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Uber's driverless truck makes its first delivery in Colorado

a shared story    39 minutes ago
The truck made the 120-mile journey through Colorado, powered by technology from an Uber-owned startup, delivering its precious cargo - thousands of cases of Budweiser. 

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Is Twitter in trouble? Social network could be about to cut 300 JOBS

a shared story    1 hour 39 minutes ago
The job cuts could be announced before the company reports third-quarter earnings on Thursday. It is not yet known in which regions the cuts will be made. 

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Neolithic stone tombs could be used in the UK for the first time in 4,000 years

a shared story    2 hours 39 minutes ago
A company is opening a new long barrow in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. The firm is planning on building in eight other British counties and has had interest from all over the world. 

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Massive botnet-powered web attack fuels need to step up defences

a shared story    3 hours 39 minutes ago
A huge attack on cyberspace involving hundreds of thousands of internet devices brought down parts of the web this weekend. Can we stop it happening again? 

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Babies should sleep with parents for a YEAR to avoid sleep-related deaths, new guidelines say

a shared story    4 hours 39 minutes ago
Ideally, babies should stay in their parents' room at night for a full year, according to new recommendations released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

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How autism in girls may help reveal the disorder's secrets

a shared story    5 hours 39 minutes ago
CHICAGO (AP) -- Think autism and an image of an awkward boy typically emerges, but the way autism strikes girls - or doesn't - may help reveal some of the developmental disorder's frustrating secrets.... 

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How your short temper and road rage could be making you SERIOUSLY ill

a shared story    6 hours 39 minutes ago
A study published in the European Heart Journal found that a single angry outburst increases the risk of a heart attack nearly fivefold and triples the risk of a stroke. This risk can remain for up to two hours. 

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Gender gap in alcohol consumption has vanished over the past century

a shared story    7 hours 39 minutes ago
The global study, published in the medical journal BMJ Open, warned that women risk paying the price with their health as campaigners said the trend is being driven by a British ‘wine o’clock’ culture. 

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Smartwatch sales tumble, dragged down by Apple

a shared story    9 hours 39 minutes ago
Global smartwatch sales slid 51.6 percent in the third quarter, amid a steep decline for the Apple Watch ahead of its updated device, a market tracker has found. 

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Women's Alcohol Consumption Catches Up to Men's

a shared story    11 hours 39 minutes ago
Across the world, women now consume nearly as much alcohol as men, according to a new study. 

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Plunging solar equipment prices fuel trade complaints

a shared story    12 hours 39 minutes ago
BEIJING (AP) -- Use of solar power is soaring, but Europe's biggest solar panel manufacturer, SolarWorld, took the surprise step last month of cutting 500 jobs from its workforce of 3,000.... 

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Wisconsin US Sen. Ron Johnson downplays climate change

a shared story    13 hours 39 minutes ago
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is downplaying concerns about climate change, saying "civilization thrives" in warmer weather and people will adapt.... 

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