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Specialists call for gastric surgery to be standard diabetes treatment

a shared story    1 day 57 minutes ago
By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Gastric surgery should be offered as a standard treatment option for people with diabetes and could help them control their condition for years without medication, the world's leading diabetes organizations said on Tuesday. In a joint statement which they said...(more) 

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Early exposure to traffic pollution may affect lungs later

a shared story    1 day 1 hour 57 minutes ago
By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - Infants exposed to higher levels of vehicular air pollution more often have problems later on in the small airways near the edges of their lungs, according to a new study. The finding that early life exposure to air pollutants affects...(more) 

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Parents who lose a baby to SIDS want more information

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 57 minutes ago
By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - When parents have lost a baby to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), doctors may fear that discussing the risk factors will distress them or cause them to blame themselves. When the cause of an infant’s death is unclear after a...(more) 

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Diabetes surgery 'missed by thousands'

a shared story    1 day 3 hours 57 minutes ago
Thousands of people with type-2 diabetes in the UK are missing out on obesity surgery that would slash blood sugars and even lead to remission in some cases, a team of experts say. 

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Confessions Of An Ex-Smoker Who Still Dreams About Cigarettes

a shared story    1 day 4 hours 57 minutes ago
For me, it was always cigarettes. We had no need for words. No one ever understood me more or judged me less. What confidant had ever been so there for me, or had so many dimensions? The first-thing-in-the-morning cigarette. The after-meal cigarette. The driving-in-the-car cigarette (ah,...(more) 

1 of 3 deaths in EU avoidable if optimal care was available

a shared story    1 day 5 hours 57 minutes ago
BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union's statistical agency says that one out of three deaths in the 28-nation bloc would be avoidable if optimal health care was available. 

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Exclusive: Monsanto to reject Bayer bid, seek higher price - sources

a shared story    1 day 6 hours 57 minutes ago
While Monsanto sees industrial logic in a combination with Bayer and believes a deal would be approved by antitrust and other regulators, the company also has confidence in its standalone plan and believes shareholders deserve a better offer, the people said. The German drugs and crop...(more) 

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Anthem CEO expects U.S. regulatory decision in July

a shared story    1 day 7 hours 57 minutes ago
Anthem Inc Chief Executive Officer Joseph Swedish said on Tuesday the health insurer was pushing for approval from antitrust regulators reviewing its acquisition of Cigna Corp and expects to hear a decision in July. Swedish said antitrust regulators have asked many questions about its and Cigna's...(more) 

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Linking us together through our resting brains

a shared story    1 day 8 hours 57 minutes ago
We've all heard weird factoids about brains. For example, dolphins sleep one hemisphere at a time. But, did you know that your brain has a resting state? This is somewhat of a contradictory label since it's hard to define rest when it comes to the human...(more) 

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GSK lung drug succeeds in big UK study, after earlier miss

a shared story    1 day 9 hours 57 minutes ago
GlaxoSmithKline's new inhaled medicine Breo proved significantly better than standard care in a large British study that tested it in everyday use, providing a fillip for the product after the failure of another big trial in 2015. GSK said on Tuesday that the study, which tested...(more) 

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Up against strict laws, Texas women learn do-it-yourself abortions

a shared story    1 day 10 hours 57 minutes ago
Susanna was young, single, broke and pregnant in southern Texas where, thanks to the state's strict laws, her chances of getting a surgical abortion at a clinic were slim to none. With the help of a friend, some online instructions and quick dash across the Mexican...(more) 

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South Africa's Ascendis Health buys two European firms, shares rise

a shared story    1 day 11 hours 57 minutes ago
South Africa's Ascendis Health Ltd said on Tuesday it bought two European companies as part of its plan to expand globally and diversify its pharmaceutical products, sending its shares higher. The health and care company will buy Cyprus-based pharmaceutical firm Remedica Holdings Ltd for between 260...(more) 

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