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Halloween 2016: A Guide to the When, Why, What and How

a shared story    49 minutes ago
Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about Halloween, including how the holiday started and evolved, and why we celebrate it when we do. 

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SpaceX's Massive New Spaceship Could Go Beyond Mars | Video

a shared story    1 hour 49 minutes ago
With fuel depots at Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, their moons and beyond may be within reach for the new proposed spaceship unveiled at the International Astronautical Congress 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. 

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Dinosaur Horns and Crests Tied to Rapid Growth Spurt

a shared story    2 hours 49 minutes ago
Some dinosaurs that had bony protrusions on their skulls — such as horns, crests and knobs — evolved into giant dinosaurs 20 times faster than their relatives without skull ornaments did, a new study finds. 

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BMW, Daimler and VW sign up for live traffic map system to take on Google's Waze - and it will even be able to find you a parking space

a shared story    3 hours 49 minutes ago
Mapmaker HERE will use sensors in brakes, headlights and even cameras to share data about road conditions. 

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Did alien life once exist here? European Space Agency reveals stunning shot of Mawrth Vallis area that may have been habitable

a shared story    4 hours 49 minutes ago
The bird’s-eye view captured by the Mars Express spacecraft reveals a region of more than 205,000 square miles surrounding Mawrth Vallis, where ancient water once carved the surface. 

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Coral shown to dance in real life using high resolution underwater microscope

a shared story    5 hours 49 minutes ago
Researchers from the University of California in San Diego, designed a high resolution underwater camera. Capturing images has been challenging due to the instabilities of marine environments. 

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Climate change could wipe out many food cereals by 2070

a shared story    6 hours 49 minutes ago
With their ability to adapt to climate change outstripped by rate of global warming, many grasses, such as wheat, rice and corn may be doomed 

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Breathtaking Video Shows How SpaceX Will Send People to Mars

a shared story    7 hours 49 minutes ago
A breathtaking new video vividly illustrates how the private spaceflight company SpaceX, founded by billionaire Elon Musk, would like to send humans to Mars. 

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DJI unveils $999 Mavic Pro drone that can fly 40mph and folds up to the size of a water bottle

a shared story    8 hours 49 minutes ago
The compact Mavic Pro folds up to roughly the size of a water bottle and can fly up to eight miles at a time – and with the immersive DJI Goggles, users can get a first-person view of the flight. 

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Baby born with DNA from 3 people, first from new technique

a shared story    9 hours 49 minutes ago
NEW YORK (AP) -- Scientists say the first baby has been born from a new technique that combines DNA from three people.... 

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Making a murderer: Lethal violence in humans may have been inherited from PRIMATES during evolution

a shared story    10 hours 49 minutes ago
Researchers from the Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas in Spain studied over four million deaths across 1,024 mammal species, in about 600 human populations over the last 50,000 years. 

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Planets spotted forming around tiny ancient stars: Young worlds could help us understand how the solar system evolved

a shared story    18 hours 49 minutes ago
Researchers from the University of Montreal and the Carnegie Institution of Washington found four unusually low-mass objects surrounded by disks of gas and dust, where planets are forming. 

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