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Brraaiins! How Zombies Overran Pop Culture

a shared story    11 minutes ago
The notion of zombies dates back at least 400 years, but today's walking dead are thoroughly modern monsters, created by open-source collaboration. Here's how zombies have evolved. 

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Pictures: Halloween and Day of the Dead Celebrated Worldwide

a shared story    1 hour 11 minutes ago
These photos of jack-o'-lanterns, ancestral shrines, and ghoulish costumes are sure to put you in a spooky mood for Halloween 

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For Mental Health, Social Media Removes the Silence (Op-Ed)

a shared story    2 hours 11 minutes ago
From teenagers to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, young activists are forging a new platform for mental health support for the texting generation. 

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Infection That Devastates Amphibians, Already in Europe, Could Spread to U.S.

a shared story    11 hours 11 minutes ago
Fire-bellied newts imported from Asia through the pet trade may be spreading a fungal disease that is killing off fire salamanders in Europe, according to researchers. 

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Rare Look Inside Tiny Mouth Wins 'Small World' Photo Contest

a shared story    12 hours 11 minutes ago
The winners of this year's Nikon Small World photo competition have been announced. The grand prize goes to a photographer who captured a rare glimpse inside of a rotifer's open mouth. 

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Low oxygen 'delayed life on Earth'

a shared story    16 hours 10 minutes ago
Animals took so long to evolve and thrive on Earth because of incredibly low levels of oxygen during a period more than a billion years ago, scientists say. 

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High Levels of Dangerous Chemicals Found in Air Near Oil and Gas Sites

a shared story    21 hours 11 minutes ago
A study of the air near oil and gas drilling sites in five U.S. states found sometimes dangerously high concentrations of chemicals. 

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Antares Rocket Explosion: Space Station Astronauts React

a shared story    1 day 9 hours 11 minutes ago
Astronauts on the International Space Station watched as a private rocket carrying supplies for the orbiting outpost exploded just after launch. 

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Around A Star System | Space Wallpaper

a shared story    1 day 10 hours 10 minutes ago
This space wallpaper shows the sky around the young multiple star system GG Tauri, which appears very close to the centre of this picture. 

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Earhart Search: Underwater 'Lump' May Be Wreckage from Lost Plane

a shared story    1 day 12 hours 11 minutes ago
The hunt for Amelia Earhart's lost plane will continue next summer. A team will investigate an underwater "anomaly" detected off the coast of the tiny Pacific atoll Nikumaroro. The group thinks it could be the wreckage of Earhart's aircraft. 

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2 Years On: Sandy Inspires Storm of Climate Research

a shared story    1 day 13 hours 10 minutes ago
The frankenstorm has spurred an unprecedented amount of research to tackle the questions about the role climate change may have played in worsening the storm, how global warming might affect similar storms, and why Sandy caused so much damage. 

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Questions, answers about Hawaii lava flow

a shared story    1 day 14 hours 11 minutes ago
HONOLULU (AP) -- Lava that has entered a rural Hawaii town has been described as a disaster in slow motion. After months of creeping through uninhabited areas of the Big Island, it reached Pahoa this week, crossing a residential street, burning down a garden shed and...(more) 

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