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Scene Stealers: From the N.F.L. to Hollywood, Trevor Pryce’s Plan B

a shared story    4 hours 23 minutes ago
Trevor Pryce played pro football for 14 seasons and then retired. Now the 6-foot-5, 250-pound former defensive end is reinventing himself as a movie mogul. 

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California Judge Rejects Request to Suspend Assisted Suicide Law

a shared story    5 hours 23 minutes ago
The law, which took effect on June 9, will not be blocked now, but the judge agreed to allow a lawsuit challenging the measure to go forward. 

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Singapore confirms first case of locally transmitted Zika virus

a shared story    6 hours 23 minutes ago
By Marius Zaharia SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore has confirmed its first case of a locally-transmitted Zika virus, which has been linked to microcephaly, a rare birth defect, in Brazil, the health ministry said. A 47-year-old Malaysian woman working in the city-state was confirmed with the virus,...(more) 

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Togo slaughters 11,500 chickens after H5N1 bird flu outbreak

a shared story    7 hours 23 minutes ago
Togolese authorities said on Saturday they had slaughtered 11,500 chickens in response to an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu at two farms in the capital Lome and the town of Adetikope, about 25 km north of Lome. "We are in the presence of the H5N1 virus,"...(more) 

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Obama presses Congress for Zika funding as worries grow

a shared story    10 hours 23 minutes ago
US President Barack Obama called on Congress Saturday to step up funding to combat the Zika virus, warning that delay is putting more Americans at risk. Obama's latest appeal, in his weekly radio address, came the day after the US authorities expressed deepening worry about the...(more) 

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First Person: Black Health Matters

a shared story    11 hours 23 minutes ago
A number of police killings prompted this writer to seek relief in yoga, meditation and other holistic strategies carried out in a black radical tradition. 

After Irene forces reckoning, mental health care rebuilt

a shared story    12 hours 22 minutes ago
MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) -- Five years after flooding from Tropical Storm Irene forced the closing of the Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury, much of the system has been rebuilt, but challenges remain.... 

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Does China still harvest organs of executed? Doctors divided

a shared story    13 hours 23 minutes ago
BEIJING (AP) -- A Canadian patient's receipt of a kidney transplant after waiting just three days during a recent visit to China raised an immediate red flag among surgeons at the Montreal-based Transplantation Society: A turnaround that quick indicates the organ likely came from the body...(more) 

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Burkina Faso bans big buttocks beauty contest

a shared story    14 hours 23 minutes ago
The government of Burkina Faso has banned an annual beauty contest for women with the biggest buttocks, saying such events are sexist. Adverts for this weekend's third edition of 'Miss Bim-Bim', carrying an image of two fully clothed women with exaggeratedly large behinds, provoked an outcry...(more) 

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Timeline: Zika's origin and global spread

a shared story    15 hours 23 minutes ago
The following timeline charts the origin and spread of the Zika virus from its discovery nearly 70 years ago: 

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Factbox: Why the Zika virus is causing alarm

a shared story    16 hours 23 minutes ago
Global health officials are racing to better understand the Zika virus behind a major outbreak that began in Brazil last year and has spread to many countries in the Americas. Zika is transmitted to people through the bite of infected female mosquitoes, primarily the Aedes aegypti...(more) 

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Adults with longer-lived parents may have healthier old age

a shared story    20 hours 23 minutes ago
“To our knowledge,” the research team writes in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, “this is the first study” to find a link between parental longevity and lower risks for heart failure, the heart rhythm problem known as atrial fibrillation, as well as diseases...(more) 

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