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Airstrikes hit main Gaza hospital compound, casualties reported

a shared story    42 minutes ago
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Palestinian officials: airstrike hits main Gaza hospital compound, causing casualties. 

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'Space sex geckos' are OKAY as Russia regains control of satellite

a shared story    43 minutes ago
A spacecraft launched from Kazakhstan carrying animals (shown) has been saved. Ground controllers have re-established contact with the Foton-M4 satellite. 

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New telescope to seek pollution as sign of extraterrestrial life

a shared story    1 hour 42 minutes ago
In the search for life beyond Earth, astronomers should look for signs of pollution in the atmospheres of alien planets outside the Earth's solar system, a new study says. The next-generation James Webb Space Telescope, which is set to launch in 2018, could hunt for worlds...(more) 

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Could this headband save your child from DROWNING? £60 iSwimband uses Bluetooth to alert you if your child falls into a pool

a shared story    1 hour 43 minutes ago
Connecticut-based company reveals device to keep kids safe near water. The £58 ($99) iSwimband(shown) alerts parents when their children fall into a pool . 

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Google's 'perfect human' project isn't evil, it's business

a shared story    2 hours 42 minutes ago
This past Friday, Google unveiled the latest in a line of ambitious and somewhat confounding health programs. It's got everything you would want from a big Google project: it's big, brash, a little scary, and completely oblivious to how anyone might take it the wrong way....(more) 

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Asteroid Timing Erased the Dinosaurs?

a shared story    2 hours 43 minutes ago
Amid volcanoes and climate zig-zags, an asteroid impact bumped off dinosaurs at a weak moment for the giant beasts. 

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Long-Lost Anchor May Soon Give up Its Secrets

a shared story    3 hours 42 minutes ago
After decades, possibly centuries, at the bottom of the sea — and a 2,200-mile-long (3,540 kilometers) road trip wrapped in damp blankets in the back of a pickup truck — a barnacle-crusted anchor arrived in Texas this week for a major cleaning. In 2008, a fisherman...(more) 

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Want to Colonize an Alien Planet? Send 40,000 People

a shared story    3 hours 43 minutes ago
The founding population of an interstellar colony should consist of 20,000 to 40,000 people, one expert says. Such a large group would possess a great deal of genetic and demographic diversity, giving the settlement the best chance of survival. 

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It will soon be legal to unlock your phone and move to another carrier

a shared story    4 hours 42 minutes ago
Handset unlocking in the U.S. is not exactly legal when done by device owners looking to move to a different mobile operator, but this will soon change, Reuters reports, as the cellphone unlocking bill has cleared the House. President Barack Obama said he’s looking forward to...(more) 

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Climate change and air pollution will lead to famine by 2050, study claims

a shared story    4 hours 43 minutes ago
The study, by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Colorado State University, is the first to look at how the combination of air pollution and higher temperatures will affect food supply. 

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Police team turns back from Ukraine crash site

a shared story    5 hours 42 minutes ago
SHAKHTARSK, Ukraine (AP) — An international police team has failed to reach the crash site of a Malaysian Airlines plane for a second day running as clashes rage in a town on the road to the area. 

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AP PHOTOS: Coal-exporting town fights rising seas

a shared story    5 hours 43 minutes ago
NORFOLK, Va. (AP) -- Norfolk is trapped between the causes and consequences of global warming.... 

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