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Prehistoric tombs may have doubled as star-gazing observatories

a shared story    7 minutes ago
Ancient corridor-like “passage graves” could have helped early tribes see stars as they first rise above the horizon by blocking out the ambient light 

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Paul Nurse: 'Research needs free movement to thrive'

a shared story    4 hours 7 minutes ago
Sir Paul Nurse says UK science will suffer unless any post-Brexit agreement allows the free movement of people. 

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Is the march of the penguins over? Researchers warn climate change could kill off 60% of global Adélie populations by the end of the century

a shared story    8 hours 7 minutes ago
Researchers say climate change has reached a tipping point for breeding grounds and 30 percent of current colonies may be in decline by 2060, and approximately 60 percent may be in decline by 2099. 

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Jewish Escape Tunnel Uncovered at Nazi Massacre Site

a shared story    9 hours 7 minutes ago
A Jewish escape tunnel that was carved by hand more than 70 years ago has been detected at the infamous Nazi execution site of Ponar. 

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Facebook to show you more of your friends and family

a shared story    10 hours 7 minutes ago
Facebook revealed it will be tweaking its News Feed algorithm to prioritize the activities of your friends and family. It has also changed its social plugin buttons, and created new Chrome Extensions. 

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Photos: Escape Tunnel at Holocaust Death Site

a shared story    11 hours 7 minutes ago
A Jewish escape tunnel that was carved by hand more than 70 years ago has been detected at the infamous Nazi execution site of Ponar. 

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Why men always think you're flirting with them: Guys are more likely to misread signals because they’ve often 'got sex on the brain'

a shared story    12 hours 7 minutes ago
Researchers at Auckland University in New Zealand found men are significantly more likely to 'misread' an advertisement for a second meaning and find humour in it - single men even more so. 

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Mistaken Identity: Ceres' Mysterious Bright Spots Aren't Epsom Salt After All

a shared story    13 hours 7 minutes ago
The mysterious bright spots on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres were thought to be composed of magnesium sulfide, but new work reveals a different chemical signature in these bright dots, cooked up in watery conditions beneath its crust. 

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How To Find Jupiter and Other Skywatching Objects in July 2016 | Video

a shared story    14 hours 7 minutes ago
The gas giant shines bright in the western sky after sunset. Mars and Saturn are in the southern sky "after nightfall." (use a telescope to get a better view). 

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Why DOES autism cause such anxiety? Scientists say people with the condition 'can't understand their own emotions'

a shared story    15 hours 7 minutes ago
Anxiety is one of the most common reasons why individuals with autism seek support from health professional, say researchers from City and Newcastle Universities. 

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Pilot reveals the secrets of life on board Solar Impulse

a shared story    16 hours 7 minutes ago
In the latest leg, a gruelling 71 hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Seville, Bertrand Piccard filmed a video explaining what it is like to fly in the coffin-sized cockpit for days on end. 

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Biden hosting cancer summit to try to accelerate research

a shared story    17 hours 7 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden will try to give efforts to cure cancer a jolt during a summit in Washington that's casting a spotlight on research and innovative trials taking place across the country.... 

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