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Animal Sex: How Sea Hares Do It

a shared story    2 hours 16 minutes ago
Sea hare sex involves hermaphrodites, mating chains and lengthy mating events. 

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Is the Wild West Dead?

a shared story    4 hours 16 minutes ago
In the age of Google Earth and GPS, places that are truly off the grid have real psychological value, author says. 

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Megatsunami 170 metres high once smashed into Cape Verde

a shared story    9 hours 16 minutes ago
Evidence for the sudden collapse of Fogo volcano 73,000 years ago and a massive tsunami raises concern that such freak events are more frequent that thought 

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Meet Zilolene and Ulssand: Programmer creates app to create unique hipster baby names

a shared story    13 hours 16 minutes ago
A Stanford student has created a neural network trained to churn out an endless supply of plausible sounding names. 

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Aspen stands in Southwest suffering from fungal disease

a shared story    14 hours 16 minutes ago
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- Visitors marveling at the fall foliage in national forests might find that some of the aspen leaves are brown and blotchy or gone already.... 

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Best Space Photos of the Week – Oct. 3, 2015

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 16 minutes ago
From the discovery of water on Mars to stunning reader images of the Supermoon eclipse, don't miss these amazing space images. 

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Chocolate invented by scientists is so healthy it could be taken as medicine

a shared story    1 day 4 hours 16 minutes ago
An American company has developed a prototype bar that is only 35 per cent sugar and fat, by sweetening the unpalatable pure cacao - the key ingredient in chocolate (file photo). 

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Oregon Mass Shooting: How to Talk to Kids About Violence

a shared story    1 day 13 hours 16 minutes ago
Parents face a tricky task when talking to kids about violence: not hiding scary news, while ensuring their kids feel safe and protected, experts say. 

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Neutrino detectors could keep discreet tabs on nuclear reactors

a shared story    1 day 16 hours 16 minutes ago
When a country such as Iran is wary of nuclear inspections, an experimental detector could help ensure that its reactors are not making plutonium for weapons 

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Lost 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Verse Depicts Cacophonous Abode of Gods

a shared story    1 day 17 hours 16 minutes ago
A serendipitous deal between a history museum and a smuggler has provided new insight into one of the most famous stories ever told: "The Epic of Gilgamesh." 

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Mega Tsunami with 50-Foot Waves Swallowed Ancient Island

a shared story    1 day 18 hours 16 minutes ago
The 300-foot tsunami, which was triggered by a volcanic collapse, engulfed an island off the west coast of Africa some 730,000 years ago. The finding suggests similar disasters might pose a major hazard for people living on islands and coasts. 

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Supernova 'stream' in lab's sights

a shared story    1 day 20 hours 16 minutes ago
A global collaboration will aim to unravel the mysteries of neutrinos - also known as "ghost particles". 

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