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Swim fitness trackers work well enough for recreational swimmers

a shared story    1 day 14 hours 11 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) – Popular fitness trackers made for swimmers are accurate enough for recreational use to track and improve performance, but not for use in training by competitive swimmers, a recent study concludes.  

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Doctors who find meaning in their work are less likely to feel burnout

a shared story    1 day 15 hours 11 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) – Doctors who feel burned out or overwhelmed by the demands of work are less likely to view their work with patients as a “calling” that has meaning, according to a recent study.  

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Company-funded studies of approved drugs may not catch safety issues

a shared story    1 day 16 hours 11 minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - Studies drug companies fund after medicines go on sale may be too small to detect rare side effects, a recent German study suggests.  

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South Korea to establish foot-and-mouth vaccine plant by 2020

a shared story    1 day 17 hours 11 minutes ago
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea plans to set up a plant to manufacture a locally developed foot-and-mouth vaccine by 2020 as part of efforts to combat outbreaks of the viral animal disease, the country's agriculture ministry said on Monday.  

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Breast cancer diagnosed after breastfeeding problem

a shared story    1 day 18 hours 11 minutes ago
When her baby boy stopped breastfeeding, Sarah Boyle insisted on a hospital scan. 

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Norway pledges $10 million to counter Trump's global anti-abortion move

a shared story    1 day 19 hours 11 minutes ago
OSLO (Reuters) - Norway has joined an international initiative to raise millions of dollars to replace shortfalls left by U.S. President Donald Trump's ban on U.S.-funded groups worldwide providing information on abortion.  

AP Exclusive: Twin tragedies give survivor a new face

a shared story    2 days 11 minutes ago
ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) -- He'd been waiting for this day, and when his doctor handed him the mirror, Andy Sandness stared at his image and absorbed the enormity of the moment: He had a new face, one that had belonged to another man.... 

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Are face transplants still research, or regular care?

a shared story    2 days 3 hours 11 minutes ago
Is replacing a severely disfigured person's face with one from a dead donor ready to be called regular care, something insurers should cover? Mayo Clinic has raised that question by doing the first U.S. face transplant that's not part of research.... 

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China closes live poultry markets amid deadly flu outbreak

a shared story    2 days 4 hours 11 minutes ago
BEIJING (AP) -- China is ordering the closure of live poultry markets in its south-central regions as it grapples with the worst outbreak of bird flu in years that has killed at least 87 people.... 

VP Pence's wife aims to raise awareness about art therapy

a shared story    2 days 5 hours 11 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Karen Pence wants people to know that art therapy isn't exactly arts and crafts.... 

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Bill Gates: Pathogen could kill 30m in a year

a shared story    3 days 2 hours 11 minutes ago
Microsoft's founder warns a virus, possibly created by terrorists, could have a catastrophic effect. 

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Montana officials alarmed as they fight surge in meth use

a shared story    3 days 11 hours 11 minutes ago
HELENA, Mont. (AP) -- Methamphetamines continue to make an alarming surge in Montana, as law enforcement, health officials and communities struggle to address the problem.... 

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