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Fighting Hockey Concussions with Safer Helmets (Op-Ed)

a shared story    5 hours 8 minutes ago
New helmet ratings, based on laboratory testing, will let consumers know which hockey protection is best at preventing concussions. 

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Surviving Chernobyl: Engineer recalls the terrifying ordeal he endured to help contain the nuclear disaster of 1986

a shared story    6 hours 8 minutes ago
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The fire in Reactor Four at the power plant burned for nine days. Anatoli Gubariev, a 26-year-old engineer, helped control the catastrophe with other fireman (shown). 

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How Many Lakes on Earth? Researchers Finally Know

a shared story    8 hours 8 minutes ago
With high-resolution satellite data and supercomputers to check every cloudless pixel, researchers now have the best count yet of lakes on Earth. 

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The Odds, Continually Updated

a shared story    11 hours 8 minutes ago
In Bayesian statistics, new data is used to shape assumptions, the opposite of the frequentist (classical) approach. 

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Climate Change Influenced Extreme Heat in 2013, Report Finds

a shared story    12 hours 8 minutes ago
Manmade climate change stoked some of 2013's most extreme heat on the planet, a new report shows. 

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How Often Does Enterovirus D68 Cause Paralysis?

a shared story    13 hours 8 minutes ago
Several children in Denver have developed limb weakness or paralysis after having respiratory illness, and four of the children have been found positive for enterovirus D68. 

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World wildlife populations 'plummet'

a shared story    17 hours 8 minutes ago
The global loss of species is even worse than previously thought, with wildlife populations halving in just 40 years, a report says. 

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Study examines cancer risk from 1st atom-bomb test

a shared story    18 hours 8 minutes ago
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- Researchers from the National Cancer Institute want to know how many past and present cancer cases in New Mexico may be related to the U.S. government's test of the world's first atomic bomb over a remote stretch of desert nearly 70 years...(more) 

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Listen to the music that is 'scientifically proven' to send you to sleep

a shared story    23 hours 8 minutes ago
Manchester-based band Marconi Union has released a video for their song Weightless which is said to be the most relaxing song in the world (clip from video shown). 

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Pictures: Japanese Volcano That Killed Hikers

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 8 minutes ago
Dozens of hikers died after a volcanic eruption in central Japan over the weekend. 

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iPhone? It's a spyphone: Apple devices can record your every movement

a shared story    1 day 6 hours 8 minutes ago
Hidden in Apple phones is a function which tracks your every move. The Frequent Locations feature was introduced to iPhones a year ago and can work out where you live and where you shop. 

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Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

a shared story    1 day 12 hours 8 minutes ago
Mysterious marbles in Utah, cannibalistic octopi on video and the ebola epidemic made the top stories in Science this week. Make sure you check out the rest! 

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