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Hungary to seek EU funds to tackle bird flu fallout - agency

a shared story    1 day 53 minutes ago
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's government will seek European Union financial support to tackle the economic fallout from outbreaks of the bird flu virus, state news agency MTI reported on Monday, citing the Agriculture Ministry. Hungarian farmers have culled about 2.5 million infected birds, mostly waterfowl, since...(more) 

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Bangladesh reports outbreak of H5N1 bird flu at poultry farm - OIE

a shared story    1 day 1 hour 53 minutes ago
Bangladesh reported an outbreak of the highly contagious H5N1 bird flu virus at a poultry farm in Dhaka, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Monday, citing a report from the Bangladeshi agriculture ministry. Of 3,000 Sonali type poultry at risk from the outbreak,...(more) 

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Mason, Cahill clash highlights head risks in sport

a shared story    1 day 2 hours 53 minutes ago
Ryan Mason's clash of heads with Chelsea's Gary Cahill has again set alarm bells ringing over the risk of head injuries across a number of high profile sports. The 25-year-old Hull City midfielder remained "stable condition" in hospital after the brutal impact with Cahill, 14 minutes...(more) 

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Chance that missing MH370 may be north of last search zone: media

a shared story    1 day 3 hours 53 minutes ago
There is a possibility missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is north of the area where investigators last week called an end to a three-year search, the head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said on Monday, according to media reports. A joint search mission by Australia,...(more) 

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Investors gird for impact of Trump healthcare measures

a shared story    1 day 4 hours 53 minutes ago
An order by President Donald Trump that could scale back enforcement of some Obamacare provisions is unlikely to sink health insurance stocks, but shares of hospitals and Medicaid providers could be under pressure over fears more poor people would lose coverage, analysts said. President Trump signed...(more) 

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WHO urges health authorities to step up bird flu reporting

a shared story    1 day 6 hours 53 minutes ago
The World Health Organization (WHO) called on all countries to monitor closely outbreaks of deadly avian influenza in birds and poultry, and to report any human cases promptly, warning: "We cannot afford to miss the early signals". "Just since November of last year, nearly 40 countries...(more) 

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Newmarket organ donor baby, Hope Lee, was UK's youngest

a shared story    1 day 7 hours 53 minutes ago
The parents of the UK's youngest organ donor want to meet the woman whose life their baby daughter saved. 

Brazil investigating dozens of suspected yellow fever cases

a shared story    1 day 8 hours 53 minutes ago
SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazilian authorities say they've now confirmed 47 cases of yellow fever, and 25 deaths. 

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Actelion's Opsumit drug missed trial endpoint: doctor

a shared story    1 day 9 hours 53 minutes ago
Actelion's Opsumit drug missed a primary endpoint in a late-stage study of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension due to Eisenmenger Syndrome, a doctor involved in the trial said in a statement from the Swiss drugmaker. Actelion has been doing the Phase III trial amid its push...(more) 

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Former president's breathing tube indicates severe pneumonia

a shared story    1 day 13 hours 53 minutes ago
Former President George H.W. Bush is being treated for pneumonia in intensive care at a Houston hospital where doctors are evaluating him before removing a breathing tube.... 

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Egypt's military to enter pharmaceutical industry

a shared story    1 day 14 hours 53 minutes ago
Egypt's military has received the license required to form a pharmaceutical company, a decree by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail published on Sunday showed. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has often called in the military to assist in major infrastructure projects and with distribution of subsidized commodities to...(more) 

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Mexico mass grave contains remains of 56 people: statement

a shared story    1 day 15 hours 53 minutes ago
A mass grave discovered in northern Mexico almost a year ago contains the remains of 56 people, a state attorney general's office said on Sunday. A forensic team has so far identified the remains of 24 people in the grave, which is at the foot of...(more) 

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