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Texas voter ID law heads to trial in U.S. court

a shared story    57 minutes ago
The trial heard by District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos is expected to last two weeks with a decision handed down before the Nov. 4 congressional election. State Republican leaders have said the law aims to prevent fraud at the ballot box and that there is no...(more) 

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Loving Food That Loves Us Back, Extra Space at The Table

a shared story    1 hour 57 minutes ago
There is a geographical midpoint between living to eat, and eating to live. It's where health comes from the pursuit of pleasure, and pleasure comes from the pursuit of health. It's where you love the food you eat, and the food you eat loves you back...(more) 

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Exclusive: 'Back to normal' for AstraZeneca CEO, despite Pfizer rumors

a shared story    2 hours 57 minutes ago
By Ben Hirschler BARCELONA (Reuters) - Though speculation is rife of a new Pfizer bid, AstraZeneca's chief executive is not holed up with advisers in London or New York. Instead, he has spent the last three days immersed in heart science in Barcelona. "The only thing...(more) 

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Ebola 'threatens' W Africa harvests

a shared story    3 hours 57 minutes ago
The deadly Ebola outbreak is putting food prices and and harvests in West Africa "at serious risk", warns the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation. 

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Novo Nordisk drops inflammatory disorder business, incurs cost

a shared story    4 hours 57 minutes ago
Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk said on Tuesday it has decided to stop its activities within inflammatory disorders and only focus on the treatment and prevention of diabetes and obesity. The decision follows a discontinuation for the company's most advanced drug candidate within the area, a...(more) 

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Defeat of California initiative would protect insurers' profits

a shared story    5 hours 57 minutes ago
Proposition 45 would allow California's insurance chief to block insurance rate hikes; insurers are spending millions to kill it. 

McDonald's to boost China supplier audits after food safety scandal

a shared story    6 hours 57 minutes ago
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp will increase the number of audits it conducts of suppliers in China, the firm said on Tuesday, after a food scandal in July dented China sales at the U.S. fast food chain and rival Yum Brands Inc.  

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Brain 'can learn to eat healthily'

a shared story    7 hours 57 minutes ago
The brain can be trained to prefer healthy food over unhealthy high-calorie foods, suggests a study from the US. 

Tax forms could pose challenge for HealthCare.gov

a shared story    8 hours 57 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- If you got health coverage through President Barack Obama's law this year, you'll need a new form from your insurance exchange before you can file your tax return next spring.... 

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Pistachios may help reduce diabetes risk: study

a shared story    9 hours 57 minutes ago
By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For people who may be headed for type 2 diabetes, regularly eating pistachios might help turn the tide, according to a new trial from Spain. People with so-called prediabetes have blood sugar levels higher than normal but not...(more) 

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Nurses go on strike in Ebola-hit Liberia

a shared story    10 hours 57 minutes ago
Nurses at Liberia's largest hospital went on strike on Monday, demanding better pay and equipment to protect them against a deadly Ebola epidemic which has killed hundreds in the west African nation. John Tugbeh, spokesman for the strikers at Monrovia's John F Kennedy hospital, said the...(more) 

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Exercise to reap the heart-health benefits of wine, study says

a shared story    11 hours 57 minutes ago
At the European Society of Cardiology Congress, researchers from the Czech Republic presented a first of its kind study in which they concluded that wine has its greatest cardiovascular benefits for those who exercise. "This is the first randomised trial comparing the effects of red and...(more) 

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