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How to fix five known issues affecting OS X El Capitan

a shared story    14 minutes ago
Latest OS X got you down? Jesus Vigo reviews five of the known issues affecting El Capitan and discusses how to go about fixing these problems. 

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Why urbanization is globally on the rise

a shared story    1 hour 14 minutes ago
Urbanization — the expansion of cities — is on the rise. People across the globe are heading into urban areas looking for work, education and health care. Others arrive, fleeing wars and natural disasters. Without the proper planning, the rapid increase in urban areas, especially in...(more) 

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The reinvention of Peeple, an app that doesn't even exist yet

a shared story    2 hours 14 minutes ago
Sometimes people use the Internet to be mean. Shocking, we know. Especially shocking to Julia Cordray, who created an app nicknamed "Yelp for people," for users to rate their fellow humans, and then appeared surprised when actual people were less than enthused about it. Now she's...(more) 

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California border patrol supervisor accused of false alerts on U.S. resident

a shared story    3 hours 14 minutes ago
A U.S. Border Patrol supervisor has been charged with creating bogus alerts in the agency's database to force routine stops, sometimes at gunpoint, of a legal U.S. resident who frequently crosses the border with Mexico, court documents said on Friday. The supervisor at the border station...(more) 

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Amazon wants to know why many of its employees are desperately miserable

a shared story    4 hours 14 minutes ago
Amazon has a problem: A lot of its employees seem desperately miserable. This isn’t something the company wants to become part of its permanent reputation since it will make it harder to attract top engineering talent. To fix this problem, Amazon is apparently trying to do...(more) 

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Baltimore history buffs raise Edgar Allan Poe tradition from the dead

a shared story    5 hours 14 minutes ago
The Maryland Historical Society is resurrecting the tradition of the "Poe Toaster," a shadowy figure who would sneak to Edgar Allan Poe's gravesite for a mysterious tribute. 

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Inside James Bond’s custom $1.5M Aston Martin from ‘Spectre’

a shared story    6 hours 14 minutes ago
A new James Bond movie is about to be released, Daniel Craig’s fourth and possibly final appearance in the famous spy saga. As always, you can expect to see plenty of action-packed scenes, high-tech toys, new Bond women and cars. Focusing solely on cars for a...(more) 

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DocuSign CEO resigns as company heads toward IPO: source

a shared story    7 hours 14 minutes ago
By Heather Somerville SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The chief executive officer of DocuSign has resigned, according to an internal memo, signaling a leadership change for a well-funded tech company that is on the brink of an initial public offering. Keith Krach, chairman and CEO of DocuSign,...(more) 

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Obama says 'it's about the families' after Oregon meeting

a shared story    8 hours 14 minutes ago
The president travels to Roseburg to meet with grieving families of victims of the community college shooting. 

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Victoria Is an Insane 138-Minute Movie Filmed in One Continuous Take

a shared story    9 hours 14 minutes ago
One night in Berlin, a young woman from Spain meets a group of local guys while leaving a nightclub. She clicks with one of them, and so she decides to hang out with the group. Instead of being repelled when they attempt to break into a...(more) 

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What Are the Unwritten Rules of Winning a Nobel Prize?

a shared story    10 hours 14 minutes ago
The Nobel Prizes are the “Oscars of Science,” making waves not only in the scientific community, but the lay community as well. Everyone knows there are unofficial rules to adhere to if you want to win an Oscar. Are there similar rules for the Nobels? We...(more) 

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Many Doctors Would Work While Sick with Flu, Fever

a shared story    10 hours 14 minutes ago
Nearly all doctors in a new study say they would go to work while sick with a cold, and more than a third say they would work if they had the flu. 

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