at Chicago hospital

a shared story    11 hours 46 minutes ago
(Reuters) - A child being monitored for Ebola in a Chicago hospital has been discharged after testing negative for the virus, the state health agency said on Saturday. Federal officials screening for Ebola at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago detected a fever in the child, who...(more) 

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Alcohol blackouts common in UK teens

a shared story    14 hours 46 minutes ago
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters) - About a third of 15-year-olds in the UK have blacked out due to alcohol, a new survey indicates - and the rate rises to nearly three-quarters by the time they reach 19, researchers found. “Blackout is associated with pretty severe...(more) 

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Everything You Should Know About Bereavement at Christmas

a shared story    15 hours 46 minutes ago
If you, or someone you know, has lost someone that you love, there are some really important things that you should know about loss at Christmas time.When you install a new program on a computer, while this new program is making alterations to your system then...(more) 

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Asthma inhalers 'not used properly'

a shared story    16 hours 46 minutes ago
Charities warn patients are not being taught how to use potentially life-saving asthma inhalers and allergy auto-injectors correctly. 

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UN's Ban urges end to discrimination against Ebola workers

a shared story    17 hours 46 minutes ago
CONAKRY (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday urged countries affected by the Ebola virus to avoid discriminating against healthcare workers fighting to end the disease.  

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American nurse exposed to Ebola released from hospital

a shared story    18 hours 46 minutes ago
(Reuters) - An American nurse who was exposed to Ebola while volunteering in Sierra Leone was released from the National Institutes of Health's Clinical Center in Maryland on Friday without showing signs of the disease, NIH said. "The patient has shown no clinical or laboratory evidence...(more) 

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10 Healthy Habits for the New Year

a shared story    19 hours 46 minutes ago
2014 is coming to a close, so inevitably the chatter of New Year's resolutions is getting louder. It's great to start goal setting and structuring a program to make sure you're successful early; however, it's equally important to take note of what has and hasn't worked...(more) 

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On Thankfulness

a shared story    20 hours 46 minutes ago
Credit: World Altering MedicineThe Kamuzu Central Hospital stands tall on a hill in the center of Lilongwe, the capital city of the southern African country Malawi. The largest of the tertiary health centers in the country, Kamuzu Central Hospital sees the widest variety of patients from...(more) 

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Missouri school regrets swapping blind student's cane for foam tube

a shared story    21 hours 46 minutes ago
(Reuters) - A Missouri school district has apologized for taking a cane away from a blind student and forcing him to use a foam tube called a pool noodle, the boy's father said on Friday. Earlier this week, North Kansas School District confiscated the cane of...(more) 

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