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Exercise may cut risk of death among elderly men

a shared story    26 minutes ago
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Elderly men who exercise regularly – even by doing light activities like walking – may be less likely to die than those who are sedentary, a large Norwegian study suggests. Researchers followed about 5,700 men for about five decades, starting...(more) 

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Clinton to attack Republicans over Ex-Im Bank in New Hampshire: aide

a shared story    1 hour 26 minutes ago
By Jonathan Allen and David Lawder MANCHESTER, N.H./WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton on Friday will voice strong support for keeping the U.S. Export-Import Bank open and accuse conservative Republicans who want to close the export-promoting lender of destroying jobs, her campaign said. Clinton, the front-runner for...(more) 

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Fast heart rate could point to diabetes risk

a shared story    2 hours 26 minutes ago
Researchers from the US and China have found an association between resting heart rate and diabetes that could help identify those with a higher future risk for the disease. In a study of 73,357 Chinese adults, they found that faster heart rates were associated with an...(more) 

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The Secret to Weight Loss Isn't What You Think

a shared story    3 hours 26 minutes ago
I don't know if you've noticed, but there is a MAJOR trend happening in the weight loss industry that's allowing people to actually lose weight FASTER and EASIER than ever before. The best part about this trend is that it's based on elements that you have...(more) 

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Young children risk scald burns from baths, playing in the kitchen

a shared story    4 hours 26 minutes ago
Identifying the most common sources of scald burns among very young children can help caretakers learn to prevent these accidents waiting to happen, researchers say. “I wanted to make sure we had a good understanding of how scald burns take place as we developed the scald...(more) 

Bayer CEO sees multinational state aid for antibiotics

a shared story    5 hours 26 minutes ago
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German drugmaker Bayer expects the world's largest economies to pool billions of euros in funding for the development of antibiotics against the growing threat of drug-resistant superbugs, its chief executive said on Friday.  

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The Family Dinner

a shared story    6 hours 26 minutes ago
The family dinner may itself be an endangered species in this modern era of fast food, electronic distractions, and isolated eating on-the-fly. The composition of that meal may be among the reasons other species are endangered, and that confluence is today's harangue. But we may begin...(more) 

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Guinea families transport bodies on public buses

a shared story    7 hours 26 minutes ago
CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) -- Relatives of Ebola victims are transporting their bodies on public transportation in Guinea, seating the corpses upright between other passengers to skirt health controls and contributing to the spread of the deadly disease here, authorities said.... 

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Motherlode Blog: When Parents Can’t Care for Their Children

a shared story    7 hours 26 minutes ago
A group home should be a last resort for a child, but in too many cases, it’s the first stop. 

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Italy’s Treasured Olive Oil, at the Source

a shared story    7 hours 26 minutes ago
In Tuscany and Puglia, making olive oil is a lifestyle, one threatened by bad weather and a killer bacteria. 

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Cholera strikes 3,000 Burundi refugees in Tanzania: UN

a shared story    8 hours 26 minutes ago
GENEVA (Reuters) - Some 3,000 cases of cholera have been reported in a worsening epidemic in Tanzania among Burundian refugees, the United Nations said on Friday. A Tanzanian health official told Reuters on Wednesday that at least 33 people had died from the disease spread by...(more) 

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Brain implant senses 'intent' to move robotic arm

a shared story    9 hours 26 minutes ago
A new kind of brain implant senses a patient's intent to move a robotic arm, offering new promise to people who are paralyzed or have lost limbs, researchers said Thursday. Erik Sorto, 34, is "the first person in the world to have a neural prosthetic device...(more) 

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